The video title, but are you ready? Are you ready Music? So hey guys welcome back to the channel today i have the redmi note. 10. Pro the launch was yesterday, and i can tell you price wise: we don’t know the exact price in the uk yet, but in terms of other countries it’s around 279, so i don’t know how that’s going to translate to uk, but anyway, this is it. I have it in my possession – i have the note 10 pro onyx gray, six gigs of ram and 128 gigabytes of internal storage. Now this is powered by the snapdragon 732g as well. Let’S just get this out of the box. Another look there. She is so some more of the specifications there – 108 megapixel quad camera telemacro lens as well: 120 hertz amoled display amazing, absolutely amazing, 6.67 inch, dot display and, as i said, powered by the 732 g snapdragon chip, 33 watt fast charging 5020 milliamp battery, so 33 watt Fast charging also supports 33 watt wireless charging as well. Superb let’s put that to the side, so type c, connector type, a to type c fantastic stuff – and here is the charging block guys we do get a charging block and there we go 33 watt max charging with this beauty. So you also get this as well. I’M, assuming there’s a sim ejector tool there and a rubbery case, good nice, frosted, sort of uh rubbery case um. It butts out quite a bit.

There i’m expecting that’s, obviously going to protect the the camera, because the camera just put out a little bit on that. But yeah that’s the contents you get so here she is the onyx gray version let’s go ahead, peel this stuff off and we’re off peel this off as well we’re ready so there it is! Look at that beautiful little thing. This is my most favorite part we’re doing smartphone unboxings, having a look at the back of smartphones, the the camera array, the back i’m, not sure what this back is. I think it’s plastic. I do know for a fact. We have corning gorilla gas 5 on the front of the phone it’s going to be protecting that let’s. Take a closer look at this sexy beautiful camera housing. Look at that, so it does butt out a little bit, but that case you get with it. We’Ll protect that if you want to um, if you want to use that wonderful let’s feel that in my hand, so it’s 6.67 inches that feels really nice. I remember the me 20 pro that i recently reviewed is you can tell it’s thicker than this. This is just perfect to hold it’s nice. Obviously the thickness is added when you um introduce that as well, but when you’re holding it like that curved back as well, it’s really nice. So if we have a look at the side, we have volume rocker up and down. We have a power button with an arc fingerprint sensor side, fingerprint sensor in there, so that’s cool.

On the other side, we have a sim tray which can accept dual sims type c connector there, microphone and speakers, and at the top we have the 3.5 mil socket for your earphones or your headphones. We have an oil blaster in there as well and there’s. A few little holes there, like a a grill don’t, know what that’s something to do with the speaker, which is also situated there at the top and that’s a 16 megapixel sensor. So let’s turn this on. Let’S have a look at the the software redmi, but in terms of design and build quality, i think it’s really really nice. It feels really nice in the hand i’m, not sure about fingerprints. I don’t think it’s holding up too bad. To be honest in terms of fingerprints, but but just looks really nice doesn’t, it me ui okay, here she is so in terms of software miui 12, based on android, 11, so i’m going to quickly go ahead and set this up and i’ll be right back. So, just to quickly show you here: it is a dual band, so it does support five um google networks as well and i’m gon na connect to the five gigahertz band. We’Ve got here so apparently, we’re now ready to rock let’s have a look. So this is the amoled 120 hertz display. Now one thing i noticed when i was setting this up is you have the option to have an app drawer or the classic normal xiaomi, where you just swipe, left and right, and you have all your apps there, but i opted for having an app drawer, which Is nice i’m used to that with using the pixel smartphones um, so that’s a nice touch? Obviously you still get the similar um sort of bloatware.

You do get with uh, miui and xiaomi smartphones, but more of them sort of hidden away. Now, in the app drawer there let’s go into settings now. One thing i want to go and look in is display schedule dark mode. I want to have a look. Ah, okay, so i thought i did have a little bit of an inkling it’s. Actually a 60 hertz at the moment, so let’s whack it up to 120. There we go 120 hertz, okay, so now we are experiencing hertz refresh rate on the note. 10 pro feels really good. Okay, so let’s quickly show you the fingerprint sensor and how that performs. So if we lock off tap that’s rapid, oh yeah super impressed with that so again powered by the 732g snap dragon chipset. That is quite rapid. I want to have a look now at the camera setup, so you can see that beautiful camera array there 108 a megapixel main sensor. We have an 8 megapixel ultra wide 5 megapixel telemacro and a two megapixel depth sensor. So what i’m going to do now is i’m going to quickly go away. Take a few pictures, a couple of snaps and video as well i’ll be right back so, first off i tested the 16 megapixel front facing camera, and this was the first result. I can tell you: color accuracy seems to be pretty much spot on uh on this photo here, and the detail is very good.

