I want to show you this video, a quick review for the samsung galaxy a32 5g. So this is samsung’s cheapest, 5g smartphone, but it have a solid chipset by the way and you will have a look now. Yeah let’s have a look first on the design, so at the front we have a glass, of course, and at the back we have the plastic cover, but the glossy one – and it looks like a very nice quality and also the design with the cameras here – looks Very nice um by the way you can have the phone in three colors, so i feel awesome blue. You can have it as well an awesome black, awesome, white and awesome violet, so these colors would affect just the back and a bit the sides, but the font will be always black, and here we have a disadvantage because um, the frame, as you can see, is Very big for phones – and that means that the phone is also very big in the hands. So we have just a 6.5 inches display here, but it seems like because the frame is so big here that we have um a 6.7 inches display, and that makes it very large in the hand and the 205 grams are also not too less. But it is still okay, so let’s have a look here on the side, so we have here uh the power button um, which one have the fingerprint sensor embedded as well.

The volume keys put one down warm up, and then we have here the usb type c important if you need a second cable to charge the phone and we have an audio jack, which one is also not so common anymore. Okay, let’s have a look here on the back, because we have a quad cam. Here we have a 48 mp main cam. We have a 8 mp ultra wide cam. We have a five megapixels macro cam here and we have a two megapixels depth cam and supported with an led flash by the way you can shoot with this um cam with the 48 mps here also 4k videos. Okay, let me show you about the differences between the cameras, so this is the main cam by the way um and the 48 megapixels, i think, is nice. Now you use just 12 amp piece um. If you want to change it later, you just go here. Then you can go to the higher resolution with 40 with a full 48 mps, but i would recommend to you to work just with this 12mps, because the pictures become more smooth and dynamic and so on. So this is the main cam, but you can have also the hydra white camera if you’re close to objects or like in group or something like this, you like a group, then you can go here to the ultrawide cam and then you can see you have much More range, but, of course, the quality is less because we have just 13 amps if you want to go back, just go to the two tweeze and you’re back at the main cam, which one have the higher quality.

Okay and if you are very close to objects here like me now, because the camera cannot focus anymore, you can activate the macrocam, which one have five mps, then just go even more on macro, and then we have more clear pictures here with the macro cam. As you can see, okay now let’s have a look here uh on the pictures, so i took one here on the day: uh i’ve compared these pictures with the huawei p40 pro, because then you can see what is possible it’s one of the best cams on the Market and you see the differences already, the camera is okay for the a32, but not so great um. The colors are not so powerful and so on and let’s have a look now on the night pictures – and here you see a big difference um. So the pictures are not so bright and so on and on the front. We have also, of course, a camera for the selfies 13 mp cam, which one supports full hd videos, and this camera notch is embedded in the 6.5 inches tft display, which one have a refreshing hurt, refreshing rate of 60 hertz, and the resolution is here in h D and at the back, we have a non removable: 5 000 milliamp battery, which one supports fast charging with 15, but it’s, not that much anymore, but better than nothing. And then the phone have an energy saving octa core cpu of media attack, the density, 725 g and the speed seems not to be so much.

But at the end the performance is good. We have two times: 2.0 gigahertz and 6 times 2.0 gigahertz um as well, and the operating system is android 11. So the newest android, and also samsung’s ui 3.0 attention with the storage, because we have two versions there: with 64 gigabytes and 128 gigabytes and what’s a bit uh crazy. Is we have three versions of the 128 gigabytes? We have one with five gigabytes of one one with six and one with eight, so it affects the performance if you’re doing many stuff at the same time. So you should have a look. I have here by the way, the 64 gigabytes with three gigabyte of one. The phone allows you to inside one sim card and if you want you can extend also the memory with a micro sd card next to or if you have to do sim card. You are able also to insert two sim cards, but then you have to remove the micro sd card. If you have the single sub version on to do some version, just ask your local dealer yeah. The a32 5g supports, of course, 5g supports, of course, 4g and 3g, if it’s still available in your country, a wi fi, gps, bluetooth and nfc for contactless payments. Okay, let’s have a look. What comes with that phone, of course, the phone itself, then we have the power charging adapter, which one supports fast charging i’ve told you already. We have a usb type c tag: cable.

We have a quick start guide, which one is very quick by the way that but that’s, usually that smartphones. We have a warranty card and we have here the sim ejection tool to open um the sim slot uh yeah what’s, not included it’s um. You have no headset included, we have no film for the protection here of the display and we have no case included, like other manufacturers are doing but basic stuff we have, you can have this uh actually for 260 euro or 320 pounds. So if you want, but i would recommend to you to wait uh, two or three months, because the prices at samsung are always going down very soon. Yeah and the phone have also some nice features uh, like uh the site by on on the site. If you swipe it in, you, have your favorite apps and you can edit it this year as well, so a nice tool to have quick access to your favorite apps um. You have a screen recorder here to record your actions to make a video here of the screen just scroll down here, scroll down a second time. Then you have here the screen recorder and then you can set up the sound source here. If you just want to have the media of the of the game, maybe or the media sound and the microphone sound, and then you, if you go and start you have a countdown here and then you can record your actions and if you want, you can also Draw something here inside and you you can stop your video, the same thing you can do also with uh screenshots.

So if you just want to make a picture of the screen by just doing by just pressing the power button and the run down button at the same time – and you will have a picture of the screen and you can crop it off them, if you just Want to have a part of this of the screen like the picture from a website or something like this. Everything is possible and what is also very nice. We have something for the eyes um, a blue light filter that is protecting the eyes and helps also um to fall asleep better if you’re, enabling it just scroll down here, scroll down a second time and on the second page, by the way we have also some Icons here some some some apps like the eye comfort shield here and that would enable the blue light filter and, as you can see, the color have changed already here at the display and uh yeah. If you want, you can set it up also. That is just that is just enabled at night that it goes automatically. You can do that uh, but i would recommend to you to have this feature also on the day, because it reduces the eye, strain huh, so think about your eyes yeah. Then we will have here also a one handed mode because, as you know, the phone is very big, as i have told you um, and i cannot reach everything with my large hands.

Normally, no, i cannot reach everything, but if i swipe down the home button, then i have now access to the full phone here on the mini screen and yeah there’s also possible to have, but you have to enable this feature first um, so i will show you In the tips and tricks video by the way, as well, if you’re buying this phone and also one more thing, what is also very nice here is you: can clone also apps uh? Maybe you can have two whatsapp accounts? Maybe if you have inserted two sim cards you can have for each number and own whatsapp account you can have two facebook accounts, uh and so on on one phone yeah. Thank you so so much for watching this little review here. I hope i could give you a nice overview and help you a bit with your decision to buy it or not, and at the end i can tell you um that you will have a nice phone for that price. But if you want to have a 5g smartphone, if it’s the reason why you’re buying this phone that you want to have this 5g smartphone, i can really tell you to invest a bit more money, because then the chipsets should be better with a faster cpu, and So on um to use 5g really, but if you want to have a solid phone, then i can recommend this for this price, because the price balance is nice for samsung phones, okay, yeah.

I hope i could help you with this video at the end and yeah. If you want, you can leave me a nice comment or give me something. That would be very helpful for my videos. Thank you so so much for and you have created also some other videos. If you’re interested in, as i said, i will create uh tips and tricks, videos and so on for that one, if you’re buying this one, i really recommend you this video and i’ve yeah. You can subscribe me here as well to don’t miss the video.