There are plenty of budget friendly options, including this fresh new effort from samsung right here. The galaxy a32 5g just 250 quid here in the uk bags you a fully fledged one ui device with a quad lens rear camera, but is it a worthy rival to the likes of xiaomi’s me 10 t like the oppo, reno, 4z, etc, etc? Well, gon na do a full unboxing and tour of the galaxy a32 5g, including testing out the gaming performance, the camera tech, all of that good stuff and for more on the latest greatest tech. Please do plug subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers oh the glue. They use on these stickers is just the worst like actually shredding the box here. So what you’re getting here is one smartphone, of course, quick, start guide. Usb type c cable still get an adapter, thankfully, with uh hilarious, pop up action and a porcupine device to get your sim in there and suddenly that’s. It no condom case bundled in there to help protect your ear. 32. 5G. So you have to spunk up a little bit of extra cash for cover if that’s, what you want. Anywho that’s the box now let’s actually check out the phone itself and first impressions are, i actually quite like samsung’s design here on the galaxy a32 5g. It is just a plastic backing, so nothing particularly special or sexy, but it’s got an almost sort of glass vibe to it.

With that glossy finish. This here is the blue model, but you can also grab the ear 32 in violet, black or white as well or actually rather it’s. A awesome, blue awesome, violet, awesome, black or awesome white. Is it awesome? Well, it’s definitely nice, but i guess that nice, blue doesn’t have quite a sexy ring to it and also while a lot of smartphones. These days have a separate sort of camera array to house all the lenses here. The lenses just actually poked straight out of that back end uh, so it certainly gives the a32 quite a distinctive look. Thankfully, the lenses don’t poke too far out of the surface, so you shouldn’t have any problem using the a32 just lying flat on the desk other than that it’s fairly business. As usual, you’ve got your type c, usb port down below a headphone jack great, to see quite common on budget friendly smartphones. Of course, uh you’ve got an edge mounted fingerprint sensor right there with the built in power button and symmetry and everything around the other side. So let’s see if we’ve got any gas in the tank, can we get the a32 5g all set up and when you come to stick your sim inside of the a32 5g you’ll see you’ve got uh two sim slots in there, although the second one does also Double up as a micro sd memory card slot, i like that the symmetry is actually blue as well, just like the rest of the phone that’s, a nice geeky little detail and it’s also worth pointing out that there’s no water or dust resistance here on the galaxy A32.

5G. Sadly, you’ll have to bump up your budget a bit if you’re on proper ip rate and dust and water resistance, though apparently leaks, have it that the new galaxy a52, when that launches, will have an ip rating. So the galaxy a32 5g all set up and ready to rock and the good news is that it’s, actually the latest version of android android 11 plus a nice bit of one ui version 3.1 as well, so you’re, all fresh and up to date, just like you Would be if you grab the s21 flagships, anyone who’s had a samsung phone before will know how one ui works. It adds quite a lot of bonus features in on top of android, so for one you’ve got much greater customization than you would with just with a stock android smartphone uh, including, like some custom themes that you can set up and just to completely change the look And the feel of your desktops you’ve got lots of gesture control thrown in there, including the very, very useful one handed mode, which is great if you’ve got tiny little stubby, fingers and thumbs like i do, all you need to do is just swipe down the bottom Edge of the display like so as you can see, everything gets miniaturized, which just makes it so much easier to use. Apps one handed hello, you’re gon na open up there we go and you still get some of samsung’s excellent knox.

Security features slapped here on the galaxy a32 5g as well just to help keep your private super private. Unfortunately, as with those s21 flagship smartphones, you also get a buttload of duplication here on the a32 5g as well, including two web browsers. You’Ve got samsung pay on top of google pay. You got the likes of smart things for controlling all of your smart home goodies as well and it’s. Absolutely fine, if you know you’re fully on board with the samsung e core system, but if you use the android alternatives and it’s just extra clutter. All of the other features you would hope and expect to find on a smartphone around the 250 pound price point are present and correct likes of nfc for your contactless payments and all that good stuff. As for the storage, well, samsung’s been a little bit stingy on that phone because you only get 64 gigs here in this uk model. There’S no option to upgrade that at all on the samsung website, but at least you do have that microsd memory card support. If you only have a single sim slapped inside of the galaxy a32 5g, so you can slap in a memory card of up to one terabyte in size, that’s, giving you plenty of expandability, something that you don’t even get on those billy big bollocks, s21 flagship phones. Now i already briefly mentioned the fact that you get those knock security features here on the a32 5g.

