. Now I’ve had this phone for over six months now so in this review, I’m gon na take you through my experience with it. The top features any downsides that we’ve encountered while using this phone and then ultimately I’ll give you my recommendation on whether or not you should get the Google Pixel 4A in 2021, so let’s dive in and first let’s talk about the design of this phone.. When Google sent me this phone, my first impression when I took it out of the box was wow. This phone looks and feels pretty great for not being a flagship level phone. After using it for six months. I still feel that way somewhat, but since I’ve got the Pixel, 4a I’ve been reviewing more phones and well. I do overall still like the Pixel 4a. There are certain parts of this phone that do feel like a budget phone.. So I don’t want anyone out there to think they can just pick up a Pixel, 4a and it’ll, be just as good as the Pixel 5 or even a more expensive phone and there aren’t any significant trade offs with this phone, because there are. The first one Is the screen. The screen quality just isn’t that great. It doesn’t, have as good of a viewing angle as other OLED screens and has that color distortion? When you move the phone slightly, which is Especially noticeable with white backgrounds, I much prefer the similar size to screen that Google put on the Pixel 5, which doesn’t have these issues.

Another area where the Pixel 4a doesn’t feel quite as premium as other phones is haptics.. After comparing the 4a to other phones like the iPhone 12 and the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the Pixel 4 is haptics just feel a bit light. They’re, not very intense and there’s, not a lot of subtle variation in their intensity. Either. It’s just kind of flat. Another dead, giveaway that the Pixel 4a is a less expensive phone is.. It doesn’t have any wireless charging or water resistance And the processor isn’t top of the line. Either., Though, Google has done a pretty good job of optimizing, Android and they’re pixel launcher to make it feel snappy and fast enough.. I haven’t noticed any significant lag with this phone when using it casually.. Now, while it feels fast enough, I wouldn’t say it’s like blazing fast, like you get with the Galaxy S21 Ultra., And the reason for that is the 120 Hertz display that phone sports., The Pixel 4a, only sports a 60 Hertz display, so it won’t feel as fluid As some other phones, you may be familiar with. Like the Pixel 4 or a Pixel 5 All right. So those are some of the things that, after using the Pixel 4a over the past 6 months, that stick out as being obvious areas where Google made decisions to help, keep the price down and ultimately give the phone a more budget feel., Which isn’t a bad thing. But something to keep in mind when you’re, considering a phone and what’s important to you.

. Now, where does the Pixel 4aA really shine? You may ask Well, of course we got to talk about that. Camera. Pixels have long been known for their camera prowess and this phone is no exception.. You get pretty uncompromising, photography, capability. You’re, going to get the same main sensor, that’s found in the Pixel 4, as well as the Pixel 5 and it’s a capable camera producing images that are crisp and have a classic contrasty. Google look.. I love that you can shoot your photos and raw with Android, so you can fine tune your shots just the way you want them in post. Portrait mode is also great on the pixel, and I love that Google photos allows you to play with the blur amount and create a blurred background, even for photos that weren’t taken in portrait mode. Now. The camera isn’t perfect by any means, and there are instances where it’s not going to perform exactly the way you. Want, for example, when zooming in on a subject and taking their photo. The resolution gets grainy quickly. The selfie camera can produce some pretty grainy photos, especially if the sun’s behind you or you’re in a dark lighting environment. The video quality of the pixel 4a is actually pretty good for this price level. It can produce footage that’s usable as long as you don’t use. Zoom in your video, if you zoom in too much, the video is going to look more like a painting, it’s not going to look real in general.

