Mainly because this 2021 moto g stylus is an actual upgrade over last year, and that sounds weird. New phones should be upgrades from their previous versions, but that simply can’t be said about most other new motorola phones this year. In fact, new 2021 moto devices, like the g power and the g9 power, are literal downgrades. They are worse devices than their 2020 counterparts. So in my eyes, this new 2021 stylus is not only a worthwhile upgrade for previous stylus users, but it’s. Also, probably the moto phone that any other person should be considering two if they want a 2021 motorola device. Now setting aside motorola’s poor decision making with their smartphone lineup this year, i think the stylus on its own is a solid device. Anyway, it offers a lot for the money, it’s, obviously very unique, it’s, a good enough alternative to the note – and i guess technically the s21 ultra now with its s pen, edition there’s a lot to like here so let’s go ahead and get into it and i’ll Talk about my experience with this device and fill you in on everything you need to know about the new 2021 moto g stylus physically. This phone did change a little bit versus last year, but a lot of that is just superficial. It’S got a fresh new shiny finish, but it’s still, an all plastic build there’s, no official water resistance rating, but it’s water repellent again, so it should handle an accidental spill.

No wireless charging either or any other new, add ons, but looking around you’ve still got all the essentials. There’S, a micro sd card slot, a redesigned fingerprint sensor, a headphone jack down below next to the usbc charging port and even a new look to the camera module, which, i think does add a lot in increasing the sort of premium. Look to this phone, which i know sounds a little weird but that’s just my opinion. Also, what you stare at all day long is set up the same too corner camera cutout, pretty slim bezels all around, but the biggest change here with the phone physically is its bigger size. It’S now 6.8 inches up from the 6.4 inch form factor of last year, and i consider this to be a great move. This phone’s only other real competitor was the lg stylo 6.. That phone is 6.8 inches as well, but it’s massive with huge bezels and a dated design. This phone packs that same big screen in a smaller, more modern form factor and writing with a stylus, for example, on a screen size like this is just great not to mention consuming contents and playing games and whatever else you want to do sure, it’s gon na Be a bit of a stretch for some people now, but i think, given how robust this phone is aimed at being bigger here is better and with that new side mounted fingerprint sensor. I think that was the right move too sure the rear sensor with little dimple and motorola logo was iconic, but i think it would have been too uncomfortable on this phone.

The side mounted power button combo is easy to use it’s comfortable it’s fast. You can also enable a capacitive shortcut setup where a light double tap brings up a customizable menu of apps. That may or may not be all that useful, but the bottom line is this setup i think, was the right move and, more than anything nowadays, i’m. Just glad to have it, motorola also did bring back face unlock on this phone too, and it works fine when you can utilize it, but i think that fingerprint unlock is the way to go now. Unfortunately, it’s not all positive with the g stylus, one thing that motorola did mess with is the speaker setup. They basically just took away the dual stereo sound, that last year’s stylus and a bunch of other motorola phones had, and we now just get that single downward firing. Speaker motorola made this change on all their new phones this year. It’S a shame: i don’t really get it i’m, a big proponent of stereo speakers, but the out loud listening experience is still pretty decent and actually this is really the only sort of downgrade or negative change on this phone at least so there’s that and here’s a Sound sample, so you can get an idea Music. Obviously, the main reason why you’d even consider this phone in the first place is because of the built in stylus support and while motorola didn’t bring any new changes or features here.

I think this familiar setup and feature set still offers a lot of value. The stylus itself is housed in pretty much the same place, but it now has that clicky pop out top. That makes it easier to grab for and put away. The pen is also a little bigger than last year, which i find makes it more comfortable to hold and easier to write with the tip of the stylus, for whatever reason is thicker this year and more rounded less pointy, but that all doesn’t really matter. Because this setup is still just your basic metal, pointer tool, there’s, no bluetooth connection between the pen and the phone, this stylus doesn’t offer any additional button functions. It is the same simple little stick that’s, basically an extension of your finger, just a little more precise. So you can, of course, just utilize a stylus to interact with the phone, as you would with your hand and tap away at anything you want. I know a lot of people just like being able to do this, but of course, when you pull that stylus out you’re also prompted with a shortcut menu that houses some stylus specific apps and features that are only available on this phone. For example, the dedicated notes app lets you draw, write and type out whatever it is, you need you can write out a shopping list. Do some coloring sketch out a diagram? You can combine typed text and handwritten notes to the app offers a lot, and i think this is where most people will use the stylus.

You don’t have to utilize motorola’s notes app either, though you can theoretically use any app that offers stylus and drawing support. So keep notes, for example, is a great alternative. There are also some other stylish shortcuts, like the ability to quickly take and edit screenshots that’s super helpful at times there’s a dedicated coloring book to help pass the time, and you can even customize the stylus menu to display any app shortcut you want it. Doesn’T have to be stylus related or even motorola specific, while the stylus related tools and features obviously fall short when compared to samsung’s note and the s21 ultra. I think there’s still plenty here that makes the stylus both useful and fun. The real downside is just the fact that this rudimentary setup means that the lag and latency when you draw or write is still very obvious. Motorola did nothing to improve that and you might have to slow your writing down a little bit in order to keep your lines accurate. This is obviously a product of the stylus and phone not being paired up the phone isn’t exactly made for the stylus, like i said, it’s not connected in any way and the stylus isn’t made for the phone it’s, just a cheap metal pointer. But if you’re used to that little delay, maybe from last year’s phone it’s, not really a big deal, it’s just still very far from the note or galaxy tab or apple pencil experience that i know a lot of us are used to nowadays.