You also get an edge mounted fingerprint sensor for actually unlocking your device, which is always great to see. Touchwood so far, seems reasonably responsive uh. Here on the a32, you don’t actually need to push in the power button or anything literally just gently tap your finger against the sensor and, as you can see, you’re straight in and another alternative unlocking option here on the year 32. Is that the fierce unlock as well just using that selfie cam, which, as you can see, is nice and swift as well as long as the light is right? That seems to do the job nicely. It’S actually kind of almost nostalgic to see a nipple notch in 2021, obviously more smartphones, they have a little cutout orifice thing for their selfie cams, instead on the intros ever so slightly on that 6.5 inch pls display, which, as you can see, is surrounded by fairly Thick bezels, especially down below here, so this is similar to ips technology, so you can expect sort of slightly poppy colors, nothing too eye, gougingly, vibrant or vivid, like you would get from an oled display. The top brightness levels aren’t exactly eye searing either, hopefully should be all right for a fairly sunny day. Viewing angles again, fine, if not great, but my main beef with the samsung galaxy a32s display, is the fact that it’s a 720p hd panel, not full hd. So you don’t get the finer detail levels when you’re, you know browsing your photo collection or just enjoying their netflix or whatever, although at least you do get a widevine l1 support, so that does mean you can stream hd quality content on the likes of netflix, but Considering that a lot of budget rivals, even those that are 50 to 100 pounds cheaper, now come with full hd visuals it’s, a real shame that samsung has stuck with 720p and sadly there’s no 90 hertz refresh rate option here on the ear32, either again a fairly Common feature on budget smartphones now, on the audio front, it’s a single bottom mounted speaker here on the year 32 on top volume, though reasonable clarity and a good bit of wall up to it as well, so let’s just bump that volume that you can get yourself In early 2021, but of course, i’m expecting an absolute flood of new budget handsets to hit the market very very shortly so yeah, absolutely fine, i’ll, put certainly on those top volume levels, be absolutely fine for enjoying again but youtube bit, netflix whatever.

Of course, if you are going to be listening to some music you’ll want to slap a headphone, a headphone, some headphones into uh, the bottom of the ear32 there. Otherwise you’ve got bluetooth 5 support as well. If you want to go wireless – and you do have dolby atmos support on here on the e32 as well, if you’ve got some supported kit connected now, let’s move on to the performance that’s, one area where certainly the galaxy a32 does not seem to struggle because you’ve Got mediatek’s dimensionally 720 chipset on here, which was launched last year and it’s definitely well up to the task of whatever you thought it. As long as your apps don’t crash samsung again hasn’t been super generous on the memory front. You’Ve got just four gigs around that crams into this thing, but, as you can see, the geekbench score is very respectable, both on the single core and the multi core, and so far after a few hours of play. Haven’T noticed much in the way of you know, judders or anything like that, just a couple of random cases where an app is closed down it, who does not seem to struggle because you’ve got media tech and, of course, you’ve got that samsung game launcher feature as Well, which just basically acts as a hub to access all of your games and gives you a few extra bonus features thrown in a bit of notification block and all that good stuff.

So to test out the gaming chops of the galaxy a32, i thought i would embarrass myself with a bit of call of duty mobile which, as you can see, there tops off at medium graphic quality and high frame rate and certainly bugger all complaints. For me, as far as the gaming experience here on the galaxy ear32 gauss, i didn’t see a single judder. It was a nice smooth performance, the entire time i was game and the screen responsiveness is perfect for this kind of frantic run and gun gameplay and either the school kids are taking a break today. Otherwise they just really can’t be buggered anymore, because i was absolutely mourn down everything in my path. It was glorious as for yonder battery, well it’s, a 5 000 milliamp cell. That is stuffed inside of the galaxy a32 uh. So this should hopefully keep you going all day. Long, no worries, even with plenty of gaming media streaming camera play all that good stuff. You got these little power, saving modes and everything as well and it’s. Only 15 watt charging, but i guess fairly, sort of standard for this sort of price point and, as always, let’s finish up this unboxing and filter of the galaxy a32 5g with the squint at that camera tech and we get slapped on the back end. Here is a quad lens setup and that’s, headed up here by a 48 megapixel primary sensor and certainly from a quick play that seems to be the standard sort of camera.

