So yeah that’s the price of this one and it does have a little bit tax, so it’s a little bit more than that, even with tax, depending on where you’re at. So. Let me talk about the first pro of this phone right here that i discovered after three months and that’s got to be the display of this device, because it goes from the 11, with the lcd to the oled it’s, something that i keep noticing about this phone. It feels more like the pro device having the super retina xdr oled display on here. Of course, it’s got your night shift dark mode, true tone, but what’s really noticeable is just having those deeper contrast colors when you are doing stuff in applications. So when you pop up things with darker backgrounds, you’ll see, definitely it just has a much better contrast than what we’ve seen on prior iphone 11 and iphone 10r, so that’s, my first pro hands down the oled display. In addition, if you notice, when we look closely here, the bezels are even thinner than before and it’s something that just makes the iphone 11 or the iphone 12. Excuse me look very sleek here on the body, so i got ta, say sleek display overall great oled as well. So the next thing i really like about this phone is that it has a very good balanced size of you know, just a good size screen and being pretty lightweight as well.

So definitely do like that. It’S pretty easy to hold compared to the iphone 12 pro max. For example, a lot of people pick that phone, but let’s be frank right here. This device right here is definitely easier to manage day to day it’s much lighter, and it still has a relatively large enough screen, it’s, not as small as the mini and still feeling very comfortable. So a very good compromise, very good balance, and i think the size alone is one reason why this might be the best seller of the bunch in the iphone 12 lineup. Okay. So the next thing i found the pro of this device after three months has got to be the mobile performance with 5g. If i go ahead and click, you’ll notice that things just open faster, definitely of course, 4g lte to 5g definitely gon na open up faster, but when it’s really noticeable is when you’re out and about and you’re in some of these areas, where you typically would Have a slower performance on your older iphone with 4g. This one shouldn’t give you that problem, and i notice it also has better phone call reception as well. So i just like this 5g, this mobile performance. It just gives this phone a sense of longevity that you’re not going to get if you buy something like an iphone 11, because while you know the iphone 11 and other iphones will be updated for a long time, this one having 5g.

This goes for the other 12s as well, but having 5g can help you to hold on to this phone even longer than say if you bought apple’s 4g lte phones in the lineup. So my next thing after three months – i really noticed to be great, is the performance. Now i don’t know if you’ve been watching the channel, but we’ve been putting the iphone 12 up against a lot of the phones out there and it’s doing very well. I mean very very well so this a14, just like the prior iphones you’re, going to notice that it gives you even slicker performance than before now it’s not going to be overly noticeable. If you have anything like an 11 series, but i think it just gives that extra boost that’s gon na again lead to more longevity on this device. Super amazing performance with the a14, and when it comes to benchmarks, it really does show getting benchmark scores that are faster than most laptops. However, if you do have an m1 mac or m1 mac mini, you probably are going to get something similar to this. So definitely not going to outbeat those, but this is a super fast phone it’s insane. How quick apple has been managing to get these processors in this phone? Definitely giving these phones a longer life than you would typically expect from other devices, so super thumbs up. A14. Has been remarkable, so the next pro has been battery life i’m, not overly impressed with this and i’ll talk about why this can also be a con in my con section but i’m pretty happy with the battery life for this phone, seeing that it does use 5g.

Now, of course, i’ve maintained my 100 battery health it’s only been three months, but this phone right here definitely get around five to six hours screen time using 5g and it can get through a day and that’s really what matters considering we’re moving to 5g apple waited A little while to get to 5g, but at least this phone is gon na, make it through the day so battery life i’m, not super upset about. So i would consider it a pro because if i can get through the day on a 5g iphone similar to my past, iphones i’m gon na be pretty happy about that and so i’m happy about that here with the iphone 12.. Okay guys. So pro number six is the cameras we have that great main camera and then we have the ultra wide but i’m, not gon na talk about this just go ahead and look at the samples i took with this camera. Let me know what you guys think: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music and my final pro of iphone 12 has got to be the aluminum edges. I think they stay super clean compared to the 12 pro series which can get scratched up smudgy with that stainless steel. While the stainless steel does feel more premium, it does come at a cost, so cost of smudging and scratching. Now the back of this thing or the other iphone 12s with the glass backs, can get smudgy as well, but i kind of like how, on the iphone 12 right here, this material stays cleaner by the camera.

