These gadgets are well known for their innovative and unique features, which will bring a whole new way to use your smartphone more conveniently so. In today’s video we will introduce the top 10 best smartphone gadgets. That will help you to realize the true potential of your device and will also make your life more simpler and convenient, so sit back, relax and enjoy the video Music get rid of tangled wires and charge. Your smartphone, with just one cable, introducing the charby edge pro charging cable, a six in one cable that can charge multiple devices without the need of any dedicated wires designed to connect in any smartphone or device. This cable has a usb on one side and offers a usbc master key that can be converted into a lightning cable or a micro, usb cable, allowing you to charge or transfer data within the device pretty easily. With the qc 2.0 and 3.0 feature, it has an e mark chip that allows it to deliver up to 100 watts of power and to charge your device at a blazing fast speed. Besides, it can also transfer your files up to megabits per second making it an all in one cable to use it for multi purposes, with ease built with sturdy, aluminum housing and made of ballistic fiber reinforced material. This cable is 2 meter in length and has passed 30 000 plus bend test without breaking a sweat, meaning it’s gon na last for many years without wearing off the charby edge pro charging cable.

Pretty much takes all the boxes for its multiple port options and additional features, which makes it an essential smartphone gadget to bring convenience in your life. Here at the lotus review, we are a bunch of product researchers and testers. We test analyze and research new products and create a list of top 5 or 10 items based on price quality features and user feedback. We also provide upcoming and innovative products ideas so that viewers may know about new products. Our goal is to create a proper shopping guide so that our viewers can make the best Music decisions Music charge, your smartphone, wherever you go with the g6 61 watt travel adapter a universal charger as well as an adapter that supports multiple devices. At the same time. For your convenience featuring its gan technology, this gadget offers a 61 watt usb type c, pd port and two usb a ports which allows you to charge your android or ios devices quickly and easily equipped with an auto resetting fuse. This power adapter is designed to fit in any wall sockets so that you can take it anywhere in any country and charge four devices simultaneously without needing any converters. It offers various safety protection features, including over voltage, overcharge short circuit temperature protection and many more allowing you to charge your essential devices safely without any worry weighing at around just 170 grams. This power adapter is built in a compact form factor which allows you to take it in your backpack quite easily.

With the perfect combination of powerful charging features, various wall socket support and lightweight design. The g6 61 watt travel adapter is a great gadget for any smartphone users without any doubt capture the perfect selfie snap and write with precision by using the adornate snap 2, a smart bluetooth stylus that attaches with your smartphone and can be used as a pen or A remote shutter featuring with the improved 1.9 millimeter pixel point tip. It allows you to sketch, with accuracy, to add a personal touch to your photos. With its dedicated action button, you can capture three continuous shots, selfies or group shots at a distance instantly, allowing you to get the most out of your iphone camera so that you never miss a minute. Any time made with a lightweight aluminum body. It offers an included self adhesive magnetic strip that places on the back of your phone so that you can magnetically attach your stylus quickly and easily equipped with a rechargeable battery. It allows you to draw up to 12 hours on a single charge so just charge it. One time and use it for a long time with ease the atonet snap 2 is a great smartphone gadget for its durable design, accurate sketching and remote shutter feature, which will become handy to fulfill your everyday tasks, keep your smartphone charged up while on the move by Using the satachi quattro, a wireless power bank that offers an excellent battery capacity and wireless charging features in order to keep you moving without stopping packed with a massive 10 000 milliamp hour battery, it can fully recharge an iphone 11 up to two times while away from A power outlet so that you can remain active and connected while traveling featuring a 5 watt wireless charger, along with the 2.

5 watt apple watt charger. This power bank has a usb type cpd port that delivers up to 18 watt power and also a 12 watt. Usb a port to recharge multiple devices at once, so throw away all the other options and take this all in one gadget to make your life simpler and convenient made with a modern design. This power bank is compatible with all the modern androids and ios devices, while maintaining a compact profile to make portable charging even more convenient. The satachi quattro wireless power bank is a remarkable all in one gadget that is well known for its powerful output and wireless features, which will keep your phone active for longer, while traveling Music field. Your party, like never before with the x6 bluetooth speaker a high performance, portable bluetooth speaker that transforms any place into an immersive auditory experience built with a sealed architecture. This compact speaker delivers a powerful and high quality sound through its stainless steel front woofer and a 57 millimeter rooty boron, lateral, providing you with surround sound experience to enjoy your music to a whole new level with its duo mode feature, you can connect two of these Speakers with bluetooth 5.0, which will give your music a multi dimensional edge so that you can immerse yourself into 4d sound effect. It comes with multiple play modes and you can connect this speaker through bluetooth, tf card udisc and aux cable, giving you all types of connecting options to bring your music into reality.

