This was my first ever phone and at the time i got it. I thought this was the most beautiful phone ever produced and here’s. Why? First of all, if we talk about the general design it’s, a small phone 4.7 inch display actually quite thin bezels this notoriously black color glass back doesn’t have wireless charging as the samsung previously reviewed, samsung. Galaxy s6, though this is was at least an amazing phone. Has 720p display, which is okay, nothing special for that, so small of a display camera at the back doesn’t have a bump. That was really nice feature i think nicely positioned. Samsung’S written in the back mine is cracked. It fell out of my pocket. I really hate cracked phones and the ones that get cracked, otherwise it’s still in nice condition, then what you have, what is so great about this packet? I everything really apart from the processor and the fact that it isn’t working at the moment, really it isn’t working good at all. I just charge it for what two hours, probably because it got the battery, was lost completely so now it’s starting up, you can see it’s going to write samsung this black display the black look of this phone. It was really comparable to iphone 7 at the time. Iphone 7 jet black. That was really a nice color for a phone to have. Why? Because it has this glossy finish and apart from iphone, it is really light, and this aluminium metally kind of feel around and the glass in the back just makes it without a cover, makes it an excellent feel inside your hand inside pawn that’s it so let’s.

Take a look at the what okay, general specs uh processor, really bad, very slow little ram, but still is able to do loads of things really speaker, as you could have heard. Nothing special display you can see here. This is for my samsung galaxy s6 review. No fingerprint scanner which sometimes gets annoying – and i don’t know why, but those numbers number plate on samsung phones compared to what apple had this round. Big numbers seems really small kind of like you have to be really precise when you unlock the phone to type them in this sound system is kind of like nice. Here you can see the display quite responsive. Actually, opening apps, on the other side hand, is slow. I would say, really slow so here we can take a look opening calculator yeah that took quite a bit of time, but typing typing shouldn’t be a big of a problem. You know it really takes some time to do operations. You could have seen that it’s reasonably good. The problem comes with sometimes um. It needs a lot of time to boot up and then to turn on the data mobile data and that to start working sometimes it has trouble with connections with different networks and so on. But it has bluetooth, connectivities, really good headphone jack, really nice feature for listening music. For my basic purposes of the phone usage, i could navigate with it so navigation telecommunication. So you have data and you have sms and telephone calls for making that this is obviously an excellent phone.

What it lacks compared to today’s phones is camera. Camera is bad, like slow, really slowly takes photos and the resolution is absolutely bad. So here i guess you can see me probably yeah, you see shaking test the best but all right and then, if we take a look yeah when you take an image like let’s, take an image with the you see it took some time, but otherwise it’s. Okay, not the most responsive, but still okay, it has problems in lower lights, for what i did for um, taking shots of the notes that i made for school and then sending them out to friends that needed them. Yeah resolution is slow and you have to be really precise with your hand, not to shake it too much, because that makes it kind of like too hard, and another thing that i find really annoying is the the way that i received sms messages. It was probably i don’t know why was this not because of the operator, but some messages tend to appear so many times like i. I make sure that there are no unread messages, but still after i received let’s say i received the message today after one week. I would receive the same message again and i would have to go and check why this message uh. If this was a new message, and sometimes i would reply to it and then the the receiver would write me back. You know from what time this message is right: yeah that is kind of like then you have to draw.

Ah, my phone is bad or something, although it isn’t, i like this phone, i enjoyed it a lot and then one another thing that is terr that i made wrong decision is the amount of storage 16 gigabytes for the time i bought it. It was all right, but now i have, i think you have to have at least 32 gigabytes bytes, but for taking videos photos at least 64.. If you have go directly for 130, 128 or even 256, maybe a bit too much for me. But if you are a video photographer videographer whatever go for that option, then yeah that was about storage battery wise. Now, as i started this view, i have i had 1100 sorry, 100 and now i have 94, which is pretty bad. I don’t have a sim card inserted right now, but as you can see, you can have an sd card and a sim card inserted into the phone at the same time because of the low storage. But then you have trouble because you have to choose. Where is some application going to be stored? Applications are normally usually stored on the phone and, like images can be stored to the sd card. But then you have certain problems you face when you want to um upload things the computer. Therefore, i obviously use google photos now since it’s getting this refreshment in june or july, when you will get only 15 gigabytes of storage on google photos.

The past remains the same, but the new ones just 15 like gmail and drive together. This is going to be problematic because um photos was was already wasn’t, the best way to transfer of video, because it took a lot of time like one day to get the full resolution, and the resolution could be only uh 1 1080, which is yeah enough to Be watchable, but when you want to crop in that’s, not enough uh more about that, maybe in another video. If you are interested wrists write down in the comments, i will now open youtube video for you to hear the sound quality Applause, dubai city known for its luxury. What did i do you just quit? You see that’s the problem with old phones, now i’m waiting again for youtube to boot. Up, as i said, that’s really a problem and that’s why you have to always adapt buy new phones, okay, apparently after some time, youtube, isn’t working anymore yeah. I have spotify on the phone, so we are going to open spotify if it will want to open, but probably not yeah. Please work, please, god, please work like ipad ipad. The original ipad was working perfectly for eight years, really, no problem with opening apps and yeah. As you can have heard, this is not the best quality you will get with a smartphone, but if you use headphones like this one, the samsung ones not included in the box by the way the ones that were included in the box were pretty damn bad charger.

Is enough fast enough for the phone, but for charging this gopro may be too slow, and what do i want to do with this thing in the future? It’S just going to be sitting like a piece of art, the first phone that i have had and the first one that i’ve managed to successfully break that’s it thanks for watching. Please subscribe till the next time. Review of many things is bound to come like this headphones, like you’ve seen, xiaomi phones, iphone 11 review coming dueling a review coming.