This is not sponsored at all i’m. Not getting any money from this i’m doing this on my own, just to help you guys, i was searching for a mobile phone that had a good video quality for the youtube videos and also the photos, and all of that – and i found this one and i Decided to invest in this one, so yes, let’s jump right into it and let’s do the Music unboxing, okay guys. So these are the specifications of the xiaomi it was released. In may 2020, mine is a gray color. The weight is 209 grams. The memory ram it’s, 6 gigabytes and the internal memory is 128 gigabytes and external memory it’s microsd xc. It is an android. The processor is a snapdragon 720 g and it can take two cards plus the sd card. The resolution of the screen is full hd plus it has four back cameras and one frontal. The back cameras are 64, 8, 5 and 2 megapixels and the frontal camera is 16 megapixels. The recording of the video is 4k 30 fps. The connections are 4g. It has bluetooth and gps. Ok, so the mobile phone already came with this little cape, which i thought it was a very nice touch. You know to keep your mobile, safe, okay, so i’m, actually really loving. This color looks super pretty. They say that it was a gray, but it looks more bluish to me on the back. I think it’s super beautiful, so this xiaomi also came with its own usb, of course, Music and now i’m, just looking around just trying it very first impression here: i’m trying the cameras.

It has a lots of different styles that you can use the video photos pro. The easel there is a lot to search on you know, so the cape also covers the usb entrance, which is really nice, and then i just decided to go out just a little bit just to record the video and to show you the quality. The video quality is 4k and listen. The image is super, sharp and, and the colors are very pretty. I was super impressed with it. You know i’m also recording myself with the frontal camera and uh listen very impressed with the quality i’m very happy with it and uh. Yes, i also took some photos using the pro uh part of the cameras. This is this was a macro. Try i’m, not good. At it, so i was just trying. This is a photo of me with the frontal camera and uh listen. You can see the details on the photos and the little tiny hairs of my bird, very, very good quality. I was super impressed with the camera. I know. I’M, just trying on the mobile phone just trying some games and see how they flow and see if the, if it has a fast reaction or not, and you know what so far, i think that the it is a super smooth, uh mobile phone. It runs really well, the battery lasts a lot and it’s also very fast to charge. I don’t know if it is just the beginning or not, but i was running some games and they ruin really smoothly no problems at all the the quality of the image and the definition is very good.

I am very impressed with this one, oh and by the way, i’m. Sorry if the quality of the camera is not very good it’s, because i’m recording with with my old mobile phone and that’s, why you can see really really well the quality but yeah i’m. Sorry for that, i didn’t know how to record it with the new mobile phone, but listen. The quality is way better that what you see on the camera – okay, so i just also just went to tick tock to just see how it goes if it cracks or what and listen very smooth, very easy to work with very nice and even the fingers on The screen on screen i’m sorry on the screen: they they go very smooth. You know it feels very right. It feels very good and also the quality of the videos is very impressive. You know so far i’m very impressed with this with this mobile phone Music. Okay guys, so this was my review when unboxing it was nothing, nothing special. I just wanted to share it with you guys and uh honestly. I think that it was a good investment, so far, i’m really loving it the quality, the way it works. It feels really good, you know so now i’m going to just keep playing with it and see where it goes and uh. Yes. Basically, this was the video. I think this is a very good one. It has a nice price for what it offers and um yeah.