I’Ve been reviewing a lot of other stuff lately, but i’ve got a lot of thoughts about this one, and i think that now is a good time for me to cover this, because my opinion and my thoughts have kind of changed on this device a little bit Since it first came out, but overall, i think it’s, probably the best samsung phone ever made and that’s a very, very lofty thing to say, because i have a very much love hate relationship with this phone. I paid for it with my own money and this was not sent to me as a review unit. I just i really wanted it. They’Ve made a lot of improvements on this phone. One ui, i think, is the best it’s ever been. This is the best software experience that there has ever been on a samsung phone it’s, really good. The s. Pen support is clutch, totally love it, and especially nice when i’m working back and forth with my tab, s7 plus, because i can keep, i can use the same stylus and work on both at the same time really nice, 108 megapixel, camera 8k. Video, i mean to me that’s largely gimmicky, but hey it’s, a selling point and 5 000 amp battery 120 hertz refresh rate on the quad hd plus resolution screen, which is just beautiful, it’s, probably the best looking screen i’ve ever used. I have nothing but mostly good things to say about this phone, so if there’s a key takeaway from that, then there it is.

I do have some frustrations and i’m going to talk about all of it in this video and before i go any farther because i’ve already run my mouth enough. I do want to say if this is your first time stopping by the channel. I appreciate you being here if you enjoy the video please hit the like and the subscribe button and the little notification bell. If you want updates when new videos come out now, let’s talk about the samsung galaxy s21 ultra, so everything about this phone is mostly ultra. If it exists in the phone like, if they put it in the phone, then they did a largely good job. The reason i say that is, they took out sd card slot storage there’s. None of that you have fixed storage, which is just what they did with the samsung galaxy s6, which i hated back in the day and by the way they charge you more money, so you can get more storage because you’re like oh! No, i i need more. I need more gbs, so starting off at 128 gigabyte storage with 8k video recording capability is pretty much criminal to me. I i feel like if i’m paying 1199 dollars for this phone, then the sucker should come with at least 256 gigabytes of storage. I mean all right, so the fact they put 128 largely is not that big of a deal for most people, but if you want to shoot 4k video like i do all the time, if you want to shoot 8k video, which i don’t really do, but hey It’S there it’s, like 600 megabytes of storage per minute, a 10 minute.

Video is 6 gigabytes, so just put that into perspective, you’re really missing out on storage capability, so you think hey. If they’re going to handicap it there’s sd card slot right. No, you cannot put in an sd card slot, so i really don’t like that. In addition to that, they took out the mst, the magnetic transmission payment method in samsung pay. This is their first flagship phone where they did that. So if you go up to a card swipe and it doesn’t accept nfc payment methods, you’re out of luck now, you’re, just like the other android phones out there that don’t do it. So i really hate that they did that very very annoying. They did include certain things like s, pen support, so the s pen is really nice and they have a case which is largely sucky. I went ahead and i paid for it because i used my credit when i got my pre order, credit for it, but either way it comes with an s pen, if you buy the case that has it otherwise, you can use any s pen, you want this. One comes with the silicone case with s pen from samsung, which is like a 70 case, which is the case is cheap. It is cheap, crappy case, but it comes with this s pen and it works. Just like you would on your note. It has the air gestures and all that cool stuff. You can even use the note stylus you can use your tab, seven plus stylus, pretty much any s pen in the last couple of years.

You can use with this so it’s really nice to be able to do that, it’s, pretty cool. I i do find myself actually using this and it’s, not the teeny tiny little note stylus like on the note, so i enjoy it and then, like i said, i use my tab. S7 plus stylus all the time i don’t even have to take this one out. I’Ll be doing work between my phone and my tablet at the same time, and you just use the same s. Pen, it’s, really really nice it’s great for productivity, it’s got decks, it’s got wireless decks. I don’t really use those, but if you do use them – and you like them they’re in here and of course, you’ve also got wireless charging. You’Ve got high speed. Wired charging you’ve got wireless power share, so you can reverse power things like your earbuds. If those go dead or somebody else’s phone, if you know it’s an emergency and you’ve got a 5 000 milliamp battery to do it, which should be good – and i actually made a video about this because the battery life for me sucks bad, like it’s, not good. I was using it yesterday and i had like 20 percent battery. I was at like three hours and 45 minutes of screen on time utterly horrendous and then, like some days, i might squeak out just over 5 hours if you use the camera for anything it burns up the battery.

