Some were requested. One was advertised on instagram a couple i found on amazon, so let’s get started with the first one. The iflex Music let’s take a look at the iflex. Originally it was just called the flex they added the eye later, but let’s check it out. These are also available at walmart and amazon. I believe i saw amazon for about eight dollars and ninety cents. We’Ve got a whole bunch of different uh types here. So this is basically a cell phone or tablet stand for home work. Travel it’s heat resistant can even be used as a trivet. They have different sizes, and this can be bent to a lot of different configurations. I’M, not i’m gon na get into it more later. But you can do things like like that for your phone or two phones, i don’t know you can also curve one side and hook it somewhere, like on the back of a headrest, put your device there there’s a lot of different uses for it. You know i was out running errands earlier and i thought i was going to do my first iflex test i was out and about, but i left the iflex at home so i’m in my garage here. Let’S just pretend like i’m, not in my garage and i, a passenger sit in the back, see the car on the road trip and let’s see how we do with the iflex. As a phone holder in the backseat of the car now i’d say the most common use for the iflex from people using it and from the promotional videos would be in a hook, format holding up a phone, sometimes it’s over a head rest.

Some people might use it on an exercise machine, but right now, i’m, going to put it on the back of this seat and see how it actually holds my phone, like that seems pretty sturdy let’s see. Is that going to hold that seems like it’s much sturdier than i anticipated to be that’s very solid i’m gon na have to take this out in the car and drive around and see how it holds up. Another good thing about this test is that i can’t cheat because i can’t hold it in place. If it falls, it falls there’s, no, stopping it, there’s, no, preventing it. If it falls. I can’t stop it well. I’M. In the front seat. I can’t even see it, but i haven’t heard it fall down yet so that’s a good sign, another use they show for it is in the cabinet. I think what they were showing is to have a hook like this, a hook on the bottom, just kind of kind of close the door on it, and then you can put your phone right there, while you’re using a recipe. I guess that’ll work. You could put it here by your stove if you’re looking at a recipe, while you’re cooking after perusing their website, i was looking at some other ways that they suggest using it. Let’S try a few of them. One of them looks kind of like this. I guess you put your phone in there like that to keep it out of the heat.

Maybe you can rest your glasses on top, i guess all right, that’s one. They kind of did one like this, where they had two phones. I guess, if you’re sitting across from each other, you can each each use one. I guess that might work how about this one. I guess you could it’s it’s kind of stretching a little bit because you have to kind of squeeze it together. I think it’s a bit of a stretch, maybe something like the iflex mini – would be better let’s see, oh maybe i don’t feel like. I have to squeeze it as hard. It kind of still works yeah. It works. I guess if you’re going to get multiple eye flexes and you have a mini that could be a use for it. I guess it does seem to not get completely flat after a while. You can get it kind of flat ish, but it is sturdy. It’S very sturdy. The last test i want to try on this is the uh there’s, a heat test with a pan see how it works as a trivet and then wrap it up. All right, iflex is supposed to be heat. Resistant i’ve got this hex clad pan. Here, which is currently about over 400 degrees, the eye flex is 78 degrees. Let’S see just gon na put it right on there for a little bit and see what happens. I’Ll come back in a couple minutes and see what happens all right here.

We go. Oh, it kind of stuck to a little bit that’s hot it’s, very hot, but no worse for wear it didn’t even change shape. I thought maybe it would flatten it out and didn’t flatten it. I guess that’s good. I do see how people would like something like this there’s, quite a few uses for it. Next up, these have been requested quite a bit. These are magnetic phone charging cables, let’s check it out, Music by request. These are magnetic charging cables, i’ll just pull one of these out here there seem to be a lot of brands selling these. These i have the jsth brand. The price varies anywhere from about 14 to 20 bucks for a multi pack of them. As you can see, it comes with three different tips: you have the usb usbc and iphone. These have been advertised online. A lot i’ve been requested these quite a bit. They supposedly allow you to leave this connector in your phone and it’s much easier to connect. Your cable to your phone, so we’ll see how that goes. Looks like this particular pack has multiple lengths. This is a short one. This is longer i can get one more in here. I’Ll have to there’s not much label here i might have to go back and look at the listing on amazon and see what i actually bought. I know i bought a multi pack. I just didn’t. Remember all the exact sizes of it all right.

