You just have your little keypad and kind of a bar shaped device, also known as a kind of flip phone. You could call it that, and also this company makes smartphones for really all different types of budgets, whether you want a cheap phone for less than 70 or maybe a more high end phone made by the same company that costs at least 150. This company makes lots of different types of phones with all sorts of price ranges, and this is one of these phones. It’S called the blue studio x10, and it did, as you can see, i didn’t buy this. It came with a case which is a nice accessory to have not really a case that covers the front. It just covers the back, but this is pretty cool that the phone did come with this little protector for the back. This device was a little bit more than 60 before tax and shipping, so i think less than 70 overall and i’m just going to talk about what i think of this uh phone, the blue studio x10 made by the company sorry about the lighting made by the Company blue, if you know um somewhat a little bit about smartphones, you’ll know that most of them well, this is an android device and a lot of phones will come with a camera, some some basic apps here and there and um you can buy one for as Little as 60, something dollars which is what we got this one for or as much as a thousand dollars or maybe even more for maybe more high performance, uh kinds of features.

So in that sense you can think of a phone as a little computer. So you can buy it 250 dollar computer or you can buy a thousand dollar computer and typically with electronics. In my my experience is just my own opinion. You kind of get what you pay for um, in the sense that um this type of device really might be more more for certain things. Um, like just some calling texting basic apps here and there, but maybe not so much for heavy internet browsing and app usage and games, and things like that. This phone was a little bit less than sixty dollars a little bit less than seventy dollars overall. So if you, if you really would like to check out phones, um that might be used for just kind of basic calling texting and some apps and maybe light internet browsing, feel free to go on amazon and search for blue the company blue. They make a lot of unlocked, phones, unlocked, meaning it’s, not it doesn’t have to be used with a specific carrier. You can take out a sim card you can put one in and for whatever carrier you have, and hopefully it should work not with every carrier but with some carriers. So this is not really a recommendation for this company i’m, not really telling you to buy it but i’m. Just saying from my own personal experience, if you really have a cheap phone plan and you don’t really need a phone for a lot of things.

Besides calling and texting, it might not be a bad idea just to um just to look around and see if you can save some money, because while you might not be getting the performance that you would on maybe a different manufacturer that those phones usually cost more. Maybe nokia samsung motorola, it will do the job um. I find that these phones have very acceptable call quality and okay camera. I have three of these blue phones, each of which we got for less than 70 and for what it is the calling texting it does. The job it’s an android phone, i think the blue company – they make smartphones with the android operating system and um. It is really always nice to know that you have an option and don’t have to buy a super expensive phone. An unlocked phone means that you can use it with several different carriers, which ones which carriers it will work with. It depends on what kind of phone i mean. This is a gsm phone, so uh, for example. I think t mobile att a few other providers, but um yeah definitely do your research. If, if you want to know if your carrier would be compatible with a certain unlocked smartphone, but it just means that you’re not tied into a contract, you buy the phone. You put the sim card in um for a certain carrier. If you want to take it out and put in a sim card for another carrier for another cell phone provider, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to say: oh no, it only works with one card.

It only works with, for example, t mobile or att or a verizon. It can work with different carriers more than one so that’s the cool thing. Your phone can be used with different sim cards, not locked to one cell phone provider. But of course, if you do sign up for a contract, there might be an offer where you can get a really really good smartphone at a discounted price, because you are signing a contract with that specific carrier. Perhaps, but these are unlocked, phones so feel free to search for an unlocked phone on amazon, see what you find. There will be a lot of phones for this company available from this company because they make a lot of phones and some of them are reasonably popular and they’re cheap um. You can buy a phone, an unlocked phone nowadays for less than 70 dollars, which i find very appealing, because just for me personally, i just don’t really do much calling i i i’m at work. I work i go to the office if i was working from home and i needed a dedicated phone, a device that i really used for work, lots of calls and, if uh and if enough. If hypothetically i was speaking to someone they couldn’t, hear me very well. I would want to maybe invest a little bit more on a phone, but when i’m at work, i use my work phone. This is just for calling my family, so if you’re really that type of person who you’re you’re, maybe not using this solely for you’re, not using this as a work phone just some light calling and texting it’s not really mandatory that you spend hundreds of dollars on A smartphone unless you plan to use it heavily and you want something that is maybe a super well known brand, if that’s important to you and you want to go on the internet watch videos with using your data using your internet, um and internet browsing.

You want everything to be super fast, then sure you might have to pay a little bit more if you want that performance, but really for the most basic for basic usage, basic texting, some light, apps internet browsing again like a computer. If you can buy a cheaper computer, it might do the same things as a more expensive. I mean you can buy a cheap computer and it will do certain things um, maybe not high performance like a more expensive computer in the. In that sense, you get what you pay for. Yes, but if you don’t need those extra kinds of things, why pay more in my opinion, but it really depends on your expectations. I mean you might see some reviews of these phones that say: oh it’s, slow, it’s, slow, it’s, slow, that’s, the most common thing, but it really depends on what those people were trying to do or they what kind of programs are they running? What are they doing? Exactly and it’s all relative, if, if i think, it’s it’s slow because it takes 45 seconds for me to turn on this phone that’s fine, i mean i do find that these phones have acceptable battery life and um, just a regular android phone. So it’s all about expectations. What will you be doing with this phone if it’s just calling and texting um it’s fine everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but it just keep in mind that if you’ve never owned one of these smartphones and you see reviews and they say it’s very slow, it really Depends on perspective and um what what that person is used to and i’m not saying anyone’s review is not legitimate or not justified.

I’M. Just saying that i have seen reviews of phones that there were some negative reviews, but when i purchased them, i thought they were totally fine and i think that really comes down to just that. People have different preferences, different expectations when it comes to these smartphones, but the blue studio x10. I find that it does its job. Just me personally, i’m not recommending this phone i’m not guaranteeing that you’re going to have a good experience with the phone. But it is very comforting to know that if something happens to your phone – and you need an unlocked phone to put in your sim card – that you don’t really have to spend lots of money, if you don’t necessarily need to do a lot of things. Besides some light calling texting, internet browsing, basic apps, so it’s always an option to get an unlocked phone that you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars, for this is just one of those phones, the blue studio, x10. The company blue, makes lots of phones. I have several of them and i’ve had a good experience with these phones so that that’s all it is a little android. Well not little, but an android device. Android powered device with some some usual features: camera internet. Of course, if you have a phone plan that lets you use data, you can go on intro and do some browsing and it came with a few nice accessories like a usb, cable and a case, and also a cloth for cleaning the screen.

This is the blue studio. X10. Thank you for watching this video.