I think you’re, looking at it, the redmi note: 10, pro Applause, Music, hey everyone welcome to the channel. My name is michael and i’m, so happy to see you, especially if we see each other for the first time and if you like, the idea of inspecting cool tech, then consider subscribing to the channel i’m in a hurry to show you the redmi note. 10. Pro a fantastic smartphone which i’ve been using for the past close to three weeks, so, yes, i’ve had enough time to spend with it. I wanted to tell you about the strengths and the weaknesses and it’s time to sync our watches, with 2021’s technologies and trends and here’s the deal uh. There always has been this clear differentiation between flagships, where you have a brilliant camera and all the top end components and mid rangers, which are usually a lot, was in them. That here is something like the bridge between mid rangers and top end smartphones, because it offers the outstanding 108 megapixel camera and brilliant battery life and it’s time to share with you the top 10 strengths of this smartphone, so that you can easily figure out whether this Is the right choice for you or not? Even before we have reviewed these top 10 features, i have to say that every time we record this episode that doesn’t seem to be anything as good as the redmi note. 10 pro at this price range, so let’s get started with the top highlight, which is the main camera sensor.

108 megapixels, which is the samsung hm2 image sensor, does ring a bell well it’s, very similar to the sensors used in me, 10 pro and m11. The popular xiaomi flagships, known for outstanding performance, however it’s a bit smaller than those mentioned, supports nine pixel into one binning great for low light, photography, better dynamic range than the usual great imaging processing, there’s, one more thing which contributes to the better performance and that’s. The experience xiaomi already know how to squeeze the maximum out of this sensor and it’s. Nothing but perfect experience you’re, going to notice that it’s pretty much up to par with the bigger brother me 11 in terms of image quality that the mi 11 has a different slightly bigger sensor. So they’re not entirely the same for photos, there’s, nothing more! You could wish from this camera daytime or at night camera quality is brilliant and every time it will surprise you with great results. Video recordings are also great. However, this is the area where you will notice some drawbacks compared to the flagships like the mi. 11. 4K. Is supported, however, at only 30 fps, and if you need the video to be stabilized, get a gimbal. The image stabilization is only available for 1080p 30 frames per second and it’s, not ois based. Sadly, even the 1080p 60fps was not allowing such image stabilization. But if you have a smartphone gimbal problem solved, so apparently the main image sensor is quite a thing.

This is the one on the top, but this is a quad camera setup, so we shouldn’t ignore the rest. Well, there are three additional sensors. One of them is the depth sensor, a 2 megapixel depth sensor. There also is a pretty nice wide angle, camera and also something that xiaomi called telemacro, obviously, combination between telephoto and macro camera. At the same time, it’s only used in dedicated macro modes and yeah it’s. Quite spectacular, having troubles reading small text no problem, take your phone out and shoot having troubles fitting all the people in the same photo again, no problem switch to wide angle and magic. The wide angle camera clearly is not the best in class, certainly better than most mid range action cams and, as you can see, with some good post processing, the results could be quite spectacular now, uh pointing towards the third major strength of this smartphone and that’s. The me ui camera app as you can see so tidy and and well working and so many great features, ai mode pro mode in app color grading. A lot of features that were until recently, only accessible for flagship grade like the dual video mode or the photo and video cloning which i’ve tried last year and it’s great, to see it available again with the redmi note 10 pro, and there also are other goodies. Like filters, the shoot, steady mode – i like it so much, it has gimbal like stabilization, oh and for post production.

I love the features in the gallery editor. Let me show you how many awesome effects you can apply to the sky, for instance, Music. Okay, i think we’ve covered enough about the cameras, probably with exception of the front uh drop camera, which also performs pretty well so now we can focus on the rest and by the way since you’re looking at the display. Yes, if you, if you look into the performance, it’s, pretty good, it’s, very bright, interesting, colors and it’s quite unique, because it’s one of the very first red me motives, not the first one but one of the very few first based on amoled screen. Not only that, but also 120 hertz display something that gamers will definitely praise one of the few budget oriented phones that offer amoled screen with such a high refresh rate very ambitious. Well, this clearly is not among the most awesome panels in the world. There are some red, tints notable in certain angles, which mostly would bother you. If you switch from a more premium screen and colors are a bit over saturated, i think compared to most lcds it’s gon na feel better and the fact it’s amulet means a lot better. Visibility outdoors, especially under direct sunlight as a person that prefers all that technology over lcd. I like to love this one is the right choice for the redmi family and i hope more models are going to appear with amoled screens in the future s4 battery 33 fat charging for the 5100 battery inside and hey this box comes with an included charger.

