You’Re back in off back in Music, selfie sticks have changed a lot a lot of years. This is my old stick, as you guys can see, button take the picture and that’s it. You can flip it around. They have changed a lot. This is the nando for monza was sent to me last month, but i haven’t been busy with a lot of products and i was not able to make the video review at the meantime, we’ve been using it at home and for family. This is amazing. I’Ve been using this to walk around the house. Take pictures i’ve been using this for tea talk, and for that this is amazing. It was not make for a lot of filmmaking because it doesn’t have the three axis gimbal. It is only one axis gimbal. It is called the extendable self selfie gimbal with this said, monza have sent this gimbal uh this gimbal, this selfie uh, stick to me to test it and i’m, not gon na be paid to say anything. I can say wherever i want to, and i really think this is a great product for our family to take in holy days or even to do tick. Tocks inside of the house, the moza nano sc looks like the typical stabilizer selfie stick. It comes in two colors, the green, and this one, the black it can be extended up to 69 centimeters. It have a tripod, so you can stand on. The table only have one motor and one rotor axis.

The rotation is 270 degrees, it’s very light. Only weight 250 grams – it has our whole handle payload of 280 grams, only have one usb port, and that is for charging. It has a 950 milliamp hour battery lithium built in on that battery takes 2.5 hours to fully charge. The use time is around 10 hours. Put the nano sc standing on the table insert the phone and balance it. The power button is on the side and the led leds will tell you the battery left. You can have it standing on a table or you can use it on the go, and this is the feature i love the most, the buttons interface. You know why, because it comes off – and this is a remote, so you can use it away from your gimbal. So when you need to take photos of yourself or your family and you want to be on the photo or the video no problem, just press record turn it on and off. You can zoom in and out, and this makes your life so much easier. Let’S have a look what you can do with a remote, you can press record or take photos. The top button will change the phone from horizontal to vertical mode press three times to change from rear and front camera left and right. Buttons is where you can zoom in and out. You can use the moza genie app or use your native app camera.

Remember it will work with both the phone i have tested with the with the app is the iphone 12 pro max. So i use the control with iphone 12 pro max and the native camera app. So everything works. I don’t i’m, not sure about the other phones. So you need to check the specs to see if it works with another phones and what type of phones they will work so now we’re going to see, how is the separation like so let’s put it like that again is the iphone 12 pro max, so let’s Have a look, how the stipulation works on with this gimbal. The first is: handheld walk with the iphone 12 pro camera and here using the moser genie up Music, and if you want to do a bit of vlogging and you don’t have anything else. It looks great using the moza genie up with the stick extended and the iphone 12 pro camera. I have shown a mozam mini app here on this channel before and there’s no changes from the last one. So if you want to have a look, i’ll put a link of a video here where i review the gimbal from mozart, and i will talk about the app on that video as well. What i like and what i don’t like about the moza nano sc. So obviously, what i like is this little bit the control and for once i can be in the pictures or in the videos just recording myself and leaving the standing like that and then going away and taking a picture with my little one with my wife, whatever So yeah another good feature is the fact i can extend like that, and i can talk and go good space without me being with the arms like that.

So yeah can be talking like that yeah. What i don’t like about the moza nano sc well to be fair, the fact of this screw here. Sometimes it comes loose and if you are tilting, sometimes the phone feels even more if he’s a heavy phone. Apart from that nothing, i love this gimbal um selfie. Stick and i think, it’s a great product for a family with this said i will leave a link down below, so you guys want to check it out well, that’s, all for today guys. I hope you guys enjoyed this review and if you did give this video a thumbs up, share this video with our friends and if you haven’t subscribed yet please consider, subscribing and that’s all for today.