A first look and i can’t believe this day is gone. How it has we got a big global launch coming for the redmi note. 10 series tonight, but first i need to show you my first look of the redmi k40 pro 5g and your first look on frankie tech of the redmi k40 pro did, i say today was going to be nuts yep. I definitely did and typically a device like this guys would get a much more thorough unboxing but, as you know, i’ve been working towards this global launch of the redmi note, 10 pro series and it’s been insane. I have not slept in like two days and so i’m doing my best here to deliver these videos for tonight, but in the meantime, guys let’s take a look at this redmi k40 pro the china variant and i got the let’s show you guys here. There’S, the 8gb 256 gigs of storage version, apparently the redmi k40 pro plus is not being launched until next month, and so i decided to go with the. I guess almost top of the line version right here and let’s take a look here at the back and look at it. Look at that back. This is the one i’ve been waiting for that beautiful serrated edge back on this redmi k40. Pro initial impressions of the design, you know, i’ve used the redmi note 10 pro, and i can tell you that it is an upgrade from this.

This is an upgrade from that device, not to say the redmi. Note 10 pro is a poorly built device, but look at that. We even have dual speakers on the top of this variant and, most importantly, let’s. Look at that gorgeous 120 hertz, refresh rate display let’s lower the brightness real, quick it’s, a bit of a gloomy day, guys here in hong kong, i’ve been trying to i’ve, been trying to get camera and like footage for my camera comparison, and this is the crap I’Ve been dealing with, but anyways hope you guys are still able to see this phone in the light, and it looks very beautiful, with a 120 hertz refresh rate let’s check to see if it is actually on 120 hertz let’s have a look there. It is 120 hertz and now yes, i can definitely tell we are running much more smoothly here on this phone. So obviously you guys know the specs of this device snapdragon triple eight. We have eight gigs of ram 128 256 gigs of storage optional, and we got dual speakers: a 4520 milliampere battery with 33 watt fast charging and, of course, this variant. If i’m not mistaken, is the 64 megapixel ai triple camera. So it’s got the imx 686 on board and this device should still be a camera champ, but it’s not going to be to the level of the pro plus, which is going to have that hm2 sensor which, as you guys know, that sensor is a pretty big Deal, i think it just launched in india with an hm2 sensor, but guys the image signal processor of a phone will make a big difference that’s why this phone with the hm2 is gon na deliver some incredible results, but either way guys i’m gon na be fully Testing this device out – and let me tell you this design – this back – is really beautiful.

Now the first thing i’d love to do is be able to compare this to the redmi note 10 pro, which i have in my pocket, but since it’s under embargo. I can’t really do that. If you guys wanted to see a comparison of those two phones after embargo drops maybe later this evening or if i’m i’m pretty exhausted guys, if not, we can do it tomorrow and we can do that comparison for you guys as well, but anyways just a quick. First, look here of the redmi k40 pro it’s, looking like a beautiful device and definitely want to kind of go in depth with this phone and compare it next to phones like the xiaomi 11, like the s21 ultra and many more. Obviously the redmi note 10 pro launch is coming tonight, so stay tuned guys. I have two incredible videos coming for you all. On the redmi note 10 pro. I spent a lot of time working on those, so i really do appreciate all the support and, of course, stay tuned for the full review of this redmi k40 pro as well so it’s starting to rain guys. So i don’t want to put this phone to the test here with the water coming down there. You can see it, but once again, if you like this video give me that thumbs up and if you love the content of frankie tech subscribe to the channel, hit the bell icon for future updates.

Thanks for watching this, one guys stay tuned like i said for the great launch tonight, and this is where i leave you by saying this is frankie tech signing off have a good one.