However, i did decide to stick with it and i’ve used it every single day, since i got it in the mail a few months ago, and i got ta say i think i was wrong about the magsafe wallet see. I think i was just looking at it. The wrong way, i could be wrong, but i don’t believe this wallet was meant to be attached to your phone at all times, which i obviously knew back when i got it, but for some reason i only made judgments based on how it operated as one single Unit compared to them being separate, i had so many complaints about, oh the off chance that i put this in my pocket with the wallet and the phone attached and it falls out what do i do and i never stopped to think that maybe this isn’t the Way we should use it and i will say that’s, not probably what apple thinks they probably wanted: our phone and wallet to be attached together, that’s why they made this but i’m thinking that that’s, not how you should go about using this wallet. This is just my personal opinion. This wallet is meant to be something that stays in your pockets occupying very little space and then on the off chance that you want your wallet out of your pocket and you need to take it out. You can just attach it to your phone and it’s there for safe keeping. So for me personally, whenever i used to go back out in public like to a restaurant or a bar.

The first thing that i would do is take everything out of my pockets. I get it it’s weird, but i can’t possibly be alone in the world and the only person who does this but yeah. I would take my phone and my wallet and my car keys. Now i don’t have car keys anymore, which is great, but i would take my phone and my wallet out and put them on the table. I wanted them in front of me. I wanted them out of my pocket so that’s, where the whole mag safe thing comes into play. When i do that, instead of putting them on the table – and you know have them separate – i can stick them together. I can’t tell you how many times when i go to leave a restaurant or a bar i’ve left my wallet on the table because that functionality didn’t exist. But now that can personally help me out and not forget those two items. I’Ll never forget my phone, or at least i would rarely forget my phone, but the wallet is something that i could forget, so that definitely helps out now. As for the wallet itself, like the actual construction and the form factor, it’s tiny – i don’t like thick wallets and this thing is tiny, so there’s, nothing to worry about there, it’s, really small, it’s, really minimal. It fits three cards comfortably. Putting in a fourth is asking for it it’s just too much but man.

I really really wish that i can carry just one more card in this wallet. I really needed to fit one more for the way i personally pay for things when i’m out in public, but i’ve managed to make do without i’ve had to go through a few hoops, and i know that if i’m going somewhere, i’ll take out the card that I need – and you know swap in the one that i want or whatever it might be, or just hope that apple pay is available. If not, i can always make bank transfers etc. It’S not that big of a deal, but it is an inconvenience that at times you know it can be kind of annoying. The beauty of this wallet is that, if i’m ever forced to put them in my pants pocket, it’s, incredibly tiny and literally feels like there’s. Nothing in there i hate having things in my pockets. I think i’ve said that quite a few times now, and so i just actively avoid doing it in the winter time like right now, that’s pretty simple, i can just put it in my coat pocket but it’s nice that when the summer comes, i need to put It in my pants you’ll barely notice that it’s in there now with all that said, i do think that this magnetic attachment here could be stronger and there have been some rumors about the iphone 13 having a stronger mac, safe connection, so i’m, not the only one Who thinks that this could be something that could be improved, it’s just a bit too weak for my liking, but minimizing risk, and only attaching when you really need to definitely changes.

My outlook on this whole experience. I do like the minimal, tiny form factor. I just wish i could sneak in one more card and also not to ramble on here too much, but there is a little bit of a trick that i would recommend. Um your cards are gon na get scratched up. The numbers are going to get scratched up. Quite a bit and start to wear so what i do. I didn’t actually do this correctly here, but i put my card with the numbers facing towards the back. So not only does it give it an easier grip for you to slide the card up but it’s, just not rubbing together with another card, so i think it’ll help prolong the time that that card stays like in good shape. As far as the quality in the leather it’s top notch, i’ve had zero issues. I’Ve seen the brown wallet have a lot more wear and tear over the last few months. I’M, not someone who’s constantly taking out of their pockets. So you know, aside from a few scratches on it, it looks totally like i just bought it, so maybe the brown would be a lot more noticeable, but with the black or the blue, it still looks and feels brand new, but i would love to know your Thoughts in those comments down below, especially if you own a wallet and you’ve, been using it. What do you think? Am i crazy for thinking that maybe it’s just not something that always needs to be attached to your phone and that it should be used in the way i described or yeah? I don’t know just let me know in those comments down below and before we end today’s video.

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