That’S right, let me prove it when unboxing we take out the phone, the little box with the papers in the case and underneath we can find the type c cable with this 33 vat charging, brick, meaning that you can top it up within an hour and that’s Crazy good, the app amperage shows the charging can be as high as incoming 6 amps. I notice it. You get around 5.7 with the provided 33 vat charger anyhow. Result is great and it’s superior to most 2020 flagships, as well as even some 2021 flagships. As for battery life, i’m, pretty happy with it, as it was consistently better than what i got on the mi 11 few weeks ago. Larger capacity screen with full hd resolution, which is battery friendly and also not as enormous peak brightness as some flagships, which all combined with the snapdragon 732 manufactured on 8 nm technology, resulting to close to 2 days of usage Music. Are you looking for a smartphone with dual stereo system, so that’s, the first speaker that’s, the second speaker and i think, in terms of sound quality and loudness xiaomi, have finally nailed it with their product line. The me 10t pro has been topping the dxo mark chart for best audio throughout big part of 2020, and here we’ve got hi res audio, which is guaranteeing amazing multimedia experience, and there also is a headphone jack, no kidding about that. Yes, you have dedicated input for your favorite wired Music, headphones Music, Music Applause, okay, let’s combine now everything we’ve learned about the hardware and see how it applies in real life performance and talk about how this phone performs when it comes to gaming and i’ve tried some Of the most popular android games right now, we’re starting with pubg, got ta, say i’m pretty bad at playing this.

So don’t laugh at my poor shooting skills. What is important is that there are no frames skipped and you can play at pretty high graphic settings. Snapdragon 732 has about 15 percent, better graphics performance as compared to the predecessor and while not as fast as a snapdragon, 8 it’s good for games. On one side, we have octa core processor on the other, a powerful arduino 618 gpu. The phone efficiently handles even high intensive games. Everything i’ve played proves that real racing has recently become more power hungry, but that’s no problem for the redmi note 10 pro in 120 hertz mode gaming is quite nice and you can see at the same time the cpu loads. Next to the gaming info bar that pui automatically launches, should it detect any games. Now there are a few more components which make this smartphone pretty unique and the first that we begin with it’s over here, it’s, the fingerprint sensor and well. If i show you how it operates like it’s, pretty quick unlocks every time, never fails me initially. I thought it’s going to be in display fingerprint sensor because of the amoled screen, but looks like redmi have decided to keep it inside the power button, probably with the wish to make it consistent with the redmi note. 9 pro series, which also had the fingerprint sensor inside this button, but now the button is smaller and i think the responsiveness is even better we’re wrapping up now the hardware specifications with well it’s barely visible, but over here we have this very small thing, which is Called the infrared blaster and obviously this is an infrared feature which is operated by the app me remote.

Essentially, you could replace almost any infrared bass remote using this blaster going to the ir remote app search in the database for the model that you need and you’ve got it, which leads me to the last part of our journey. The software android, of course, and what redmi uses is called miui one of the most customizable deliverables of android. At the time the phone is launched, it’s android 11.. We expect the major updates to miui 12.5, which will further improve the battery life and the performance, but even as it is now, the phone has a lot of optimizations and, of course, some really delightful ways to customize it. You will like a lot the themes option. There are hundreds of different styles that you can apply with countless wallpapers, icon, packs and fonts. Every single bit of the appearance of the miui can be fine tuned, alongside with the many options to customize the behavior of the system. Great advantage are the frequent updates. Miui is known for being supported for a long time with frequent updates, so you will for sure receive the right treatment from xiaomi. When it comes to software experience depending on the region, there might be some features, locked or unlocked being based in europe. You have to live without a core recording feature and without the lovely miui dialer and the messaging apps, i think google phone’s native app is too basic. When it comes to handling dual sim systems.

I found an alternative phone app, which has core recording inbuilt, still testing. It but so far it looks good so that’s, it 10 awesome facts and features about the redmi note 10 pro it’s it’s, a brilliant smartphone, as i mentioned, i’ve, been using it for the past three weeks. The good news is that, because i switched from me 11, which is a clear flagship, it didn’t feel as such a downgrade. You know the only notable difference i noticed was the display quality, but in terms of photos that i mostly take and battery life was much superior on the redmi note 10 pro so here’s the point where you can get involved and using the comments below you can Let me know: do you prefer a heavyweight flagship like this me 11 or you have a barrier in your mind about the budget for a smartphone, the money you can spend on it? I think this at the moment is one of the best ratios you can squeeze for your money in terms of technological progress and it’s, true there’s, a price bump over the last generation, which is a consequence of the other improvements and everything that happened throughout 2020. But that’s life. I still believe this is one of the best budget or mid range smartphones that you can buy in 2021, and let me know what you think about it: comments below are the place where we can continue. The conversation and it’s been such a pleasure that we spent the last few minutes together, or at least i hope, it’s mutual well, if you enjoyed subscribe to the channel, hit the like.