One of the areas where, on the iphone 12 pro max, it would get really smudgy and messed up same on the edges. So to me it might have a little bit of a cleaner look than even the 12 pro series and the areas that are kind of high touch, like the sides, for example, and sometimes you accidentally will bump into the camera, whereas the back is clean. On the 12 pro, but this is easy to clean the back. The sides, though, can get smudgy real quickly and real easily all right. Well, it seems like many people want to hear the cons as well, so let’s get into them. The first one low storage come on apple, it’s, 20. 21. What is with the 64 gigabytes for 8.29? This is absolutely ridiculous. We should have 128 here in 2021, especially considering iphones. Do not have expandable memory or anything like that. You have to pay for cloud storage, throw 128 gig across the board standard. It’S, 20 21 people are using this 4k hdr video you put in here. I want to see that next, okay, so the next con. This is a con, for you know i think, iphone 11 as well, but 5x zoom. Now i know not everybody, you know, needs zoom, but come on 5x. You could go at least 10x digitally. I know it’s not going to be the best overall result, but come on 5x not very happy with this. This is just something it’s like 829 there’s phones that are cheaper than s20 fe s21.

They can go 30x. This thing can only go five and, while that 30x isn’t amazing 5x is hardly any reach so terrible zoom on this phone, i do want to see further improvements to zoom on the base 13.. I know the pros should go even further, maybe 20x on those devices on the next pro series, but this one should go farther on the next one. In my opinion, next up is the price on this phone is just too high 8.29. Last year, the iphone 11 was 6.99 that’s, 129 increase just for an oled display. No, this is just not a good price point. I feel like for the iphone 12 here. I think the galaxy s21 is even a little bit cheaper than this, not much, but still i mean this price needs to come down a little bit. 729, i think, would be fair for this device and even for the mini that one’s too high as well. I think the mini should be around. You know: 629 to 600, maybe 5.99, the starting price, especially considering you’re, throwing 64 gigs. Now, if apple started this at 128 at 8.29, that makes a little more sense, but this phone to me is just too high overpriced. Definitely they should have came down a bit on it in terms of the price, but a lot of people aren’t gon na care they’re gon na buy this anyway because they get promotional deals. It has a you know, monthly payment plan.

You know things like that. So people are still gon na, get it but i’m, just saying: if you’re buying this phone, there are better. There are better values in terms of price point than this number four, this notch. This thing is just nasty. At this point, we’ve been seeing this on every phone for like four years and it hasn’t shrunk. It hasn’t changed it’s, just still staring at you right in the face right. There yeah it does house face id and a lot of people gon na say i don’t care. Nobody gives a crap about that notch. Obviously they don’t millions have bought this phone. But when we’re talking about innovation, pushing industry forward, you know every other phone out there. Trying to get their phones closest to they can to offscreen and apple just keeps putting out the same old notch it’s starting to look dated whether you want to admit it or not. So definitely con number four for this phone is got to be the notch. I want to see it go down a bit and the next con is face. Id and it’s not because face id is a terrible system or anything that it’s perfect in terms of a face. Unlock super secure stuff like that it’s just in the covet era. Right now, it’s not overly useful. When you got the mask on, you got to go use that archaic analog feeling you know, pin code from the original iphones, basically so that’s, just something that i think apple could improve on the next phone during the current times is to put a touch id solution.

Rather, they put it in the power button or they put it underneath the display, like samsung, has been doing with their galaxy devices. So i would like to see some implementation, along with face id of a touch id scanner on the next one that does come out, but in conclusion, the iphone 12. You know this phone is designed to appeal the masses and even though i had a handful of pros and cons it’s, just one of the best overall balanced devices, you can get the price a little bit high, but you can get it discounted depending on the carrier And whatever promotions are going on, you got it blue. You can get it in green red black white. It was clearly designed to appeal to the masses and it has been selling millions of devices, and it will continue to do so at least until the next iphone comes out. So, three months later, pretty amazing balance device, it’s there’s, nothing that blows me away about this phone, but there’s, nothing. That really super disappoints me either and it’s a very easy phone to rock day to day. Let me know your thoughts about the iphone 12. If you’ve had one for a couple months, let people know are you planning on trading? Did you already trade to the s21 because you can’t stay on one phone too long? Let us know down below in the comments thumbs up if you enjoyed it subscribe.