But this smartphone that i’m going to show you measurement specs design and price nabagaes preferences for a budget, smartphone and partida nokia, so i’m here to show you my short but full review of nokia, c1 plus Music to mark apatite for more tech reviews and updates. You can visit at a stick.ph and take kuya youtube channel. So, despite of the large tech compilations in the market today, nokia still aims to launch smartphones then offers what they can give knowing the slenderman mobile phones, so select review showed their recent unit and we concluded nokia 2.4, despite of its lack of date, specs compared to Other smartphones, so again we just want to show if this unit is better than the last nokia phone that we review. So, looking at this box, it’s obvious that it has similar slim packaging, which is good for saving space on your bag to carry so as you open this box, you will immediately see the nokia c1 unit, which is in dark blue design, maka samadhinshan user guide, the Usb cable for charging the charging plug and chambered an iconic 3.5 headset needed removable batteries. This unit also has a removable, 2500 milli, ampere battery, so simply running, and this might be a no no for you already the moment that you saw this pedal. This spoon has more than acetox, so this phone doesn’t have the strong features, unlike its competitive brands, pero malabana mancha, with its compact design that you can literally carry anywhere you go on the back.

You will notice the clean matte finish, look, so this is slippery sakamai and the size of this unit is so cute indicator might need a handle top for a very long time. Relation finger scanner, permanent motion, ai, face recognition, force easy security of your phone. It also has the speaker, the volume button, the 3.5 jack at the top and micro usb charging port to move in the plastic back. You will see the dual sim card slot and a micro sd slot that can store up to 128 gigabyte. So the features might give you the nostalgia fields again. It has the crease display of 5.5 inch hd install display and for its price range. It is able to play youtube and netflix clips in a simple manner. It can also feature good graphics in your games, so it is a simple smartphone to buy this phone. Nokia 7 is powered by android and undergo edition things that you don’t know see. Google supported na go edition is designed for low end and ultra budget smartphones, which means is data friendly compared to high spec smartphones out there. You can also enjoy using any google apps without worrying of your data usage. So technically, if you’re saving your data for special things or more important things, this phone is for you to keep and because it has the one gigabyte ram and 16 gigabyte rom storage in games like mobile legends is fine, though it is not as high graphics as Other units, the camera features of this unit are not so bad nor professional type.

As it looks, it only has the 5mp camera with led flash 4 ball trigger and selfie camera. It also has the hdr mode to take pictures and it can take videos up to 720 and 30 frames per second. As you can see, the camera is good to take pictures during day time and open space. The image looks good, even professional, looking doable demansha and pedipand pictures among our best memories. I would not recommend this to net photography sessions because of its specs around maganda in the mansion. The meeting for daytime snaps the salvation looks decent too, and the friction becomes lighter using hdr and led flash good for your selfies at night, so come to think of it kind. The video also looks nice, but not too shaky, but it can use some work. So, technically professional looking video type of mobile phone, knowing the specs of this phone, it is justifying that you can have this phone for less than four thousand pesos. So yes, people, you can have this unit and send it as a gift to your titles and theaters who prepare simple smartphones, and this can be good as well as a first smartphone for your kids. So i am your master for their online classes or simply communication devices. So personally, the nokia c1 plus is indeed a good, simple smartphone. You can bring anywhere and with its specs performance and price range, what it champion, especially if you’re on a budget, so guys what you think is this phone worth a budget for a billion for a second type of smartphone that you can bring.

Is it worth that price and maganda bank and young specs? Let us know what you think by commenting your suggestions and you can visit our reviews and more of our updates at stick.ph or go to our techkuya youtube page for more reviews, upgrades and insights.