I’Ve had some requests for these. Now it comes with three different tips and they’re. Definitely magnetic these would be easy to lose. I fear that would be easy to lose, but let me see here so i think this just goes into your device. So uh get my iphone 10 s max. I just stick in there like that, and then we attach the the magnetic cable that’s that’s. Really all there is to it. It seems pretty strong it’s holding it up. There is something oddly satisfying about that: the cable itself it’s feels average quality. It looks like it’s already tangled it came tangled but like with these tips. What am i going to do about these tips, and i guess the other problem is like say: i want to listen some headphones, that are not bluetooth, i’m, going to have to take this out, which okay, it’s not too hard all right. So let me plug this. In and make sure it actually works as a charging cable. I had to move on to the floor because i couldn’t reach from the table all right. It is charging, so they definitely work. Oh and it’s very attractive. It lights up a very attractive, blue color. Let me turn the lights off and see how that looks in the dark. Oh very nice. Well, even when it’s not plugged in the phone is still lit, i guess it. Doesn’T tell you when it’s charging, it just tells you, when it’s hooked up to power, all right seems pretty straightforward: i’m just going to keep using it and see.

If i can come with any additional pros and cons, it’s there’s not much to it. It just magnetically attaches your phone we’ll see if this becomes a pro or a con being permanently input into your phone. I don’t know we’ll see all right so after using these cables for about a week now, i do have one significant observation: if you use the port on your phone for anything but charging, this may not be for you, because you’re gon na be taking these little Connectors in and out, and they are easy to lose – i still listen to old school wired headphones, sometimes my iphone. That means i have to take that connector out, put it somewhere easy to lose. If you only use the port for charging, it’s actually very handy, quite useful, i think it might be something to consider. This is not 70s wall paneling. This is actually a phone screen. Magnifier let’s take a look. Alright. This is a mobile phone screen magnifier by this brand, which i’m not even going to try to pronounce the way it works. Is you open the cover you fold it backwards, pull out the lens, adjust your angle, i’m, not sure i’m, not sure what that step means. Mobile phone silicone pad base, and then you experience different video effects. This is a 12 inch screen, magnifier it’s a very attractive, looking piece, so i think the way it works is that you roll this up and there’s a magnet that holds it in place or not.

But you basically roll in place, put your phone there and then it magnifies. It supposedly doubles your screen size. Obviously, no batteries required because it’s, not electronic um. This is a. I paid 22 bucks on this for amazon there’s. A lot of these like this. There aren’t many that are very highly rated. This was about the highest rated one. I could find people on amazon seem to either love this or hate. It kind of reminds me of the magnavision i did several years ago this. I was not a big fan of a much smaller screen, though so i might have to compare these two as well. So in this folded position it actually looks kind of nice, but doesn’t really work, it’s, a pretty low tech device. All you have to do is just roll. This out lift the screen and there’s a little piece of fake wood right there. That goes into this notch, and this also prevents it from sliding. You cannot adjust the angle, that’s there’s, one angle and that’s it, and then you just rest your phone right there. Now the problem is you got to get just the right angle to actually get the full benefit. If i sit pretty far back, it actually looks kind of large, but i also have a lot of these there’s a lot of streaks in there. Look at that. It kind of has a magnifying glass look to it and the edges it seems, like the edges, are a little bit out of focus compared to the center.

Let me compare to the magnavision now magnum vision, much smaller. The magnivision does have a little bit of adjustment. It’S also a much smaller screen, here’s the magnavision that’s, how much that’s, how much you gain here’s the amazon screen magnifier, i feel like the amazon. One is a little bit better. They both have streaks. You can actually see out in my backyard in both of these. So they’re, both pretty streaky with the amazon you got ta sit right in front of it to get the full benefit same with the magnet vision. Even though you can adjust it, you still have to kind of sit at the same angle. I can see how some people would like this it’s better than a magnifying glass holding your hand. Let me go into a darker area and see if these streaks are minimized because i’m not liking that too much all right. Here we go a darker room. The amazon is bigger, i’m still seeing streaks on both of them, though it’s not too distracting, and i do think the screen it looks larger depending on how far back you get when you get pretty far back. It actually doesn’t. Look too bad i’m about an arm’s length away right now and it does fill the screen pretty well. Even the magnavision is is better from this distance. I think you still have the streaks and, and the edges of the screen seem like they’re a little bit out of focus, but i don’t know.

I think that there are people who probably wouldn’t like something like this i’m – not sure i’m, one of them. But i i think that there are people that might like this. The amazon version is a little bit further away from the glass than the magnavision, so maybe that helps it actually fill the screen a little better. The screen is much larger, but other than the screen size. I think that they both seem to be about the same quality of glass, the same quality of magnification. I wouldn’t expect it to last a long time, but it does look pretty good magnavision folds up nicely amazon folds up nicely. You can see how much bigger the amazon is than the magnavision seems to have almost like a vinyl lp kind of curvature too. Like almost has grooves in it that might help in the magnification it doesn’t help in the reduction of streaks it’s, very streaky let’s, try it out, as if i’m, just lounging on the couch, watching some videos here easy to set up that’s a good thing. You know i have to admit that from this angle the phone looks huge, but the only other problem is i see every light source in the area is all reflected on here, it’s it’s, a bit distracting, i mean if you can sit far enough back. The phone does look very large. Look at all these light streaks on there, though this can be distracting, but look how big that is.