It also offers a built in intelligent, auto noise reduction microphone that lets. You answer your cult: without disconnecting allowing you to have a hands free, calling conversation anytime, you want equipped with a 1200 milliamp hour battery. This speaker gives a runtime for up to 10 hours on a single charge so that you can keep your party rolling and enjoy your favorite tracks non. Stop without any worry weighing at around 1.175 pounds. This speaker is lightweight, durable and easy to carry so that you can fit it in your bag or your handbag comfortably metal base 3d sound and many more. The xx bluetooth speaker is well known for its overall features and is an essential smartphone gadget to keep your party rolling all the time Music organize share and edit on the go with the skybox, a credit card size to wireless ssd storage. That offers large capacity fast. Read write, speed and wireless sharing features to transfer your files instantly featuring up to 4 terabytes of ssd capacity and 2 usb type c gen 2 ports. It offers the maximum transfer speed of up to 2200 megabits per second, so that you can transfer your mobile files quickly without worrying about running out of storage designed to connect multiple devices simultaneously. It offers the next generation wi fi 6 technology, which allows you to transfer files 40 faster than its previous wi fi 5 technology. It offers a skybox mobile app that allows you to manage your files, edit and backup documents instantly.

Besides, you can also stream 4k videos share photos and music with your friends pretty easily weighing at around just 6.4 ounces. The ssd is portable lightweight and easy to carry so that you can take it with your smartphone without any hassle portable, yet blazing fast. The skybox wireless ssd storage is a great gadget for your smartphone that can save up your mobile space and will let you capture more photos or videos on the go Music disinfect your entire phone in just minutes by using the phone soap 3.. A small well designed gadget that can destroy cold and flu viruses to keep your phone clean and germ free all the time featuring two scientifically proven: germicidal uvc bulbs, it thoroughly sanitizes your entire phone and destroys 99.9 of all bacteria and germs in just 10 minutes making Your phone clean and safe, effectively built to accommodate all smartphones. It supports larger models like the iphone 11 pro max and the galaxy s20 ultra, so that you can feature mobile in it without any hassle. It offers a standard usb port and a usb type c port. In the back of the unit which allows universal charging to all devices while disinfecting your device, the phone soap 3 is a great little gadget for its unique germ, removing features which will keep your phone safe and clean. All the time avoid the need for having an extra hand while capturing videos by using the tick track, an auto tracking phone mount that follows your movement and captures your footages completely hands free with its auto face and objective tracking feature.

It offers a smart ai camera that follows your movement and allows you to capture your video without the need for any mobile app making. It super convenient to record videos for youtube, live streaming, selfie or parties pretty easily. This device offers a 38 degree up and down rotation and a vast 355 degree horizontal movement. So whether you are moving a lot in your scene, the tick track will manage to handle it flawlessly with a versatile number of fitting supports. You can place it on a table, set your mobile and a portrait or landscape angle, or even fit it on a tripod, giving you all the options to capture your footage. As per as your needs, the tick track. Auto tracking phone mount is an excellent gadget for its rotating features and various placement systems, which will let you capture shake free videos with peace of mind. Music, transform your smartphone into a powerful camera with the lemur premium, smartphone lenses that allows you to take better images flawlessly built with durable, aluminum housing. These four detachable lenses offers a precision optical glass on top, which you can mount securely onto your smartphone camera pretty easily. It offers an eight millimeter ultra white fish eye lens with a 237 degree field of view, which allows you to capture five times more of land or cityscape, with great details for extreme close ups. It offers a 25 millimeter macro lens, with a magnification of 10 times, allowing you to capture your extreme close shots in ultra high definition, detail with its 60 millimeter tele lens.

You will be able to reach up to four times optical zoom, making it a perfect lens for capturing portrait and landscape, pretty usually last but not least, it also offers an 18 millimeter wide angle lens, with a field view of 110 degrees, allowing you to take two Times wider pictures, without losing any details with a compact design and ideal for everyday carrying the lemuro premium. Smartphone lenses are great for its easy to attach system and build quality, which will surely enhance your mobile photography experience without a doubt, Music capture, your lovely moments, shake free by using the dji o m4 a newly released foldable smartphone gimbal. That offers better tracking features, improved stabilization and a whole new technique to attach your phone effortlessly featuring its powerful 3 axis motor. This gimbal keeps your smartphone steady and your videos smooth, even with an external lens added, so that you never have to post a shaky video again. It offers a whole new active track, 3.0 feature that focuses and tracks the fast moving subjects and allows you to even fine tune your image composition with the joystick thanks to its whole new magnetic attachment system. It allows you to attach your smartphone to your gimbal instantly, with its magnetic phone clamp or magnetic ring holder, making it perfect for filming on the go. It offers the dynamic zoom feature and has advanced algorithms that helps the gimbal to deliver a hollywood feel with minimal effort. So all you have to do is tap and walk magnetic ultra compact and bursting with easy to use features.

The om4 is the ultimate solution for sharing your world and enabled effortless capture whenever your inspirations strike, so that was our list for top 10 best smartphone gadgets.