Back in today’s video, we are checking out one of the first rug devices that supports 5g connectivity, so this right here is called the alkitel wp10 and, according to the manufacturer, this phone is shockproof, waterproof dustproof. So if you take the phone in the shower, it will work fine afterwards. Now, even though the manufacturer says that this phone is shockproof, i highly recommend that you don’t go around. Dropping the phone keep in mind. The screen is still covered by glass. So if you drop this the wrong way, there is a good chance the screen will break, even though the phone is supposedly shockproof, so be careful with it now. This is also one of the heaviest phones that i have ever tried and one of the biggest phones that i have ever tried, so the phone weights about 380 grams and because it is so massive it’s actually hard to keep it in your pocket. If you’re wearing jeans it’s almost impossible to keep this in your jeans and if you do manage to have it in your pocket, you do feel like the phone is pulling down your pants. So it is that heavy if you are not into heavy phones. This is definitely not for you, even when you’re holding it like this, so you can read an email, read an article, something like that. After a couple of minutes, you will feel that your hand gets tired, so the phone is that heavy.

Now this is also one of the fastest and one of the most powerful rock devices that i’ve ever tried. So inside this phone we have the mediatek dimensity 800 that’s paired with 8 gigs of ram and 128 gigs of internal storage and on the antutu benchmark. He gets a score of over three hundred thousand that’s higher than most mid range devices that we get these days. So, yes, a very, very powerful device. You can actually play games on it better than you do on a lot of mid range devices. So yes, one of the most powerful rock phones that i’ve tried on the front of the device. We have a 6.67 inches ips panel. That has a 1080p resolution. The screen looks great. The viewing angles are really good, so you can see the screen, no matter how you look at it and the screen does get bright enough, so the phone can be seen outdoors. So i can’t really say anything bad about the screen. The phone’s body is mostly made out of plastic, or maybe some kind of rubberized plastic on the sides we do have some metal and, on the right hand, side. We have the power button. The volume keys the slot for the sim card, so this device can take two sim cards at the same time, but it cannot take an sd card and we also have a fingerprint scanner on the side there now, i have to say the fingerprint scanner doesn’t work That amazing, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Maybe you have to scan your finger two three times, but at least the phone supports face, unlocking and that’s – usually much faster than unlocking it with your finger at the bottom. Here we have a usbc charging port that’s covered by a rubber flap, so that’s good, so you don’t get dirt into that port. But unfortunately there is no 3.5 mil audio jack, so you can’t really connect any headphones. Unless you have a usb c to a 3.5 mil audio jack, adapter and um on the back here we have the holes for the speaker, so the speaker is kind of pointed away from you every time you are watching something or listening to something, and i would Have preferred to see dual speakers so at least one on the back one on the front, but no we only get them one speaker, and i guess this is a quick example. So you can hear how the speaker on the back here sounds: Music i’m, not giving up again Music inside this massive phone. We also have a 8 000 milliamp hour battery and you can typically get between 10 and 15 hours of screen on time. So for most people, i feel that this will last at least two or three days. The phone also supports fast charging, so charging the phone from zero to 100 is done in about two and a half hours, which is pretty decent. Considering that we have that massive 8 000 milliamp hour battery, the phone has an nfc chip as well, so you can make payments with it using google pay, which is definitely great, but strangely enough it doesn’t support wireless charging.

I was kind of expecting it to support wireless charging as well now talking about cameras on the back here we have a lot of cameras, but most of these cameras are there just to be there for marketing reasons. The main camera is a 48 megapixel sensor and if you do have plenty of light, the pictures do turn out decent enough and the phone can even record in 4k, and we do have image stabilization for 4k recordings. Now. The instabilization isn’t amazing, if you’re, recording in 4k or even 1080p, but at least it’s something and the video quality, is pretty decent as well. That was a quick example of a recording that i’ve done the other day and the same kind of goes for the front. Camera you typically don’t buy these rug devices to have a phone that has the best camera. The cameras are pretty average overall, so the phone runs android 10 right out of the box. We have a very light launcher, something very close to stock android and the phone doesn’t come pre installed with a bunch of useless, apps and that’s, always great, because nobody likes to uninstall all those some useless apps. As i said before, um because we have that processor inside the phone is extremely quick plus we have eight gigs of ram. Multitasking works really good if you’re, using apps like facebook, chrome or anything like that. Everything works extremely well and just as good as it would actually work on a flagship.

As i said, this is the most powerful rock phone that i’ve tried so far, even gaming works extremely good. I played call of duty on it for quite some time, but the phone does get a bit warm when you’re playing games like that, not to mention that, since it is so heavy your hands kind of get a bit tired of playing but overall on performance wise. The phone does perform extremely well, the gps inside it works great. It only takes a second to find them your location once it’s found it doesn’t seem to lose it. We have a variety of sensors available, just as many sensors as you would get them with a flagship. The phone supports dual band wi fi and, as i mentioned earlier, um in the video it supports 5g connectivity. So the phone supports enough bands that we should be able to use this pretty much anywhere in the world so to quickly conclude this video, if you do, need a rugged phone, something that’s. This massive i mean it’s nice to have a phone that has a screen. This big, but i don’t necessarily like the size of the phone, because it’s just so big. We have massive bezels all around that screen, but if you do need a rugged phone that has a big screen, a big battery beautiful screen, the camera is kind of average. I can’t really say anything bad about it. It works really well it’s, just a big phone it’s, a massive phone that’s, not gon na, be for everyone, but overall it is one of the best rugged phones that i’ve tried so far, all right guys.