Oh i’m kind of torn. I, like the magnification i don’t, like the streakiness on the uh on the glass i don’t know they can look from the phone’s perspective, that’s kind of weird looking isn’t it very strange and finally one i saw advertising a lot on instagram. This is the pocket tripod. Music, this is the pocket tripod pro. This has been advertising online as well. I pay 35 bucks from this direct from the website. I guess there’s a lot of knockoffs floating around, so i have to be careful about that. I haven’t even opened it up yet get that out of there. It does come with this fit card which helps you measure out your device but i’m. Looking for the actual unit itself, important, never bend the two halves good to know. They have multi color multiple colors available. This is the one that i chose. I thought it looked kind of nice. They have adapters that can basically fit almost any phone. In fact, if you don’t get the adapter that fits your phone, they will send you one for free, at least as of this writing it has carbon fiber legs, an angle indicator soft contact, grip, fluid tilt adjustment thickness of two credit cards, it’s pretty thin. It has interchangeable adapters right here, 180 degrees of tilt and large devices can go up to 45 degrees can be used with or without a phone case. It can be folded in a variety of different ways to hold your phone with or without a case with a case without a case to use it all.

You do is rotate among the center axis. I also pulled out the desk call, which i actually been using lately, which is a desk phone holder which not quite the same thing, but i wanted to kind of do. A comparison. I’Ve also got my red shield, which will compare to as well you’re supposed to measure your phone using this, which is included you’re supposed to look at these little measurements in here, which correspond to which adapter you’re supposed to use see my iphone 7 plus how it Fits too big, too big, too big, too big we’re getting closer closer. Oh that feels pretty good and that’s too tight, so i’m going to be on this one, seven and a half which is not included in this package. So if i want to just six to a seven and a half i have, i have to get an adapter which i’m not going to do all right, so let’s let’s, try take two here: let’s try this 10s max here with a case on it too. Big. Pretty close that feels perfect right there. That would be a nine and a half. Let me pull this out of here. So replacing these is pretty easy. All you have to do is grab that rotate it out. It comes out pretty easily there’s a notch right there. These go into, i wouldn’t, say a smoother silk, but after doing a couple times it does seem to get easier as far as rotating then you can put it this way to kind of leave it in place.

It’S not going to go back anymore or you can turn it this way and tilt it back. They say you can go 180 degrees, let’s see oh it’s, not going to stay like that 45 yeah, maybe up to uh about 90.. All right. Let me try filming myself here. If i can get the right angle, let me try the desk call here. With the other phone see, the problem i had with the desk calls it really didn’t lean tilt forward enough this one pocket tripod, you can tilt it a little bit more forward and in fact you can get pretty, have a pretty good selection of angles with it. Between using it this way and using it that way, i think yeah i’m feeling it. I use desk i’ll sit at a desk at the angles, a little better, so you get out of your desk call all right. So let me try the red shield. You may remember the red shield from a much earlier video this one i actually keep in my wallet. I usually use this like when i’m traveling on a plane, which i really haven’t done much lately, but i can just stick it right here. I don’t want to use it like this as much it’s, not nearly as stable look nope not going to work. I use the red shield more for typing into my phone on an airplane or something not as much in the portrait mode. So i think that the red shield actually is not doing so well in that configuration either so let’s uh let’s, bring the star of the show up here.

Now, try a little bit more of the angles here. I don’t know why you’d want to film at this angle, but you could, if you wanted to so there is another way you can use this. What you do is you turn it to this configuration pull them apart. Now you have two halves. You can actually place further apart, so you have a more stable base for your uh, your phone. This is really good for an extreme angle like that, because when it’s together, it’s just not stable enough here, it’s pretty stable, you can pretty much lay this lay flat. Putting back together just to reverse pretty interesting so in the end, i’ve kind of grown to enjoy the pocket tripod, not just as a tripod, but just almost as a fidget device. I find myself sometimes just kind of enjoying the oddly satisfying different combinations you get from that. I think this is worthy of putting in my wallet i’m going to take the red shield out for a while and see. If i actually like this one better, i think i might the only thing i’m not sure i like about it is the price, the red shield. I think i paid 8 bucks, for this is 35 i’m, not sure if it’s worth the difference, i’m gon na leave in my wallet and i’ll give you an update if anything changes Music. So there you have it. I got some pretty good ones in this batch i’m, not sure i’m gon na keep using the screen magnifier, although i do think that some people have some use for it, but overall it’s a pretty fun batch.