Also even zooming in it still keeps some of that detail and crispiness there very impressive. I was in front of a window there as well so portrait mode. It did an excellent job. Separating me from the background detail looks great. Color accuracy is very good. Also. I was trying to look for any little blemishes around the cut out of me and there’s. Nothing that looks absolutely clean, so super happy about that as well, then front facing camera 1080p at 30 frames per second okay, so i’m shooting at 1080p 30 frames per second on the front facing camera of the redmi 10. Pro i’ve got about a foot away from my chest: it’s quite cropped in that is arms, length, i’m. Quite a long man, so i’ve got long. Arms we’ve got long arms. You can get a nice um sort of angle of view like that walk through a little bit darker into here. Um. Let me know what you think. Quality looks decent on here, it’s, looking very good for a budget device i’m right near a window now so it’s gon na be quite well exposed. Okay, so i enabled the megapixel sensor here on the cat cat wasn’t very interested at all, but you can see it has an excellent excellent sensor, detailed zooming right in there as well keeping lots and lots of detail. Obviously, it’s going to be a large picture as well, could actually spot on perfect. So i got my son colby to pose eventually 108 megapixel again i’d say his face was a little bit on the pale side um.

So in terms of color accuracy, his face. Doesn’T, look that pale uh that’s, what it’s not far off far off but in terms of clarity and detail, it’s really really good. He then posed for a portrait mode on the rear of the camera, obviously again a little bit on the pale side for the face. Nothing nothing to worry about, though, really but again the actual process of separating the background uh from the subject. It was done brilliantly well as well and again great great quality and then jumped on to 1080p 60 frames per second and tested video capabilities. So this is 1080p at 60 frames per second on the redmi 10 pro, and we have colby playing with a little bit of lego here, wow that one really nice was it he’s, a bad guy. Is he what’s his name? Well, let’s go outside okay, so we’re outside now and it’s super sunny day, let’s point it through the sun. Why not see how it does that? Okay down again, oh there, we go focused nice. Can that go for a little water down here? See, testing stabilization, lovely blue skies. They look extra blue on here as well. So as always, let me know what you guys think: audio quality as well is important what the microphones like on here. So i was very happy with the video performance. Stabilization seemed pretty good as well. The microphone held up as well. Sometimes you have to increase the volume of the video on some devices, but this helps quite what pretty well audio quality is good, so happy about that.

So i wanted to test the ultra wide. This is just a standard shot. Looking out from the back of my garden image. Quality is great: the clouds, the blue sky, the green grass – and this is the ultra wide splendid spent i’m using that word splendid again, zoom in very impressed with the camera guys on this on this budget device really really impressed. I then tried the macro: it’s got a super macro mode as well: um that’s sort of the moss on the floor, but then i got a pretty decent one of the the knot in our fence, zooming in as well the quality and the detail is really really Good, it holds up really well and then i thought i’d point it directly at the sunlight, taking photos tests. Some of the you know the dynamic range that sun is super super bright. I think it handles it quite well. There, though, you can still obviously make out the clouds, the sky and obviously the the buildings at the foreground as well. You can just see there, but that is the camera test. Overall, absolutely impressed really really impressed so downloaded device info just to double check. Some of the of these specifications it’s 2400 by 1080p resolution. You can see there right at the top – the 732 g, the adreno 618 as well, which you can see in bold there. Android 11, 120 hertz hdr, 10 hr 10 plus support as well. So this is going to take me on to video youtube a few settings so we’re at 1440p at 60 frames per second hdr mode as well.

It supports hdr content i’m going to keep it at that play here. We go super amoled display 120 hertz refresh rate on the redmi. Note. 10 pro looks absolutely gorgeous isn’t it. Obviously the content of the video helps i can’t believe you’re getting 120 hertz amoled display on a budget redmi smartphone that’s, quite incredible, okay. So now i want to test these speakers. Okay, so we have dual speakers one at the bottom there, and also one at the top let’s have a listen that’s, half volume, there’s, also high res audio certification and remember you can still plug in your headphones and earphones. If you wish Music so Music, so Music, wow, wow, really impressed they’ve pulled that off really well, quite like that. The grill at the top there, you don’t, normally see that because it’s normally all coming out of the uh, the receiver there at the top, but you’ve got a nice little grill there at the top and obviously another grill there at the bottom um yeah. I really like that guys, there’s a nice amount of um bass in there as well doesn’t sound too thin, so it’s, nice and thick and really really good. So this is the redmi note, 10 pro and unboxing sort of an in depth look into certain areas of this device. Um redmi devices are budget smartphone devices. This is quite truly excellent. Obviously i need to put my full review. Do some gaming tests uh? If i come across any problems, obviously i will uh let you know, but first impressions are absolutely incredible.

This is six gigs of ram one. Two: eight gigabytes of internal storage it’s got the snapdragon 732 g, the adreno 618 gpu as well. Ufs 2.2 storage and ddr4x ram 5020 milliamp battery 33 watt fast charging it’s got a super fast fingerprint sensor as well: 120 hertz amoled display it’s incredible incredible: gorilla: glass. 5. Yes, i think that’s plastic there on the back, but i’ll take that i’ll. Take that here not having a glass pack, i do like glass backs and, like a nice matte finish sometimes as well. This is a glossy sort of plastic finish on the back, which is the fingerprint magnet. So some people might not like that. So pop any questions down below, if you do have any i’ll answer them as best as i can.