After the Mi 10 Mi, 10 Lite Mi 10 Ultra and Mi 10T Pro it’s time to check out another Xiaomi phone that derives from the flagship.. It is not from today that the Chinese giant launches as many variants as possible, and we will see what the Mi 10T Lite has to offer and if it is worth more than others of the brand in the same price range.. By carrying the Lite designation. In its name, this is yet another smartphone from Xiaomi that escapes the advanced segment and comes to fight with the various mid range phones of the brand and its rivals. Cuts have been made to reduce the cost of production, so don’t expect a metal body, at least The rear is made of glass and has Gorilla Glass 5 protection, just like on the screen.. Its design is somewhat reminiscent of the POCO X3, with cameras arranged in a higher piece in the manhole cover style. On the front, there is a hole for the selfie camera and thinner edges than we are used to seeing on cell phones with LCD screens. The biometric Reader is well located on the right side being integrated with the power button.. There is a headphone jack at the bottom and an infrared emitter at the top., Its good to see that Xiaomi didnt, let the micro SD slot out on this model. Unlike what happened with the Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro., On the other hand, the wifi was captured in the Lite and doesnt come with the latest version.

However, the NFC was maintained.. The Mi 10T Lite comes with a 120 Hz LCD panel that regulates between various speed levels to save battery when possible., The maximum level of brightness is below the rest of the line, but it is still sufficient for a good experience. Outdoors. HDR10 is supported, which works with videos on YouTube and Netflix, and we did not notice a lack of uniformity of brightness, as is common in cell phones with LCD screen and hole for the camera.. The contrast is high enough to guarantee vibrant colors on the screen.. By default, the Mi 10T Lite loves to display very saturated colors with white tending to a blue hue that can be corrected in the screen. Settings.. The biggest surprise is that Xiaomi did not cut off the stereo sound on this model.. It is rare to see mid rangers with stereo sound and the Mi 10T Lite not only has two sound outputs, but it delivers above average sound power. But despite being loud, the sound is not very balanced and tends more towards the mids and distorts a little when in the maximum volume. Still it delivers a good video experience., The Mi 10T Lite comes equipped with Snapdragon 750G the same chip you find on the Moto G 5G. Performance is similar between Xiaomi and Motorola intermediaries, both in actual use and in benchmarks.. What we notice here is the MIUI 12 still continues with heavy animations and slightly slows down the transition between applications, but nothing alarming.

As the Mi 10 Lite, which presented flawed RAM management in our tests., Of course, it is well below the rest of the line for having weaker hardware, but it is in the segment average when it comes to the score in AnTuTu. And in games. Overall, it will perform great with any game available for Android.. It is possible to play some titles over 60 fps, but there are others that are stuck at this speed, even if they run on other devices above that., The Mi 10T Lite has almost 5000 mAh of battery and delivers good autonomy when used in 120 Hz mode.. As much as the software tries to reduce the speed of updating the display in content with less demand, we still have a higher consumption than other phones with the same platform and 60 Hz screen, as is the case with the Moto G 5G. The best part is that the charger was not plugged and we have the 33 watt model that recharges the Mi 10T Lite battery in less than an hour.. It is very rare to see this in middlemen, especially when rivals Motorola and Samsung take twice as long to recharge., With only 15 minutes in the socket. You will have more than 13 of the battery to use reaching 50 in just 20. Minutes. Xiaomi is not one of the fastest in Android updates, but the Mi 10T Lite is running on Android 11., But MIUI is already version 12 and delivers good performance without gagging.

. As for the little robot version, there is no guarantee of how many updates we will see.. Xiaomi’S interface is increasingly similar to iOS and the features of MIUI 12 present in the Mi 10T Lite are the same as the rest of the brand. In the screen configurations. There is a curious detail: MIUI only gives two adjustment options being 60 or 120 Hz, not to mention that at the highest speed the content will be automatically adjusted by Smart Adaptive. Sync, however, the MEMC support, which makes it the most fluid videos has been removed on this phone., The Mi 10T Lite inherits the main camera of 64 MP of the Mi 10T, while the others were shot to reduce the price of the device.. The photos on the main camera have nice colors, and the level of detail is good, although the sharpness is disappointing., The HDR algorithm does a good job of balancing shadow and highlight. Noise is kept to a minimum and can only be seen in uniform, areas. Outdoors. You will have good photos with the Mi 10T Lite while indoors, you will already notice the limitations of your cameras.. This is even more noticeable when using the ultrawide camera, which features limited dynamic range warmer, colors, smoothed edges and more pronounced noise, at least the lens correction. Software does its job well., Xiaomi, middlemen with only 2 MP macro. Camera are nothing new, but we expected auto focus as seen on cheaper models in the Redmi line.

. This limits you a lot when capturing a macro, since, in addition to not being able to get very close, you will still have photos with low sharpness.. There is night mode that makes photos clearer, but in exchange for extra noise and less sharpness. In many cases it is worth using, but in places that are too dark do not expect miracles. Night mode can be used with ultra wide, which is the camera that suffers. The most when shooting at night. The frontal is capable of recording good selfies and does not suffer as much in darker places. Portrait mode works well and has few flaws.. The camcorder is capable of recording videos in 4K, but if you want to get rid of the shaking, you will have to settle for full HD. Resolution. Filming presents good colors and contrast without suffering so much from noise in dark places.. It is possible to record videos with the rear and front at the same time.. The recorded audio is stereo, but the quality could be better.. Voice capture is not very clean and noise cancellation suffers to drown out. Wind noise. Xiaomi has so many phones that it is even tricky to choose.. Is the Mi 10T Lite a better purchase than the POCO X3? The two have a lot in common. They are the same size. Have a similar screen and cameras record photos with the same quality, however, POCO delivers greater autonomy.. On the other hand, it has no 5G connection.

What’s more important to you. Another option of the brand is with 5G is the Mi 10 Lite. This one has simpler design screen of only 60 Hz and inferior performance.. Your battery lasts a little longer. However, it takes longer to recharge, which ends up leveling things. Out. An attractive feature would be the AMOLED screen.. The Moto G 5G would be the best alternative to the Mi 10T Lite. For those looking for a national intermediary. Motorola’s is a little more agile. Its battery lasts much longer in its cameras are better.. The minus points are for the 60 Hz screen and the charging time is long.. The Mi 10T Lite is a phone with ups and downs.. It has a good LCD screen of 120 Hz, powerful stereo sound battery recharges very fast, and your cameras record good photos during the day.. It is a nice 5G intermediary, but there are more interesting options on the market.. It is the type of device that does not stand out in anything, but also does not disappoint at some point.. We expected more from their cameras, but most intermediaries still suffer in places with poor light.. It only remains to be seen whether Xiaomi will pay attention to software, as the company ends up ignoring many devices launched by it, either way. As always, we help you find the best deals both for the Mi 10T Lite and for the rest of the cell phones mentioned in this analysis.. Just click on the links below.

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