So, instead of just unboxing the video and talking and telling you what the brand wants us to tell you, i thought let’s start off with a full review. So we’ve been using the phone for a week and in this video let’s see how pro the narso 30 pro is. So hey guys ash here from c4 retech rate comment subscribe. You know what to do. Let’S get to the full review. Of course, i said this is not an unboxing but hey for those curious here’s. What we get in the box Music. Now that that’s done with let’s start with some of the pros of the narzo30 pro stupid punch apart, the refresh rate it’s 120 hertz and the touch sampling is 180., so everything feels pretty fluid and responsive with this phone. We love the time we spent with this display. This here is a six and a half inch full hd plus panel, and given the price point and the fact that it’s 120 hertz, of course, it’s not amoled. Now a lot of people would take a 90 hertz amoled over a 120 hertz ips lcd, and this is something xiaomi found out the hard way. Actually, they did post a poll, xiaomi poco, whatever one of the xiaomi brands, they posted a poll about what people would prefer so that they can go on stage and say hey. We asked you guys the users and you said you wanted a faster refresh me fans.

So this is for you, but no the poll did not go the way they wanted it to so they ended up deleting it, but the moral of the story here – i’m – not saying this just so that i can make fun of xiaomi. I like making fun of xiaomi but that’s that’s. Not besides the point here. The the moral of the story is that majority of people seem to prefer amoled, even if it’s only 90 hertz compared to one. You know a 120 hertz ips lcd. That said, this panel still got good colors for an lcd. The contrast is great, and so are the viewing angles. Well me, and a lot of you would have preferred to see amoled, even if at a lower refresh. Given the price point, the this quality 120 hertz ips lcd – i can’t really call that a con enough. Can i okay i’ve drawn on and on and on about the display, but it were basically worth it if the chip inside fails to deliver and i’m happy to say that that is not the case here. Realme has gone with the mediatek diamond city 800u, which is quite excellent for the budget. I mean i’ve had my differences with mediatek, because i refused to say what they wanted me to say: uh, but still that doesn’t mean i’m going to take a shot at this, because the 800u is actually an excellent ship. Mediatek chips, these days they have been punching way above their weight class unless you take into account that p35 on that 31 000 rupee phone – if you know the one i’m talking about leave a comment down below and i’m pretty sure some youtubers have already called it.

Amazing but i’m not really gon na go there. That is another video, very interesting video. So no spoilers on that today we are talking about the narzo 30 pro and the diamond city 800u, with day to day use. This combination proved to be very smooth and responsive. Now we didn’t come across any lag or delays, even while gaming, the performance was quite good, the phone did get a little warm, not hot, just warm by the way. One thing worth noting is high: settings are actually grayed out with call of duty mobile uh, but with normal the gameplay experience was quite enjoyable from a performance perspective. We could and probably still can this can say the same things about the narso 20 pro right. So how does this actually stack up compared to that helio g95 chip on the 20 pro roughly, you can say, it’s about 20 percent, better at least that’s. What we get to see with benchmarks, with practical use, it’s good enough to power that 120 hertz panel and that’s pretty much what we can ask for in this segment right: okay, great performance, good display next is battery life there’s a 5 000 milliamp hour battery here And hey real me still include a charger in the box, so that’s a huge positive these days, it’s, not just any charger it’s, actually, a 30 watt fast charger, uh, so 0 100 in about an hour zero to 50 in about 25 minutes uh, and now also Note that, apart from this proprietary dark charge, the narso also supports 15 watt uh usb pd.

So if you don’t actually carry your proprietary charger out with yourself, you’re still not going to be having to deal with trickle charging for a 5000 mah battery. That would be stupid, so hey uh with battery life as well, just like with its predecessor. This narso also continues to impress even with heavy use. We were able to get the 30 pro to last through a full day on a single charge, so that’s pretty nice. Now, given that there is a 5 000 milliamp hour battery on the inside, real me still managed to keep the weight under 200 grams generally, when the battery capacity increases one of the trade offs is going to be weight, it keeps getting heavier and heavier, but now This is under 200 grams, but that is a pro as well as a con it’s a pro because hey they’ve managed the weight, but the corners that they’ve had to use plastic. To achieve this plastic, of course means you know. The in hand feel goes away, uh and plastic also tends to pick up scratches faster and talking about scratches real means not mentioned anything about protection for the display. So these do take away from the build. The device, though, has expandable storage but it’s it’s a hybrid slot, the 30a. It has a triple card slot. Even the 20 pro had a triple card slot. So now this has gotten too pro uh for itself. I guess i would have loved to see a triple card slot anyway, now, before we jump to optics let’s quickly, take a look at the rest of the stuff, the sun trees.

Now because this is an lcd panel, they can’t go for an under display, fingerprint scanner. Technically, yes, they could does. There was some kind of teasers we saw about lcd panels getting under display fingerprint scanners, but commercially to the actual consumer. It’S still not happened, so real news had to go with a fingerprint scanner under the power key. The placement feels natural and in our time with it, it came across as very responsive and accurate. I don’t think we ever needed to scan a scan twice to get in there’s also face unlock, which works about as well as expected to the top there’s a headphone jack, the output, via which is well like pretty much every other phone in this segment. Nothing special, but hey these days. The presence of a headphone jack itself is something special right, so points to reel me for that uh there is for whatever it’s worth a built in equalizer it’s little software touches like these. That i appreciate other software features here include. Well, smooth scrolling, osi visual effect game space, smart sidebar. They make a return. This mediatek chip pairs pretty well with the software uh and i’m just running on and on about software i’m. Just talking about stuff, we already know because this phone’s launched with real me ui 1.0 on top of android 10, not the latest 2.0. So there’s not really a lot new for me to talk about, which is why i have been giving you this run about here, but jokes apart.

