The redmi note 10 pro as my daily driver and i’m liking. It so far i mean it’s really easy to like, given its combination of price performance and features in case you’re, not familiar with the redmi note line, it’s xiaomi’s budget friendly champions that have at times outsold even samsung and apple globally. With the redmi note, 10 pro xiaomi is gunning to grab a bigger piece of the pie from samsung’s, galaxy a51 or even apple’s iphone sc, so let’s not waste any more time and dive right into the features for full transparency by the way, xiaomi usually sends me Its phones ahead of their global launch so that i can review it or cover it somehow, but don’t worry. This will not affect my thoughts or opinions on the device Music. Now the note 10 pro has a huge 6.7 inch amoled display with 2400 by 1080p resolution. It houses qualcomm snapdragon 732g chipset. It also rocks 108 megapixel main shooter and has dual stereo speaker systems. Now, with a peak brightness of 1200 nits. This phone is still visible, even in some of the brightest places, but this is a budget phone. After all, and xiaomi has made some sacrifices. The biggest thing missing is 5g, which, if you’re gon na keep your redmi note 10 pro for a few years. You’Ll want your next phone to have there’s, also no telephoto lens, but these are fair emissions. In my opinion, considering the redmi note pro starts at 279 dollars by the way, if you’re a fan of this lineup, there is a 5g version of the redmi note.

10 up for grabs, you can check out those details if you need them on my article on and it’s, also linked in the description box below now that you have an overall idea of the device. You’Re, probably wondering about the camera. Now xiaomi put an emphasis on the camera in its media paraphernalia for the red note, 10 lineup for the 10 pro at least xiaomi has bumped up the resolution of the main shooter, which now has a 108 megapixel wide angle lens, accompanied by three others: an 8 Megapixel ultra wide, with 118 degree field of view, a 5 megapixel tele macro and a 2 megapixel depth lens on the front there’s, a 16 megapixel selfie camera smack in the top center of the display during my hands on time. The camera managed to capture crisp and vibrant photos, especially in environments with ample light low light images were decent too. This was taken with the redmi note in my dimly lit living room here. It is in comparison with the much pricier iphone 12 pro max, and here are some telemacro photos. This photo of my flowers was taken on super macro mode now here it is on default settings and now here’s another photo of my sweats on ultra wide mode, and here it is again on super macro mode. So many details now keep in mind. There is no telephoto camera on this phone. That means there is no optical zoom, but there is 10 times digital zoom it zooms in pretty far, but you can’t count on it for capturing detail in far away objects like these buildings, which resemble watercolor paintings.

One of the headline features of the redmi note: 10. Pro is the zippy refresh rate of 120 hertz that’s, actually, the same speed seen across samsung’s latest galaxy s21 lineup, including the 1200 galaxy s21 ultra, as well as xiaomi’s own flagship, smartphone, the mi 11.. Now the redmi note 10 pro runs on qualcomm snapdragon 732g processor, which is a cut above the 730g chipset found on google’s pixel, although it isn’t the newest or most cutting edge processor from qualcomm, stable you’ll have to shell out for the samsung galaxy s21 ultra or The me11 for that it was more than sufficient for my needs allowing me to sail through everyday tasks without a hitch. Battery life was solid too lasting me about a day and a half with what i described as mild use. That means i made a few short phone calls watched, tick, tock videos, wrote emails, read news watched some more tik, tok videos and took photographs, but when you eventually do run out of juice, refilling the redmi note’s 5020 milliamp hour battery doesn’t take long thanks in part To that 33 watt wire charger, based on my early tests, i hit a 30 charge in 15 minutes about 30 minutes or so for a half charge and slightly over an hour for the battery to be fully revitalized. And now before we wrap up let’s go over the ports and buttons on this phone, because there are quite a few there’s, a fingerprint reader located on the right side of the phone and on top you’ll, actually still see a humble headphone jack.

Just like the international version of the me 11, the redmi note, 10 pro comes with a bunch of accessories, including a 33 watt wired charger, which i spoke about earlier, a usbc adapter and one plastic case, so that about wraps my review. Video of the redmi note. 10 pro but i’d love to hear from you.