. This is a smartphone gimbal or stabilizer, as you can see so we’re just going to do a quick unboxing of it. Just to show you what you get as you can see in the back, you have a little magnetic feature, meaning you can quickly take it off and then put it back on. Hence magnetic quick, mount it’s portable, active track. It has a quick roll gestures and a story mode feature, so these are just some of the highlights there’s way more in the app so download the app, which is on both platforms. On the right hand, you have your sku number and other information, and then right here you have the dji care refresh. You have to activate it within 30 days of purchasing and you get two replacements for one year, let’s get into it on the top. You just have some quick information on how to do it, so you have step one for the magnetic mount and then step two. You can take it off, make it portable step. Three. You can just show you how to turn it on and step four download. The app so on the top, it says, create magnetic moments on the right side. It does come with the suede bag, so you will carry it and travel which is really helpful. You also have a wrist strap. You can use this for basically the gimbal and then put it around your wrist. Obviously, and then – and here you just have all your documentary information as well – some insulation for your magnetic little thing as you can see some warranty and some regulatory information, so that’s what’s in there and we’re gon na go ahead and move this.

We have the tripod right here and you can go ahead and screw this on. The bottom of the gimbal and i’ll show you in a minute and you can basically just mount it and then you can activate the gesture and then you can follow you around it’s. Pretty cool so it’s a dji branded. We have some rubber feet, really high quality plastic. You can also use it as an extended handle, or maybe if you want to use two hands for some reason i don’t know it just has a really good support. On the left side, you have a usb type c, usb, a charging cable which is really cool that it’s modern and then on the right side. Obviously you have your gimbal, so, as you can see, this is magnetic. So you can put this on your phone and then clamp into the spot. It’S really strong make sure these dots right here line up there’s a dot right here on the device, so you just make sure they line up it’ll, be good. It’Ll. Tell you in the app if it’s inserted wrong a little camera position, so you put the cameras facing towards this side on this side. So this is it just open it like so so right here you have some nice grip, so you’ll be able to completely put it in your hand. On the back, you have several options: press and hold to be able to stabilize it completely in one position: it’s called a lock mode, so you can look directly at an object, lock it into place and then move around i’ll show you in a clip on the Right side, you have the usb type c charging port and then right here i believe you can go ahead and charge your device.

So this acts as like a mini power bank. On the left side, you have a zoom in zoom out rocker, so you can be able to zoom in on the app and then right here you have a record slash picture, just a shutter button. Basically right here you have a mode slash on and off button. You can double tap it to orient it vertical or horizontal, and then right here you have a little little joystick. I guess you can say, and you can move this. However, you want, you can change the settings in the app. So if you want to do a 360 turn around or if you want to do left right up down, you can do. However, you want, and then right here you just have some battery indicators as well and now it’s into pairing mode, once it’s completely set up it’ll stay on one color i’m gon na go ahead and show you what that looks like and i’ll be right back all Right so, first things first we’re going to go ahead and open up the dji memo app and then we’re going to go ahead and turn on the device and then, since mine’s, already paired it’s going to already pop up on the top left place it in here. The correct way, as you can see like so the camera is facing that way all right now, let’s double tap the back to orient it perfectly, and then we can go ahead and click the top left.

Alright, and now we are in video mode. So, as you can see, you can move it, my screen’s a little dirty. Let me clean it all right. There we go. I have a better position. I use the tripod as you can see. We’Re gon na go ahead and orient it there. We go i’ll, go ahead and screen record off this, so it can show you all right, as you can see, we’re basically recording, as you can see, it’s a little flash but we’re going to go to do so. I don’t have to do a voiceover later, as you can see, we have flash here in video, so you can turn on the flash you can do always on. You could do white balance. You can change the balance of light. You could put a grid, you could do the grid lines, grid plus diagonals, etc, and you could do selfie flips so much other stuff. You have zoom speed, which is obviously right here, left and right. You can zoom in and then you can change that to go fast or slow i’m just going to keep it right around the middle, and you can do the control stick speed, which is basically this little analog stick here. You can change it to fast, medium or slow. I have it on fast, so it’s, just better and then right here you can have the control stick direction. You can do horizontal and vertical or free. So, basically 360.

, you have invert pan control, invert tilt control. Press m for certain settings: you can calibrate the gimbal, so it’ll be you know, calibrated and then right here you can have a alignment tool so right here you can control the iso, so there’s isos right here you can increase it and then you can also do The shutter speed right now is on me it’s on auto. You can change it yourself if you would like so for photography, which is a lot more helpful, because not the the original camera for iphone doesn’t. Allow you to do that so yeah you can do you can change it. However, you want like a dslr and then right here you have the resolution and frame rate. I have it at 4k 60fps for photo. You can uh do glamour effects, so you can do like smoothing your skin, lighten enlarging and do all that other effects, which is helpful. Then you also have slow motion, so this one, basically how it is it only shoots in 1080p. Sadly, right here you have a desired effect, so you can move in or move out which this is good for, b rolls which is really good. You have time lapse. Obviously, and then you have a hyper lapse, which is for like highways and just for really good time lapses. Basically – and you also have panna, which is normal right here – you have story which is basically like a preset that you can go ahead and change and do whatever you want.

So you have a custom story which you can make yourself. Obviously uh. These change every so often, but right here you have a happy new year for chinese new year’s right here. You have a spring festival: urban landscape, some of these stay forever, but some of them are added based on the holiday or quality afternoon, and you can make a video basically just like this, with the transitions and movements it’ll automatically, do it for you and it’s really Really easy to do i’ll go ahead and demonstrate that later uh right here back to the 80s, so do the same filter and everything like that afternoon. It’Ll, do all the you can edit the text and do whatever you want to do like i said you can do the custom story, so you can combine a few of them if you would like and then change the fonts and everything like that right here. You have enjoyment movie sports jazz it’ll, do everything it’ll, shake the camera and add shaking effects and stuff like that, it’s really cool this one’s a 180 degree recording. It is party right here we have inspire so leisure time shake and basically we’ll transition. This is what i’m talking about lively, cut, fashion and lecture i’m going to do fashion because it’s the easiest, so let’s go ahead and do this real quick. So all you can do is press the record button and it will automatically angle it. So you just have to make a little video and you can go ahead and press next and then you can shoot the next clip.

So let’s go ahead and just press the button and then we can go ahead and do that and then i can go ahead and do this. So we can go ahead and clip that and it’s really easy. So i can make this within less than 30 seconds and then you can automatically have a really cool clip. So, like a video montage for anything and as you can see, this is the preview we’re going to look at it yeah something as simple as that turned into really really good clip so it’s, and you can obviously edit out the dgi just cut it. Uh cut the video, but yeah it’s really easy that’s. I love that story mode, but other than that. I really like this it’s really helpful and, as you can see, you can zoom in obviously zoom out on the fly, which is really helpful, so you don’t have to ever really touch with two hands. You can easily do with one hand. Hence, why i’m using another phone to be able to record it um, but yeah it’s, really cool, so i’m going to get the thumbnail and we are done yes, i need to get rid of that. Sprite can. But thank you guys for watching. If you guys do want to buy this project, the link will be in the description. If you would like to purchase and i’ll see you guys in the next one.