So it’s not surprising that this model comes with a slightly reduced launch price and also an increased specification now here in europe, it comes with the latest five nanometer exynos 2100 chip that helps the phone achieve some of the highest benchmark scores of any android phone. Yet, although it’s still some way behind the scores achieved by iphones using apple’s a14 bionic chip, the amoled 6.8 inch screen now has a maximum brightness level of no less than 1500 nits on hdr. Footage which is pretty good and it’s, also got an impressive 3200 by 1440 resolution. The result is a very, very satisfactory viewing experience and also its uh 120 hertz. Refresh rate is now supported at full resolution and in order to improve the battery life, which was a bit of a problem on the s20 ultra they’ve got an adaptive refresh rate, which varies from as little as 10 hertz right up to 120 hertz, depending upon what You’Re doing, and i certainly found that helped with the battery life um. I could confidently get a full day’s, fairly intensive use out of the phone without worrying about recharging, it’s, got gorilla, glass front and back and is available in several finishes, including this rather distinctive matte. Black, the styling is more charismatic, particularly of the camera module, which is slightly larger. The overall phone actually is a little bit heavier at a not inconsiderable, nearly 230 grams. The camera module, has also been restyled and improved.

The 12 megapixel ultra wide camera now has autofocus and it also doubles as a macro camera. The main 24 millimeter wide camera has a new sensor but has retained its staggering 108 megapixels of resolution, and i found the image quality considerably improved compared to samsung’s bold, with their oversaturated, colors and artificial sharpness. I found it gave results more or less on a par with apple’s iphone 12 pro max, albeit uh, possibly slightly less realistic, colors and slightly less good handling of certain surfaces, but a very good performance. Indeed. The night mode has also been improved, although i don’t think it reaches the level of the iphone 12’s knight mode. Quite yet, one area where this camera model really moves ahead of the iphone is in terms of its uh long lens capabilities. There are now not one but two of them: there’s uh a times three: seventy millimeter, equivalent to there there’s a 10 times, 240 millimeter, equivalent camera there and um. It can achieve really quite good results. You get 10 times optical zoom, which really does get you usefully close to things now. It’S, not perfect. Both camera modules are only 10 megapixels of resolution and when you pixel peep, you can see reticulations and noise in the pictures, but it’s not really apparent at normal screen viewing level and obviously the focal lengths between the times three and the times 10 are filled in By a digital zoom, so if you’re operating at say times eight, you can get really quite fuzzy pictures, but overall it’s, probably the most versatile stills camera setup, you’ll find on a phone.

Today i found video performance less impressive. It was good in bright light, as here during a recent gadget, show shoot at the black country museum in the midlands, but uh once i got inside here’s georgie on another shoot at the national computer museum bletchley, it uh it all got a bit blotchy a bit. Smudgy and uh rather poorly defined, and i was frankly rather disappointed. The other big spec news is the phone. Now. Has s pen support a pen, isn’t included in the price it’s an optional extra? I tested it with this also optional and rather unattractive. As we said silicone case, although it did work well, as does the pen, if you’re doing a bit of scribbling now at the moment, uh it’s a fairly basic pen, there is an s pen pro that adds bluetooth, support coming for the phone later this year. Now, for those specification, caveats well there’s, no longer a charger in the box, which i don’t think actually will worry. Many people, uh there’s, also a slightly slower charging speed, which i don’t think is a problem either um. Personally, i didn’t find the audio quality that good uh. The volume from the speakers is good, but the sound gets a bit harsh at higher volumes. Again, not a major worry, i think the thing that will worry people, though, is that there’s no longer a micro sd card slot, so you can’t expand your own storage. Instead, you need to think carefully about how much you need when you buy the phone it’s available.

As 128 256 or 512 gigabytes, uh versions, clearly that’s more expensive than buying a card and less flexible overall it’s a bit tricky to judge whether the s21 ultra is really worth the money, if you primarily shoot stills or if you’re after the ultimate screen quality. You’Ll.