The oppo x 2021 definitely has one of the most innovative smartphone design, which could well serve as a blueprint for future smartphones. Here we are talking about pure design innovations and not the beggar, pixels or refresh rate wall that smartphone companies are regularly engaging in the oppo x, 2021 isn’t, like any of the outward folding smartphones like the first two generations, huawei mate x series or the uber folding Samsung galaxy phone, it doesn’t fall, but it rolls the front design of the oppo x2021 do look a bit like the fine x2 pro, especially with the curved and torque design measuring 6.7 inches across the diagonal. For this prototype there isn’t any selfie camera. However, for the actual production unit, there will definitely be one, but whether it will be a hole, punch, cutter or another display. Camera we’ll have to see Music. The rear sight of the device is more unique, with a dual tone: paint job and a really slim camera module, not really sure whether it has a glass back, but the phone do feels really premium on Music hand, Music, so to rule out the screen. You simply need to swipe up the upper right edge of the phone and that will be sensors to pick them up and activate the role models. This will extend the screen from 6.7 inches to 7.4 inches. Of course, it might be even better if we are able to control the amount of screen extended by how much we swipe.

So we are able to define the screen size. We are more comfortable working with allow us to retract the screen. We will be swiping in opposite direction from top to bottom state Music. As you can see, the screen extends really smoothly along the central axis, with 6.8 millimeters diameters that allows this display to bend without leaving any creases, which is an issue our affordable phones are struggling with. According to oppo, the average lifespan of the phone sits between three to four years, which equates to an average of around 100 expansions per day. Interestingly, where the phone has stands, it also exposes additional speaker grooves at the base, which makes professions since people usually indulge in entertainment contents with a standard screen i’m, not exactly sure of the kind of audio technology used in the oppo x 2021. But it does sound amazing and loud, of course, i’ve also tested out the software of the phone, but do be reminded that this will not be the final software release. You will see on the final product, starting with the interface. You can see that the home screen actually expands seamlessly with the extension of the screen, not just the ui itself, but most of the native apps also have the same characteristics. So you can expect really smooth transition, animations that’s visually appealing, even when you choose to extend the screen halfway through a video. The video automatically fits the screen as it unrolls. And yes, it works well with the camera app as well Music, so even for third party apps, like tiktok there’s, also a really nice transition.

So you won’t expect to see any error transition on the phone at all. While most of us can agree that hardware is important, but a well optimized software posts, an equal weight to the overall user experience and oppo had obviously done a great job here, Music. Of course, how can we not use this exquisite phone to view our own website? So after scrolling, through our website, i can see that the screen scrolls really smoothly, just as it is in the road upstate also there isn’t any notable change in color saturation or reproductions after it i grow. To my surprise, the oppo x 2021 is really great to hold even with one hand thanks to its unmakeable height and a pretty light body, but it might be slightly heavier with the proper camera sets them up in the actual unit. Aside from that, i would say that the phone has a reasonable thickness for affordable or rollable, so everything seems great in terms of handling so that’s. All we have for now at least be reminded that this is not a full review, but rather a quick review based on a one hour hands on experience with the phone.