Giant screen more advanced hardware than others in the segment battery for two days and complete set of cameras are the promises of Infinix with the Note 8, a device that has an intermediate size, but it costs less than a lot of basic Cell phone. Is this real or is it a Chinese brand prank That’s? What TudoCelular will reveal in this full review.? The fight between dozens of Chinese manufacturers is increasingly fierce and Infinix arrives, offering a tempting device for less than R 1000 in partnership with Aliexpress for Brazilians who love to import cell phones.. The Note 8 arrives already drawing attention for the design it has all body in plastic, but after it has metallic painting with prismatic design and vivid color.. It is simple, but elegant.. Cheap cell phones usually bring a beaten, look and do not conquer by appearance. This does not mean that the Infinix Note 8 is just an elegant housing that hides a weak or outdated set. It has four cameras at the rear and two at the front.. The digital reader is integrated with the power button on the right hand, side and responds faster than the very basic sensor. It is a large device due to its almost 7 inch screen, but the company is not economized and we have Gorilla Glass. Protection., The frame has few edges on the sides and top, but there is still a protruding chin. You ca, n’t complain as this is common in this segment.

. The important thing is to see that there were no cuts in connections and there is Wi Fi, 5 GHz and P2 input.. The Note 8 has an LCD panel with reasonable brightness, which serves to have a good experience indoors, but makes visibility difficult on sunny days.. The contrast level is lower than some of the competition’s basics, and this complicates the black tone.. Furthermore, the uniformity of the brightness is not the best. Another point that may disappoint. Some is the HD only resolution.. There are several in this price with similar resolution, but as we have a giant screen here, the low pixel density compromises, the sharpness of the images.. The screen displays saturated colors by default and it is not possible to change the native calibration.. The surprising part is seeing stereo sound on a device in this price range, even intermediaries that cost twice as much bring mono sound, but don’t expect a lot of sound quality in Note 8, the sound has a metallic aspect and easily distorts when it’s at its maximum, Especially with content with a great focus on the highs like videos on YouTube. In songs or videos with bass appeal, we noticed that the speakers present a notable variation in volume, making it clear that the small speakers suffer to deliver all the sound power.. We recommend investing in headphones for a better experience as Infinix does not ship one in the box.. The Note 8 comes equipped with MediaTek’s Helio G80 chip, the same found in Xiaomi’s Redmi 9.

What is impressive is seeing a device costing a little and bringing 6 GB of RAM combined with the G80 makes. The Note 8 present great performance in multitasking. In our speed test. He outperformed not only the Redmi 9, but all rivals in the same price, range. In benchmarks. We have high numbers going beyond others with hardware from Qualcomm and Samsung in the range of R 1000. In AnTuTu we reached almost 200 thousand points. The same level obtained with the rival of Xiaomi., The Mali G52 is not a very powerful GPU, but as here we have a screen with only HD resolution, the Note 8 doesn’t suffer to run more demanding games. Of course, don’t expect 30 FPS on PUBG or 60 FPS on Call of Duty any time whole. In situations with many players. It will be common to see some declines in performance. Other than that. The Chinese intermediary runs any game without suffering., Combined with great performance. We have a battery that lasts all day with ease.. Do not wait for 2 days charge as Infinix promises, but you will hardly have to charge another charge on the same day with the Note 8., The 18 watt charger makes the device from 0 to 100. In just over two hours., It may seem like a lot, but it is still common to see cheap cell phones around three o’clock. Accelerated charging does not do any magic and with 15 minutes in the socket, we have only 16 that reach 31 in half an hour.

. The big problem for many Chinese manufacturers is support for Android updates. Note 8 comes with Android 10 and XOS interface, but the worst part is in the security package of October 2020 is almost six months without updates.. In addition, there are many factory installed applications. Portuguese translation errors and functions with strange names such as the battery part, which is called an energy marathon.. The animations are a little slow, but do not compromise the experience as seen in our multitasking test.. These same problems were found in Zero 8. Another Chinese brand device that we tested here and we can also expect others from the company to follow the same line. Speaking of Zero 8. This is where we see the biggest difference for the Note 8 cameras. The model we tested previously managed to get good photos during the day and in dark places. This already has much more limited, photographic, performance. Sure it’s, a cheaper device, but don’t be fooled by the 64 MP camera.. The Note 8 has four cameras in total or better. Three, the fourth is just a sensor aimed at Artificial Intelligence that promises to analyze each scenario and make the correct adjustment to have the best photos., Whether she does her job well or not. What we can say is that the photos registered by Note 8 are just decent.. The Note 8’s camera saves images at 16 MP by default, but you don’t even have to worry about 64 MP mode as it takes up more space and does not bring any quality gains to your photos.

. Overall, we have pictures with little detail: limited HDR and low contrast.. There is night mode which makes the photos clearer in some scenarios, while in others it makes no difference.. It is a pity that Infinix left an ultra wide camera out and would be much more useful than the depth sensor.. The macro has its limitations, and the focal length does not help to get too close to what you want to photograph. At the front. We have two cameras, the secondary one, being a sensor for background blur, which, oddly enough is useless. We’ve seen many entry level cell phones make a better cut, even without a secondary lens, to help separate planes. Selfies themselves are not bad as long as they are not Against the light. At night we have grainy photos, but the colors and skin tones are not distorted.. A curious detail is to see that the Infinix Note 8 can record videos in Quad HD resolution with the rear and front camera.. It is normal to see many devices in the segment limited to full HD, while few record in 4K.. During the day, you will have decent videos, despite having shakes due to the lack of electronic stabilization. In dark places. It gets complicated and the fluidity of the videos drops in half as if the camera were suffering to deal with the limitation of light entering the sensor.. In addition, the Note 8 captures mono audio and has no secondary microphone to cancel out background.

Noise. Infinix comes betting on good value for money and we can say that the Note 8 is really a tempting purchase. If you don’t care so much about the camera.. Did you like the device but were disappointed with the quality of the photos? Well, Samsung, Motorola and Xiaomi are better at this point.. The Redmi 9 has better cameras, but on the other hand it loses performance in multitasking, has worse battery and still takes longer to recharge.. The Moto G9 Play has better night mode and battery lasts the same. However, it also lags behind in performance.. The Galaxy M21s, on the other hand, can record in 4K and records better photos in addition to having a battery for two days, you only owe in RAM management which does not hold open applications in the background.. The Infinix Note 8 is the perfect device for those who want a giant screen, agile performance, stereo, sound and good battery.. If the cameras were a little better, it would have an unbeatable cost benefit ratio among the imported ones.. There is also Infinix software, which is not the cleanest and most organized and has been missing important security updates. For those who care only about performance and battery. The Note 8 is the perfect phone.. It has a nice design and it doesn’t even seem to cost. So much, but it is good to remember that the price of just over R 800 is valid until March 2021 through Aliexpress.

After that it is more expensive, but it must still maintain good cost benefit.. The links are below.. Take the opportunity to comment on what you thought of Infinix’s basico..