The quality is fine, not great, and it produces a bit of a noisy image, even when shooting in pretty good lighting conditions.. The stabilization of the Pixel 4a, as well as with all the more recent pixel phones, is very good. Google software does a good job of focus tracking as well. You can track a moving object and keep it in focus and crackly exposed by tapping and holding on it like with photos. The video footage also skews more towards a cooler cast which, in my experience, doesn’t always exactly look true to life. Another part of this phone that I think Google did a really good job with is the overall exterior design. The weight of this phone feels great it’s. Perfect for one handed use – and I can hold this phone at. My hand all day long and not feel any fatigue in my hands or fingers, which is something I definitely feel with a heavier phone like my Galaxy S21 Ultra or even the iPhone 12 Pro. The backing of this phone also feels nice, it doesn’t show fingerprints, it’s, smooth, but grippy. The all screen design is also something I’ve appreciated on this phone at this price level as well and I’m, not really bothered by the whole punch cutout for the selfie camera. The storage capacity of this phone is another high point with it’s 128 gigs of storage, and that makes me sad that more premium devices like my iPad Air, which cost more start with a measly 64 gigs of storage.

Another thing to love about the Pixel 4a is the version of Android that comes on this phone with the Pixel 4a you’re, getting Google’s version of Android it’s a bit paired down compared to something like Samsung’s version, but I love that with the Pixel 4a, you get Things like a proper app drawer, as well as other common Android features. I’ve, come to love like bedtime mode, which silence is your phone and changes your phone screen to black and white, making the phone less enticing to look at when you’re trying to go to sleep. Another great part of Android is the Google Assistant, which is Quite quick on this phone, though it’s speed advantage has been closed in on by Siri. In some areas, the Google Assistant can still do way more than it’s rival. Siri, like recognizing a song by you, just humming it reading articles out loud and a whole lot more. The pixel 4a also gets Android updates as soon as they come out, as well as access to pixel specific feature drops, which have included some pretty amazing features in the past. Like call screen which allows the Google Assistant to pick up a phone call for you and determine if it’s, legitimate or not and then ring your phone if it is or a feature for, when you’re put on hold on a Call., The Google Assistant can stay on Hold for you and ring the phone when someone, on the other end picks up or smaller, updates like a now playing history, which shows you the history of all the songs your Pixel has identified in the background.

. So those are my thoughts around what I like and what I don’t like about. The Google Pixel 4a. Now let’s talk a little bit about who should get this phone and if I think the upgrades that the Pixel 5 offers are worth it over getting the Pixel 4a. In general. I think the main difference is between the Pixel 4a and the 5 are that the Pixel 5 has a better screen better camera capabilities. With its wide angle, lens and additional stabilization features, wireless charging, water resistance and a better processor.. If you want the Pixel 5’s camera 5G and a better processor, but at a cheaper price and in a larger form factor, then the Pixel 4a5G is going to be that phone for you.. To me, the Pixel 5’s upgrades make a significant difference when using that phone versus the Pixel 4a, especially when talking about the Pixel 5 screen quality and it’s wireless charging capabilities. To you, however, given the price difference between these two devices, it may not be worth. It Now, if you want to learn more about the Pixel 5 I’ll link, our review of it here and in the video description below.. So do I recommend the Google Pixel 4a? Yes, I think Google made a great low cost phone that has some compromises to meet their price point, but definitely delivers on things that matter to most phone users.. The camera, storage performance and battery life, which is excellent and should last most users all day.

And then some Now in the past, Google has typically released their A line of phones around May and their top tier pixels later in October., And there have recently been some rumors about a pixel 5A. So before you jump on a Pixel 4, if you don’t need to upgrade right away, it may be worth waiting to see what Google has planned for the Pixel 5a.. Overall, though, I think if you go for the Pixel 4a you’re not going to be disappointed., This phone has excellent battery life, a good camera for the price.. It has excellent storage and it all comes in a slim, modern, looking device., The Pixel 4a retails for 349. Us dollars and comes in either just black or barely blue and can be purchased at a variety of retailers. As well as from Google directly.. I hope you found this video helpful and informative and if you did and liked it make sure you hit that thumbs up button below and subscribe to the channel to see more six months later, reviews like this one, as well as other videos on Google products..