If you play games, it uses more battery and some people are like hey dude. Your phone must be broken right, like i’m, getting seven eight ten hours of screen on time. Well, if you turn off a bunch of the features yeah, you can get more power time. I mean you can get more screen on time, but there are a lot of people who are experiencing this issue and it started off in the comment section when i did the video some angry people they’re like nah bro, your phone’s broke it’s defective it’s, this it’s That and then it was like one after another after another after another, and i had talked to other people and had seen that there were other people having similar experiences to me before i made the video, so the battery life may be good for you. If it is i’m very happy for you, you’ve got the most perfect phone. You can get right now, if you’re like me and you’re, barely getting four hours of screen on time out of a 5 000 milliamp battery, then it’s very frustrating and that’s the biggest thing for me with this phone, i switched my sim card out of this phone I’Ve been using my xiaomi mi 11, which is basically 90 percent of the same hardware, a 4600mah battery that gets me six hours of screen on time versus the 5000. That barely gets me four. There is something going on and i think it’s one ui related.

I think they just haven’t found a way with the updates to get everything optimized as well, but even with patches, even with resetting it, even with clearing out the cash i’m still experiencing the same problems as our other people. So i don’t want this to be a huge, discouraging point for people. If you want to get the phone get it. If you have these problems, swap it out and get another one, maybe it will work, but this is not just a my phone issue. The cameras are solid. I love the cameras on here, it’s, so cool to be able to reach out and see a picture of the moon like up close and personal it’s ridiculous, how good the cameras are on here and it doesn’t have the terrible, auto focus issues like the s20 ultra Had last year so camera department, i think, it’s the best samsung ever made. Now you could say well the note 20 ultra had good cameras. Yes, it does. I mean there are other phones that have really good cameras. This is nothing that’s overly earth shattering if you’ve had a samsung phone in the last couple of years, it’s just that the features are much more refined. Now i think, and i think they’ve worked out a lot of the kinks, so the 108 megapixel camera very usable, not just gimmicky and it’s – got the telephoto and the wide angle as well. So you’ve got everything you can ask for and then you’ve got probably the best selfie camera that i’ve ever used, so the one in the s20 ultra was very good.

I was like man. This is the best one ever this one it’s just as good, so you you’ve got that as well. The camera set up on here, if you’re into social media, if you’re into taking pictures, if you’re into i mean basically whatever and you can you can run a youtube channel off of this, you can shoot content. You got the portrait mode whenever you’re shooting video it’s excellent, so i give it like top marks across the board. I’M. Not dxo, i’m. Actually credible Laughter, just a joke there. If you follow the dxo mark scores, but it’s a joke now either way, the camera on here is top notch. It’S, really good you’re going to be totally happy with it now the colors on here and the design, i think, are good. I i had some hang ups when i first saw the phone at best buy and i was like god. This thing looks terrible with all the fingerprints and the oils and everything all over it. It had clearly been handled a lot by a lot of people, so i was a little in the department and the s21 and the s21 plus feel like cheap plastic to me. They do not feel like premium phones at all, at least in my opinion, this one you’ve got the metal you’ve got the curved edge subtle, subtly curved edge display and yeah it’s round it’s got this kind of unibody camera module on top.

Now that wraps around and contours to the phone chassis, i mean that’s cool but it’s still a gigantic bump and then still, if you put it down on the flat surface, you can hear that that’s you’re trying to tap on the phone to type and it’s like Weeble wobbling and still doing that so definitely put in the case the phantom black color. I really like, though, and they have some other ones like the brown and the in the navy now, but you had to wait like six weeks extra to get those and i hate how samsung does that at least they told us up front this time. Hey there are more colors coming. You just have to wait six to eight weeks to get it. I could not wait. I wasn’t gon na wait that long to get a blue or a brown one, the black one is it. For me, this is a sharp looking phone and this matte finish on here almost looks kind of like a flat plasti dip, but a quality one, and i think they did a good job. Stereo speakers usb c charging it’s got everything you can ask for and that’s what you get with the s. Lineup of phones it’s, like everything in the kitchen sink. Of course they took parts of the kitchen sink out, particularly yes, the sd card storage and the magnetic payment method. So i’m really not happy about those things, but they also gave us the s pen support, so i mean there’s kind of some trade offs there it’s.

