The number of smartphones being released in a year can be overwhelming, sometimes sure they’re great. You get superb cameras, improved hardware and higher specs overall, but you don’t really need the most updated and latest flagship smartphone for a reliable daily driver, especially when you’re on a budget flagship. Smartphones are built to last you years so buying one that was released. Two or three years ago is one of the most practical choices you can make so continue watching to find out our top picks of old flagship smartphones that are still worth buying in 2021, Music, if you’re on a budget and you’re eyeing on an iphone, then, instead Of going for the iphone se 2020, we suggest that you check out the iphone 10r that was released in 2018.. It may not have 5g connectivity like the newer apple smartphones, but it’s got all the basics, including a 6.1 inch. Liquid retina display good set of cameras. Ip67, water resistance, dual sim and the a12 bionic chip that got a whopping anti 2 benchmark score of 425 000, which isn’t really that far from iphone 11’s, 459 690 score from 50 990 pesos resellers are now selling brand new iphone 10rs at around 34 000. For the 128 gigabytes and about 27 600 for the 64 gigabytes next up is the samsung galaxy note. 9.. This 2018 version is still highly capable in 2021, with its large and vibrant 6.34 inch. Super amoled display ip68 dust and water resistance, 4 000 milliamp hour battery.

With fast charge, wireless charging support dual sim with expandable storage, up to 512 gigabytes s, pen capabilities and guys. This one still has a headphone jack as for performance, it’s, exynos, 9810, processor and six or eight gigabytes of ram. Surely won’t? Let you down especially with its heat pipe cooling system, from an srp of 55 990 pesos, it’s, 6 gigabytes plus 512 gigabytes variant is now available for 29, 690 pesos or even less. Through other resellers. We found one on lazada and we’ll, put the link in the description box. Another samsung flagship that we recommend is the galaxy s10 plus. This one is definitely not outdated. With its impressive performance, stunning 6.3 inch dynamic, amoled display up to spec camera system in display fingerprint scanner, ip68 water and dust resistance, and it has a one. Terabyte storage option hardware wise: it packs a samsung exynos 9820 chip, that’s paired with the mali, g76, mp12 gpu and 8 or 12 gigabytes of ram, which is still more than enough for your gaming and long hours of multitasking. Now, from 55 990 pesos, it’s, 8 gigabytes plus 128 gigabytes variant is now sold at around 35 500 pesos. Now let’s talk about huawei. We would recommend late 2019 or 2020 huawei flagships, but wouldn’t you prefer the one with google mobile services out of the box. For that consider the huawei p30 pro together with its top tier cameras, that’s backed by leica it’s equipped with a 6.

47 inch full hd plus oled, display a highly capable kirin, 980 chipset, 8 gigabytes of ram 128 or 256 gigabytes of internal storage. A 4 200 milliamp r battery with 40 watts, huawei supercharge and emui 9.1 that’s, based on android 9 pi. This is still a hero phone to date. It has a suggested retail price of 50 990 pesos, but now you can catch it for 32, 809 pesos at huawei’s official lazada store next on our list is the asus rog phone 2 that’s still designed for 2021 gamers when it was released back in 2019. We thought it was quite pricey, but you do get what you pay for now. At 34 995 pesos it’s, one of the best phones you can get in this list. You get that 120 hertz 6.59 inch. Full hd plus amoled display a massive 6000mah battery with 30 watts, rog hyper charge technology, a qualcomm, snapdragon, 855 plus cpu 8 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage, it’s available at all, wilman stores, nationwide for 34, 995 pesos. And finally, if you’re on a tighter budget, then consider the oneplus 8 that’s now available for 27 990 pesos at and digital walker stores. This one may not have an ip rating or mind blowing camera quality, but you still get the premium features, including a 90 hertz amoled display solid performance, great battery life, fast charging and one of the best android launchers in the market, not to mention it has 5g Connectivity too, and there you have it guys.

We hope that you found our list helpful and rest assured that these devices can live up to your expectations, which of these smartphones. Are you planning to get share it with us in the comments below and if you enjoyed this video, be sure to drop a like subscribe to our channel for more content hit that bell icon, so you don’t miss any future uploads and be sure to visit yugatech.