This plus means this is the 5g variant and guys uh this smartphone again it’s an oppo smartphone, so it’s a camera centric smartphone, but they are also stressing quite a bit on the video features. For example, we have this portrait video mode even ultra night, video, hdr, video, etc. So i’ll show you all those samples in the later part of the video uh guys. This is a review on it. So i don’t know the exact pricing, but i recall the oppo or renault 5. Pro 5g was about 35 36 000. uh that had the diamond city thousand chipset. This has the diamond city 800., so i don’t know the exact pricing but i’m. Assuming that the pricing will be somewhere about 27 to 30, 000 let’s, see i’ll, add the pricing in the description area, so let’s open this up and guys. This comes in only one variant, that is eight gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage and yes, it’s, a 5d phone and last, if you notice here, it’s listed the five 5g bands that are supported on the same. So let me just quickly open this up and let’s have a closer look at this one now, so this just slides out like this, and we have a box within a box, so let’s open this up. Okay, okay back boxes too many back what’s in this looks like a case might be there, let’s see uh sim, ejector tool, guys some paperwork.

And yes, we have that transparent case uh with this one. I’Ll just keep the paperwork here, and here we have the handset itself and uh right away. It says that it’s, a 5g smartphone ai, highlight portrait video as i’ve told you a lot of options for video uh because of the diamond city chipset a lot of ai enhancements, 50 watt fast charging. It says and let’s open this up. So we have this in the silver color it’s, not white, guys, it’s silver. Actually, to be frank, it looks nice in this color and back actually guys looks like and feels like glass, but guys. This is again a polycarbonate. What they’re doing you’ll be mistaken, it as a glass but it’s a polycarbonate, and we have that quad camera at the back, and it even says 5g over here, anyways we’ll come to the device later let’s see. What else do we get? Oh, we are getting a headset that’s, a rare thing. These days generally, we are not getting any headsets, so it has a 3.5 headphone jack, so it looks like we have and again uh. We have this and it even has buttons to take our end. Calls and microphone here so nice to see we’re getting this for a change, and this is the charging brick uh, and this is that fast charger that will charge this phone at 50. Watts again guys use this cable that is supplied that usb type c cable.

So let me just keep this to the side for now and let’s. Look at this and the handset feels actually sleek guys and it weighs about 173 grams. I believe so it’s light to hold. Let me give you a physical overview on the top. We actually have that secondary noise cancellation, microphone uh here we just have the power on a button. Nothing uh button will be the speaker, your type c port main microphone that 3.5 mm headphone jack, and this is your sim tray. I think so. It will be high breed, but let’s see. Does it even support micro sd? Oh, if you haven’t dedicated, actually microsd card slot. I did not expect that. So this is nice. Actually, so we have a dedicated microsd card. You can expand the storage, so that’s a pleasant surprise. I was not expecting that anyways. So let me do one thing: let me actually boot this up now and give you an idea: it’s, a 48 megapixel main camera guys so i’ll just set this up and then we’ll continue so guys. I have set up the device, and it has this in display fingerprint scanner and guys here are the specs for your reference and it’s part by the media, deck diamond city 800u, and has this 6.4 inch screen with this punch hole front facing camera that’s? Actually, a 16 megapixel and back as you can see, we have the quad uh camera setup with the 48 megapixel being the main one and uh the handset simply does not feel that heavy, i would say it’s so it’s comfortable to hold again.

We have that corners at the back, so it’s comfortable to hold, and we also have this always on display guys by default. It’S not enabled, but you can enable in the settings, as you can see, because it’s on having an amoled screen, and so here we have the app tray guys and some of the junk is there, for example, shopping apps like amazon, flipkart, etc. You can actually uninstall that uh. We also have this game space, something i think so, and some google, specific, apps and snapchat is also there. Some extra the solop is actually used for video stuff, uh and, and you can get some cool effects with that, so that’s. What it is, and here, as you can see, we have some of the quick toggles over here screen. Recording is also there so that’s, interesting and let’s uh go under the hood and again, if you go to the display guys here, i enable the always on display from here you can enable it by default. It was off, but let’s see the software on this one and if you go to about the phone, as you can see, it’s on the uh, what do you say? Color os version 11.1 that’s based on android 11, so you’re getting android 11 out of the box. That’S actually a good thing, because these are still many phones come out of the box with android 10. nice to see it’s coming with android 11 and as i’ve told you guys, we only have one variant that comes with 8 gigabytes of ram and that 128 gigabytes Of storage, i did not install anything and out of that 128 we are getting about 110 gigabytes of space, but again guys that the inclusion of a dedicated microsd card was a surprise.