The performance is good, uh, no doubt about it, but i i really think that real me at this point should have launched this phone with real me ui 2.0. They do still state that an upgrade an update is on the way but uh. It would be better if brands actually launch uh. I mean launch something with the software. They want to launch it with, instead of promise updates, because that would uh. Let us actually review the phone with the software that you’re expecting to use it on, because let’s say a month from now a few weeks from now they come out with real me, ui 2.0, not a lot of uh. I mean most people don’t even review the phone. They just do unboxings, uh and repeat whatever’s in the so called reviewer’s guide and whatever the brands want to tell you, but even those few people who end up reviewing it. We review it at the start, which means the updated version. Generally, we don’t cover it and if there are any bugs, we can’t really tell you guys about it. So hey it’s not a big deal, but i would have preferred to see this come out with real me, ui 2.0. And if you want to know what all features realme ui 2.0 brings with it here’s the card to my dedicated video on it and now, with all that said and done, let’s move on to cameras with selfies there’s, a 16 megapixel snapper the picture shot.

They turned out crisp with apple detail. The portraits too, they turned out fair, subject: isolation, edge deduction on point for the most part. At times the colors do tend to appear a little washed out now the rear cameras nazi 20 pro had a quad camera set up. The 30 pro only has three. Is that a downgrade? No, i mean crimea river here uh. The sensor that’s cut is the depth sensor. Now, despite that being cut, the portrait chart still came out good again. Subject: isolation edge deduction not really a lot of difference, so i don’t care if they’ve cut it out, the primary sensor is 48 megapixels paired with the f 1.8 lens and colors were natural for the most part. At times it was a little cool but hey. It was an outlier more than uh. The regular. Whatever we got dynamic range was good too. The secondary 8 megapixel ultra wide. Of course it takes and it takes a hit on detail as expected, but realme has done a good job in keeping the colors similar to the primary the 2 megapixel macro sensor. Is there that’s? All i get to say about macro sensors don’t get me started on sensor, counts, anyways, the videos it can shoot up to 4k 30. uh there’s a fair bit of bit of focus, hunting here and, of course, there’s. No stability, so 4k 30. Is this isn’t footage? I’D call very usable, but when you drop down to 1080p, the situation improves stable footage, no focus hunting, so the optics here i’d say it’s, pretty powerful the course so guys the change in setup and everything is because i don’t wan na, actually shoot this video and Tell you guys, i don’t know what the official price is, so i waited uh waited till the price dropped to shoot this part of the video.

So now we know the official pricing is 17 000 rupees that’s what it starts at that’s, 2000, rupees more than what the national 20 pro came in at and the natural 20 pro came just in september. So it’s it’s been what around uh four or five months here and they’ve cranked up the base variant by two thousand rupees and for this two thousand rupees. What do we get? A twenty percent – better processor, 30 hertz extra refresh we’ve got slower charging uh no dedicated micro sd. So those are things we’ve lost out on we’ve lost out on a depth sensor, but nobody gives up about that uh and a marginally higher capacity battery. So if you look at it just as an upgrade, is it a decent upgrade, as in just from a specs perspective? These days, with the way mid ranges, get refreshed, hey, it’s, pretty decent uh, no arguments there and it’s, not a bad phone at all, but has real me done enough to warrant a generational hike of 2000 rupees uh, i can’t honestly say yes here. Is it a good phone again it’s, not a bad phone at all, but it’s effectively the same optics, uh marginally improved performance that kind of gets offset by the inclusion increase in refresh rate uh and the battery capacity has grown, but the charging has gone down so It’S it’s an it’s, a decent upgrade, but it most definitely i don’t feel it warrants an increase in price, because every year, or rather every generation technology changes, technology, evolves, uh and we get better performance for the same price.

And that is how certain lines of phones work, but over here uh, if they’ve offered something that they haven’t at all, then maybe we could justify the 2000 rupee price hack, but over here uh i feel this phone would have been a lot more competitive. If it came in at 15, 000 rupees uh, so at least that’s what i feel about it, i feel it’s a once again sorry to uh go around in circles. I feel this is a good phone. That’S been priced a little higher than it should be. So should you buy it if you want to buy it, the answer is yes, you could still buy it, but know that you’re not getting as good a deal as you got with an arzo 20 pro. It is not uh extremely good value, it’s, okayish, good value. So that’s what i’d say about i mean and again again i say: it’s. Okay is good value because we have to take into account that there are brands who are selling helio p35s for 14, 000 rupees 30 and 14 000 rupees. So you can’t really trip about this much so anyways guys. So those are my thoughts on the nazi 30 pro. What do you guys think uh, like this video hate, this video, you have any constructive criticism to offer. You feel uh, i mean that’s with the video with the phone. You feel uh really should have done something differently. They should have been more competitive with the pricing, whatever you think.

Let me know in the comments below uh and with that we are at the end of this video and uh thanks a lot for your time, thanks a lot for watching until next time. My name is ash. You’Ve been watching c4 retech and i’m signing off.