So you have to keep that in mind all in all the stylus support, i think, is still reason enough to consider this phone. If you get even a little bit of use out of it and just to finish up with the screen here, the new moto g stylus has the same 1080 resolution. Ips lcd panel that we’ve seen before it normally wouldn’t even be worth highlighting, but remember how i said that motorola downgraded some of their other 2021 smartphones yeah. This is where those phones lost out like the new g power. For example, it got a 720p display, which is just ridiculous, so while there’s nothing new or exciting here and you can certainly get a better amoled display or even a high refresh rate panel on other phones for a similar price. Now at least it’s, not a crappy 720 resolution screen, like some other new moto phones, though just having to say that is really not a good look. The last two big elements to this phone – the internal specs and the camera setup, fortunately, are pretty decent and i think, for a vast majority of people, this device is going to be able to handle most anything you want to throw at it this time around. We get the snapdragon 678 chipset an adreno 612 gpu, a newer setup over last year, still just four gigs of ram 128 gigabytes of storage, but i’ve been able to live with all that just fine.

In fact, i think this phone performs quite good honestly from average everyday use to more intense stuff like games. I haven’t had a blip or an issue at all and i haven’t come across anything really this phone can’t handle. If i have to complain about something i think four gigs of ram maybe makes this phone fall a little behind and keeping apps current some stuff tends to get relaunched or reloaded once a dozen or so things get opened up, but other than that, if you want A game on this phone: you totally can whether it’s more simple stuff or more graphics, heavy titles. I haven’t run into any issues. Really the biggest thing about these moto phones is just the lack of timely software updates. The g stylus i consider to be one of motorola’s, more important devices, and yet it ships with android 10.. In fact, i think only one moto phone right now even has an android 11 update, so it could be weeks or maybe even months before we see an update for this phone will the average user care or even notice – probably not, but i feel like the lack Of solid software support versus the competition means you do lose out on some of the value and some of the long term potential. Obviously, the pixel is in a league of its own when it comes to software support, but even samsung offers timely updates and a couple of years of support on their mid range, a series devices priced similarly to this phone with a slow, android, 11 rollout and likely Just one android version update in total motorola continues to offer lackluster software support, and i don’t really understand why now on the plus side, what they lack in software updates they make up for in battery life.

A lot of motorola’s devices are known for having pretty beefy batteries, and this phone is a solid offering too. The 4 000 milliamp battery inside is enough for me to power through a little more than today’s use at 70 brightness with plenty of social media use and a bit of gaming too it’s, not the crazy powerhouse device like the moto g power, obviously and i’m. Not quite sure it’s the full two day battery device that motorola advertises, maybe not for everyone but it’s solid, and i have no complaints. Finally, when it comes to the cameras, the moto g stylus offers a decent set of capabilities that i think most people will be happy with around back. The new quad lens setup now includes 48 megapixel, main lens 8 megapixel ultra wide 2 megapixel macro for up close shots and a 2 megapixel depth sensor. The 16 megapixel selfie camera. I think up front also has a lot of potential too and inside the redesigned, camera app you’ll find most of the tools and options. You’D want i’m still personally, not a big fan of the macro lens, for example, but you can shoot up to 4k video with this phone, which is great there’s night mode, pro shooting controls a couple other moto specific, add ons like the spot, color filter, there’s, enhanced Video stabilization – and i think the results here are pretty good. This phone produces a really natural looking shot. You could call it dull, but i call it realistic.

There’S no fancy, color enhancements or saturation boosts there’s a ton of detail in every shot, which i find to be most important where this phone misses the mark. More than anything else is usually when the lighting conditions are less than ideal. Shadowy areas tend to get lost, dark scenes can be a little too dark with video. I think what impressed me the most is that stabilization. This phone is just silky smooth when it’s shooting – and i think the end result looks great. The selfie camera is pretty good too it’s natural, there’s tons of detail, portrait mode ends up doing a nice job with the background and foreground separation, all in all there’s a lot to like here and enough to where this phone can get the job done now. Unfortunately, i do think camera tech has just come a long way in a short time. I don’t know that motorola has put as much effort into their camera tech, as some other companies have and with a ton of other devices offering flagship camera capabilities. Basically, at a fraction of the price, this phone obviously is just gon na fall way short. But if camera capabilities are what you’re after then just get a pixel it’s, not much of a comparison. All in all, the new moto g stylus is a fine phone on its own at 299 dollars. I think it’s well worth the money and it’s a unique device with a lot to offer there’s nothing that’s, inherently negative here and in fact, there’s a lot to like it looks great it’s big it’s got the specs to get the job done and that stylus, i Think is still a selling point, even if there’s been no real improvement from the previous year.

More than anything, though, like i explained already, this is the only phone i consider to be a genuine upgrade over last year and the only 2021 moto device in the lineup right now that’s worth getting. I hate to harp on it so much, but motorola just launched some disappointing devices to start the year off, and i think this one in my opinion is probably the only new moto device worth considering right now. If you want a new device, that’s genuinely worth the money, so there you go. Those are my thoughts on the new moto g stylus. What do you guys think about this phone? Is it something you’re considering right now? Let me know in the comments down below i’d love to know your thoughts, of course, but hopefully you guys did enjoy this video be sure to follow tech daily on twitter and subscribe to the tech daily youtube channel.