Moto is nord n10 and it’s a 5g budget priced android smartphone. Now this is worth around 300 pounds or less, and it does have a lot of great features packed into it for that price range. Now it comes with this mains plug now make sure you have this with you, because this is the mains plug that would charge up your smartphone because it does have a built in um, fast charge. It’S called the wap charge 30t. Now you can charge up within 30 minutes and give you a full charge, so this can do this. Also, it comes with this usb type c charging cable and usually this bla white and red charging cable that comes with it it’s. Usually this color, that comes with the oneplus smartphones, also you would get the quick start guide the safety information with it, and this click pin here to open up the sim tray. Now the sim tray is on the left side here. Let me open it up, so i can show you so once you open you up uh. This is how it looks. So it takes a nano sim and a micro sd memory card, or you can put two nano sims. It is a dual sim smartphone, so you can put two nano sims in at the bottom. He also takes a 3.5 millimeters headphone jack. He also takes a usb type c charging port at the bottom and the speakers there, as well at the right side that’s, where the power button is and at the back here got a lot of finger fingerprint marks.

Let me just quickly clean that off at the back. He has a quad camera and he also has a flashlight there. We have a fingerprint sensor there as well. Now i’ve um i’ve switched this on i’ve skipped the registration, so i can show you everything i haven’t downloaded anything. I haven’t connected the wi fi to update anything. So i would like to show you the storage, how much storage it has with the pre built apps. Already and how it operates now. One thing i like about this uh smartphone is that it operates really smoothly. Okay, it’s, a really smooth smartphone. It has a lot of features. It has 6 gig ram 128 gig internal memory with 5g built in plus the rear camera. It has a 64 gig primary camera with a macbook surplus 2 megapixel, another 2 megapixel camera there, as well plus at the front. It also has a 16 megapixel uh front camera, which is a whole punch camera here, and it also has a built in 4300 mah battery capacity, so it has slightly more battery capacity than the standard node, which is the the standard. Node is eight gram: 128 gig internal memory. It has slightly more ram less battery life, so this one has more battery life, so has a better longer usage time, and it also has the low has the fast charge as well. So you can use this smartphone continuously for at least a good more than six hours and when the charge runs out, you just use this fast charge and it will charge up within 30 minutes uh.

Also, the screen size of this is 6.49 90 hz display. So this this display is amazing and i was very impressed with the camera that it has built in i’ve. Taken some photos. I’Ve done a video, so you can hear the hear my voice when i’ve done a recording. So you can hear the quality of the speaker as well. Let me go to this settings as well, so i can show you what it has it’s, basically like any other android smartphone. It has the wi fi. He has nfc. He has the cast android beam, tap and pay. You go all these features there. Then you got the display customization, it has sound and vibration, yes, buttons and gestures. Uh. If you go here, it just has a few gestures and stuff that you can switch on and stuff, and then you got this security and lock screen now it does have face unlock and it also does have fingerprint unlock. So you’ve got both options that you can use. You can use both of them as well and it has a standard swipe in password as well and now, if i go back and go the privacy location battery and it has storage now without downloading any apps, just the pre built apps, i haven’t even switched on The wi fi so it’s not really updating any apps it’s already used up around 18 percent of the storage now that’s around 22.76 gb, but i still have plenty of memory to use plus you can also attach a micro sd memory card and increase that memory as Well that way, it also has double um basic features like the accounts, digital well being and parental controls, like all android, smart smartphones and all the devices these days, google utilities system and about phone.

Now you can see six gig ram: 128 gig internal memory, processor snapdragon, 690, a camera. It also shows that there’s all 64 a 2 2 mp quad camera and 90 h3 fhd display. Now it has a built in um, android and 10 operating system and it’s the oxygen os. Now i like oxygen, always because it operates very smoothly, and i did i did like a lot of oneplus smartphone previously because they had that smooth operating um software. Okay, so let’s go to the camera now and i will show you the videos now. So if i, if i go to the cameras, let me rotate this: where is the rotation on this rotation here now? When i rotate it, let me go to the photo, so this is. This is without any lighting other than the light i’ve got on, but for it’s more distance away. So no lighting of this one or any other lighting, the camera is brilliant. You can see the quality of the camera is brilliant, it’s, not pixelated or anything now i’ve. Taken one with the light on and you can see: it’s very impressive, the camera and yeah it’s, just brilliant for that price range. You can see this. This is with a flashlight. Now, imagine you put extra ring lights, flat, lights, etc. Whatever you use, it would make it even better. Now, i’ve done a video uh with without the light and with the light on as well. So you can see and i’ve been also speaking as well, so you can hear the sound quality so let’s see the camera.

Is brilliant, focusing wise, brilliant as well, and this is without any lighting now, if i put the light on, it looks even better now, this doesn’t have a laser focus. However, the focus is still amazing. It doesn’t blur out that easily, but it’s, a brilliant camera and honestly for extra lighting on it will be even better all right. So, as you can see, camera wise is impressive and i wouldn’t say anything negative about the camera, because it can also record in 4k as well and that’s, something i like about it. So the camera wise, you will be very happy. Um operating wise is brilliant as well, because it’s 6 gig ram. Maybe if you download too many games such as fortnite call of duty mobile games that require a lot of time to process and it takes up a lot of memory might slow it down. However, it still can run just that if you have a lot of apps running in the background, it might slow down for a 6 gig ram, but for that price range i highly recommend it. This is a good brand as well oneplus, and it has a lot of great features packed into it.