Ui experience you get from the more mid range to flagship style, galaxy devices. So, for instance, you get samsung’s uh ai smarts on here the scene optimizer, which just helps to pick out what you’re trying to take a picture of it can throw up handy suggestions like oh, you might want to use the night mode. If you know the lights. A bit low, i’ve done a quick bit of testing with the galaxy a32’s camera and so far seems to be absolutely fine for everyday snaps. As long as the lighting isn’t too tricky, you get quite natural, looking colors and respectable levels of detail too, and at any point, if you fancy more pulled back view of the action, while you can swap to that eight megapixel ultra wide angle lens. That seems to come up a little bit less well with uh trickier, lighter conditions, but certainly offers up. A very different viewpoint should be quite good for those dramatic action. Shots you’ve also got a two megapixel depth sensor slaps on the back of the galaxy a32. For your portrait, shots i’m, not sure why it’s portrait here and not live focus as something delights in calling it. This adds a nice bokeh style effect in the background really helps your subject to stand out, and you can also change the intensity of that either before or after you’ve taken the shot. And while you don’t get quite as many bonus modes here on the galaxy e32.

As you do that likes the s21, obviously you do get a few extra little bits thrown in there, including a food mode of course obligatory if you’re on instagram or whatever you’ve got the pro mode as well. So you can dive on in there piss about with the iso levels. The white balance the brightness. The final lens on the back end of the galaxy a32 is a five megapixel macro lens uh and regular viewers will know my thoughts on macro lenses in general. Um see yeah and then, as mentioned before, you’ve got that night mode. For when the lights are a bit low, a bit more ambient uh, you can still get a nice little bright, fairly, balanced shot and, of course, samsung usually does pretty well on the video front. As well, if you dive into the video mode, as you can see there, you can shoot at full hd at 30 frames per second. Otherwise you can bump it up to ultra hd at 30, fps and last up. You also have an 8 megapixel selfie snapper up front in a year old, nipple, a notch, and this should be absolutely fine again for your everyday instagram shenanigans and all that good stuff seems to do a reasonable job, even in quite bright conditions, and you can have That pulled out view, which makes obviously a massive, dramatic difference and let’s just completely ignore slash, delete the one that i just took right there and switch to one that i did blue peter style earlier, it’s, quite a bright sunny day outside.

I do look a little bit sort of smooth a little bit too clean. Some of those wrinkles have been ironed over. Even though i’ve got the beauty mode active. You do have a portrait mode that you can get on the go as well, which produces really nice bucket style blur and again. And if you fancy yourself as a bit of a vlogger, you can shoot full hd, 30 fps video with that front facing shooter too, and there you have it that’s my full unboxing and tour of samsung’s galaxy a32 5g, which you can grab from samsung uk right Now, for 250 quid – and at the time i shot this video, i actually got a free pair of samsung galaxy buds, uh, bundled in there with this bad boy as well, i got ta say i was surprised to see the specs were so similar to the galaxy A12, which is an even more budget friendly, samsung phone that was just launched 160 quid here in the uk, i’ve done a full unboxing of that as well. We should be going live tomorrow with any luck. The main difference between those two handsets being the fact you’ve got that dimensionally 720 packed here in the air 32, which smooths over the rough performance of the a12 definitely well worth the upgrade. Just for that, and of course, you’ve got that 5g future proofing too yeah. It’S great to see the latest freshest android and one ui launcher slapped on here as well.

The overall user experience is absolutely fine, i’m, quite enjoying using the camera and stuff as well. So it certainly seems to be a respectable uh smartphone for around that 250 quid it’s, just a shame that it’s a 720p display and there’s a couple of other areas like the memory and the storage where samsung hasn’t exactly been super generous, but anyway that’s my thoughts. If you want to check out my roundup of the best budget, 5g smartphone, you can buy right now in 2021. That is live to go check that out, i’ve also reviewed. Basically, all of the budget smartphones. I could get my hands on around the 200 to 200 pound price point, so go check those out too, and let me know what you think of this bad boy down in the comments below be great, to hear your own thoughts. Please do poke subscribe ding that notifications bell all that youtube shenanigans and now i need to go, have a lie down thanks very much.