Definitely not a note, i mean the note still, i think in some ways: it’s nice it’s more thin. It has the little slot on the bottom, where you can put the s pen in there are still some reasons for people who still want to get the the the note devices, but at the end of the day, this right here, i think, is the best for Me i i always got the note, because the note had like everything in it and then the stylus was there and i kind of like the more boxy appearance to it and it’s more flat. It usually had more storage. Had better cameras, like you always for years, were getting a better, more refined product with the note device and now it’s like they’re, basically the same, and now that i can get s pen support for this, i don’t care so much about the note and that’s something That a lot of people were missing out on for a long time was like yeah. I really like the note, but i don’t care for the stylist and i don’t like that. It costs so much money. So now you get your cake and you can eat it too. Of course, it’s not available in the s21 of the plus model for the s pen support, but the s21 ultra is very much an ultra phone. I i think that it’s deserving of the name i like that they knocked 200 off the price.

The 13.99 last year for the s20 ultra was a huge debacle, totally not worth it. Dropping this one down to 11.99, i think, is a smart call. I think that that’s kind of worth it it’s still more than the iphone 12 pro max, which comes in at 10.99, so there’s still some trade offs there. When you look at what you’re getting, but also with this, you get the s pen support and you get some other things, and i think that overall, this is a better phone like i really enjoy the s21 ultra more than i do my iphone, and i have It i’m recording with it right now. The iphone 12 pro max is a very good phone. It’S really boring and i don’t really enjoy it, but it’s really good phone. It is it’s the best iphone you can get, so they did a good job. It’S got everything that you really need. It just doesn’t have some of those other things. So if you’ve got a samsung galaxy s 21 or if you’ve got a note, 20 note 20 ultra any of that stuff, it’s not really worth upgrading the snapdragon 8 processor. Is nice? The variable rate display for the refresh rate is nice because it’s supposed to kind of throttle it down and save on battery, although it doesn’t, but the display is gorgeous. Also, i love this under the screen fingerprint sensor it’s the best that they’ve ever done now: i’m rocking mine without a screen protector on it.

This is the first time i’ve ever done this with the premium phone i’m paying for the insurance. The note 20 ultra i loved, but when i put a screen protector, even a film style, one, even a compatible one over the screen, the fingerprint sensor turned to garbage and it made it such a painful process to use that phone. I stopped using my note. 20. Ultra, it drove me crazy. I sold it this one right here. The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is more secure than the optical that you get in android counterparts and it finally works. The way that it’s supposed to it is so good, like i love it it’s so nice. I don’t like facial recognition technology, i mean it’s there like look, you can unlock it, it’s perfectly fine, but the fingerprint sensor they finally nailed it. I will pay the insurance deductible if i damage my screen. I have mixed feelings about it, because i have a couple micro scratches on my screen and i have no idea how i got them. My phone has hardly even left the house, and within three days of owning this phone, i had a micro scratch that goes like that, like a quarter of the way across my screen, no clue how it got there, i put it in my pocket. I have athletic shorts, i don’t have keys. I only carry my phone on my dedicated pocket, so i don’t know what happened to it. I’M.

Really, not that big of a fan of this gorilla glass victus, but hey it’s, supposed to be really good. Whatever i’ve got insurance put a screen protector on yours if you’re not going to get insurance but i’m going to rock mine this way for now, as long as i’m using it like, i actually switched my sim out of this and i’ve been using my xiaomi mi 11, which i totally love, it’s, basically the same hardware, but it doesn’t give me the battery frustration. So this one right here, if you don’t, have battery problems and you don’t care about the samsung pay and you don’t care about expandable storage. This is it for you. You will love this phone and yeah it’s. This is probably the best samsung phone ever made and i i feel very very. I feel i feel good about saying that, like i don’t, i don’t have any reservations with saying. I think this one’s the best and you can say well what about the full? What about the z flip? Well, the z flip is great. I love it it’s my favorite samsung phone, this one’s the best it’s the best for most people that you know looking at something in this price range. You can still get a really good phone in the s21 of the plus. They are fantastic. You can get them way cheaper than this, so, but, if you’re in the market for a ultra series thousand dollar plus phone, this right here, i think, is gon na make you really happy so that’s all i’ve got.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them down in the comment section i’ll get back with you. If you enjoy the video please hit the like and the subscribe button and the little notification bell.