You see back in 2015 during the era of the locally branded smartphones were booming in the market. One of the brands that entered the country was blackvue, although they didn’t exactly bring that much flair to the table. I mean sure they had a product launch, but it didn’t exactly have a follow through, which is basically the missing piece of the puzzle. To sustain brand recall with dominant players like cherry mobile, my phone star mobile and cloud phone to name a few which were really heavy in promoting their products across the board, pretty much how you see nadine lustre on tv whenever a commercial oppo kicks in on tv? Producing smartphones and tablets left and right appealing to the mass consumers since back then to get the best of the best. You need to fork out that much money, unlike today in 2021 priced at just 100 to 200 or roughly 5 000 to 9 000 pesos. You already have a fully functional smartphone, so with that being said, we have here the blackvue a70, which is one of the latest of what blackvue has to offer, which i think is geared towards the budget segment, since this is priced within the range of 100, the Device comes with a 6.52 inch ips lcd display with a 720p resolution and a 20×9 aspect ratio. This comes with android 11 out of the box, 32 gigabytes of internal storage, paired with three gigabytes of ram and a massive 5 380 milliamp hour battery with a quad camera configuration three on the back and one in front running.

The show is a 1.6 gigahertz octa core uni soc processor, with a power vrg 8322 gpu, which, although it’s not the best of the best it performs as intended for an entry level device. Now i wouldn’t bank on gaming as much and if you’re a power user. I would strongly recommend going for something more than the a70, like the 880 series from blackvue, perhaps, but, if you’re just looking for a device that can get the job done, this is it for less than 100. Originally, this is priced at 129.99, but most often than not ecommerce platforms like banggood, gearbest, shoppie and lazada, to name a few offer discounts that can substantially lower the price, which is amazing in terms of photography. There are three lenses on the back where the primary lens is a 13 megapixel ai shooter, which can detect scenes and bring out the best imagery at this price point. Sadly, i was not able to take photos to showcase due to the lack of time, but my associate elaine did manage to squeeze in a few selfies using the front facing camera, which is quite shocking. To be honest, here we have a set of photos taken with the black view. All three are shot with the front camera using the photo mode. The next set of photos are taken with the portrait mode, where it adds a little bit of bokeh or blur in the background for comparison purposes. These are photos of the lane using an iphone 11 pro max indoors and, as you can see, even if the device is just a fraction of the price of that of an iphone 11 pro max.

The blackvue a70 still managed to do a great job for this price point. Let me ensure there are some noticeable artifacts which may affect the overall imagery, but with a bit of tweaking and a good amount of light, the blackvue a70 can still give you good. Looking photos to capture those precious moments or for social media sharing in addition to the camera, is the battery life, since the black view comes with a 5380mah battery.