Let me go back to read the quick starter guide that i said. I will never read and i’ll come back and cause in this video Music. So i got the dji om4. So this is a gimbal for smartphones. You can use the iphone. You can do any android device. This is the latest edition by dji. This is the dji osmo mobile 4., so i’m very excited i’ve got this stuff i’m, going to do an unboxing and i’m going to be doing a later, video on the setup and the impressions. The my review, as everyone see those videos like this video now subscribe to me. Thank you very much, i’m going to see you in the unboxing area right now, let’s go welcome to the unboxing for the dji osmo mobile 4.. So this is a smartphone stabilizer for your iphones and for your android phone, so i’m very excited to be unboxing this, because this is my first gimbal. I got this giving my money. This video is not sponsored by djing anyway, but obviously i would love it if i can guess possible, but in the future, but for now i’m going to keep getting that product, because i love the quality and i love what i read online so now i’m very Excited to see what, inside this box and i’m sure you are also excited to see what is going on in this box, so without wasting much of your time. Let us get right into into it.

So this is the front view when we go to the side. We can see a brief summary of what is in the box we’re going to get the dji om4 we’re, going to get the magnetic foam, clamp, a storage pouch to keep the om4 a power cable to charge the om4, a grip tripod to hold the om4. Then the magnetic ring holder, wrist, strap and their manuals. Obviously the smartphone is not included. So at the back of the case you can see the dji om4 was specifically created to create magnetic moment literally magnetic moment. So we have the magnetic quick mounts which you can easily mount any smartphone to the gimbal. Then we have affordable, so the gimbal is also very affordable and portable there’s. A new feature called active track. 3.0. I’M. Very, very excited to see this. This essentially auto focus on the particular subject, and then it tracks the movement. So you can put your phone on your gimbal and just place it on the floor and then, when you activate auto track it’s going to track your movements and when i’m doing a video on that later. So fine to this video. If you like what you are seeing, please go down below and like this video and subscribe for more content like this, and if you have any questions for me, please leave them in the comment section below so the dji osmo mobile 4 has gesture control, which means You can just do like a peace sign and then the picture is going to get taken and also comes the story mode.

So obviously we can obviously download the app on the apple store and also play store if you are using the android device. So without wasting much of your time, let’s see what is actually inside this box yeah. So i don’t think i need any unboxing there for this. Let us go old school yeah! Oh, that brand new feeling nice create magnetic moments. Then, on this side we have easy manual. This is the magnetic clamp, gimbal magnetic cap on your phone put on gimbal download the app simple four step process. I love our simple. This is very simple, very magnetic so now this is time to create magnetic moment. 2021 is the year to create magnetic moments, if you believe 201 is the year to create magazine movement hit the like button and subscribe to my channel right now. Thank you for doing that. Let’S proceed. Okay, so let’s put that to the side. For now, and here we have the gimbal first, this is the grip tripod that i got out. It also stands like a tabletop tripod. Then this is the power usb cord which is used to charge your gimbal, and this is the magnetic phone clamp to to put your phone on the gimbal. This is very retractable, so it supports even the 12 pro marks or the biggest smartphones. So this is the riser part for smaller phones like the iphone 7 iphone 8 iphone, se 2 samsung, s8 and so on, and before we proceed to this notice, what’s inside this place, okay, okay, so this is the osmo mobile four carrier bag.

You are, you are going to put your gimbal into i like the material. I like the image i like the material and the print. The print is clean, that’s, the clean print and the material is clean. Then, whatever you have in this box, we have alignment guide. You know what this is: are these stickers? Okay? I think these are stickers. I think these are stickers, wipe down the back of the phone okay, so these are wipes. These are wipes and these are stickers. These are free stickers. I love when i get free stickers when it just it just makes the purchase what’s it wow. We have some hefty manuals. Man dg om4 when i’m going to never wow. This is like the textbook i go to reading school for exams or not. I can safely see with my chest that nobody’s going to be doing this or i am not going to be in this and we have more literatures dji. Did you ever know, it’s cool? I know it’s cool, stop giving us this ft starter guys, man. We have youtube, we have youtube to learn stuff there’s, the internet. We actually don’t need this starter guys. So this is the magnetic ring that you attach to the back of your phone and we have the wrist holder. So you can hold your osmo in your wrist. So it does not fall down while you’re using it so let’s bring out the dji osmo mobile 4.

wow wow. This looks like it looks very compact in my hands. It just looks very small. Also light weight is not heavy and the build quality is nice. I, like the build quality, is good, solid, steady, let’s turn it on. I think i’m going to be needing the quick starter guide to get this up and running so once i’ve got it up and running i’m going to be showing you guys, the video so guys. Let me go back to really quick starter guide that i said i will never read and i’ll come back and consider this video so let’s proceed so now i brought up my samsung galaxy s8, so i’m going to be attaching the dji magnetic clamp to the assets. The phone camera should be. Four cameras should be this way. Okay, then i just take wow well that was crazy. What magnetic force? Yes, Music? So here we have we’ve attached the phone to the magnetic clamp, then the magnetic clamp to the om4. So let me power what i think is calibrating. What else do i need? Oh okay, so i’m going to manually push that way? Okay, but if i turn it off so it’s dead like this okay, so i turn it on wow. What does this button do, but i love buttons. I love bodies, i don’t know i don’t know what i’m doing i’m trying to get to landscape mode. Oh i’m, doing a stunning okay. I have a lot to learn, but so far somebody is looking like a very, very good device.

I see the image stabilization so no matter i’m going the phone stays in place, nice, nice, so guys that is it for this dji osmo mobile 4 video i’m.