So storage should not be an issue on this device. So here, if you go back again again, this color os 11 also has become a lot cleaner. I would say compared to the other ui, so here we have it, and if i look at what you say, the fingerprint scanner i’ve already shown it to you guys. Let me again show you uh it’s here you can also enroll in face unlocking. I did not do because, as you can see, this works pretty well and again, it’s a pretty thin phone form factor. Yes, the camera juts out a little bit but still comfortable to hold in a single hand like this now let’s also look at the camera on this one. We have that quad camera set up on this. One main is that 48 megapixel with f 1.7 aperture. Then we have a eight megapixel ultra wide. Then we have two uh two two megapixel cameras: both are actually monochrome guys, uh and one is for monochrome portrait and another is for macro. I think so. This also aids in that video stuff and all those things but let’s see the camera interface, so let’s just fire this up and here’s the camera interface. This is very similar to uh other. What do you say? Oppo devices we have 1x. We have this wide angle and again no shutter lag or anything as you can see very fast. This diamond city 800u is actually a really good chipset and also power efficient chipset.

So we have this digital zoom, 2x and 5x. I would say: don’t go till 5. 2, it you can use it, and we also have the portrait mode over here. So you can use this and you get that bokeh effect in real time. You can even adjust it. How much you want ai, beautification and bokeh. If you click here, don’t leave it on 60, it becomes very weird i’ll lower it guys to get better results by default. 60 is too much and video also main thing is here video and if you go to the settings, video resolution let’s just look at the resolution. Uh, you can go up to 4k by default it’s at 1080p, so that’s, actually, nice and video. You have something known as ai mode, and i think so, if you use this one in lighting conditions, where that’s not good and stuff, the videos come out to be good even in low lighting areas. I’Ll actually show some samples with this one to show you uh that, and if we go to more here, we also have that dual uh view video. So again, as you can see front and back both. Actually, you can play around with this one, so that’s. Actually, nice and we can even play with the zoom levels: oh that’s, nice. So again you have that dual view. So a lot of modes in the video, i would say, let me just get out of this one and let’s look at the front facing camera.

This is the regular one and we also have the portrait again that beauty mode all this thing will be there, and here, if you click, you can adjust the bokeh uh, how much bokeh you want. So let me do one thing: let me actually take some sample shots with this one, so some samples with the rear facing camera and, as you can see in outdoor conditions, it’s actually doing a pretty good job, but even in indoor artificial lighting conditions, as you can See i was surprised that it did this well now. Moving to front facing camera here also did a good job now moving to outdoor shots, i feel here also it did a good job and even the skin tones if you notice came out actually really well. This is in the portrait mode, some more samples – and i have to say at the color reproduction and the skin tones are produced very well. These were taken with the front facing camera. Here i enable the portrait mode. This is a regular shot, and here again i enable the portrait mode shooting this quick sample with the front facing camera of this oppo, and this is in outdoor conditions to let me know what do you feel about the same now these were shot in completely artificial Lighting conditions in my office – and here also, as you can see, it, did a pretty good job now guys recording this video in completely artificial lighting in my office and oppo claims that this specific smartphone actually does video recording very well in very low lighting condition.

So we test that what i do is i just switch on one zero watt bulb and close all the lights and see how it does and then enable the ai mode, which is supposed to make the video better let’s test that so guys, as you can see In my office and i’ve closed almost every like just one zero watt light is there very, very low lighting conditions, and this is without the ai mode that is enabled so let’s do one thing: let’s enable the ai mode and see if it makes any difference so Guys now same situation now, it’s just that we have enabled ai mode and that should actually light up. That is the speciality of the smartphone. You guys, let me know, does it make a uh impact or a difference? The earlier picture was same lighting same everything right. The ai mode was switched on now we have just switched on the ai mode. Does it make a difference? Let me know so guys: uh that’s it for now for the unboxing and first look at this oppo f19 pro plus and guys regarding the battery uh life on this one. The capacity of the battery is 4310 milliamp hour, but guys you don’t have to worry, because i have actually tested some devices with the mediatek diamond city 800u and it’s a very power efficient uh. What do you say chipset? So, even with that kind of a battery, the battery life should be actually really good on this device and guys, as i’ve told you, this is a 5g enabled smartphone but anyways.