This is the k2. I also ordered a k1 should be here very shortly. This phone costs around 70, and for that you get 2 gigs of ram 16 gigs of storage. Android 10 go 6.52 inch display a nice 4 000 milliamp hour battery 4g, a fingerprint sensor, the mediatek 6749, which isn’t the fastest chip, but it has been pretty stable in phones, i’ve used in the past very plasticky back. But i do like the color design wow. It looks pretty good, so the fingerprint sensor is pretty recessed in into the body. Okay, the back is removable, but the battery is not. I mean you could remove it, but you need to be uh semi phone pro to do that. So here on the back, we have our two sim slots and our sd card slot as well in the box. We have this and it looks like that yeah. This was probably meant to be on the screen itself, so yeah that’s, pretty awkward, but with that charging brick doesn’t feel too light still. Wouldn’T trust it and a pair of headphones, a charging cable, which is micro, usb nothing get everything out of the box because i got to sell these phones later, a quick start guide, okay, cool and a warranty certificate, which is important. Okay, so the phone comes pre set up, okay, that’s kind of weird we’re gon na. Let that slide: oh wow, oh the battery is one percent. Okay. I got ta charge this real, quick, okay, it was in the charger for a good while and we only have four percent, so uh we’re gon na see what we can do.

Let’S try to review this one as fast as possible. So it turns out that this phone wasn’t supposed to compress it up because it came with this text in chinese. So i talked to the seller and he told me that they just forgot to factory reset the phone, so you should get the the typical um boot screen when you first boot it up. Okay, i don’t see we have a face unlock option, so we’re gon na just test the fingerprint unlock three two one it’s too, i think it’s even a bit too much recessed into the body because yeah, okay, now it doesn’t, want to knock now. Okay, three two one, three, two one: okay, so i have to put it exactly in this part right here: nope: okay, now it didn’t even work that time. Okay. So what can i say, the fingerprint sensor works, it’s good when it works so it’s pretty fast and accurate, but sometimes it just chooses not to detect your fingerprint at all, so it’s, not the most reliable. So this is kind of stuttering – oh i’m, not signing with my main account. So i can’t restore purchases. It is playable this you know not the best experience you’re gon na get, i think, even without ads it would be it’s, maybe slightly better, but still the same. More or less okay, one rider is very laggy. We will sell in a second okay there you go now it’s slightly better.

Just takes the game a bit to settle when it’s first launched uh yeah, not the best phone for gaming i’m, not even gon na test. Pubg because for night games it’s not the best, but maybe it could be a bit better. Okay, so the speaker is pretty decent it’s a bit muffled but that’s to be expected from these type of phones, uh else it’s slightly below average for the price okay. So our rear camera picture size is only up to eight megapixels front facing camera is 5 megapixels only as for video. What what? What are these black things? Why is i have that that effect, it’s weird, you can bump the selfie video to 720p. As for the rear camera 1080p – okay, so not bad! Hopefully it looks good. Hopefully, hopefully, the actual results are good. All right, let’s take our first selfie okay, let’s go outside we’re facing video on the pop tail. K2 uh looks kind of bad. On my end, let’s try and focus right here. Oh that’s, in the shade let’s go, the visibility is so bad. I can’t even see what, if, if it’s, focusing or not well but yeah, i mean for 70 dollars. Let me know what you think front facing video on the pop tart k2 and i can barely see myself. The screen has this issue worth when it’s under dark sunlight. It gets it gets kind of like white and it’s kind of i don’t know how to experience.

It’S just wider, i don’t know how to see the screen right now and what about the overall quality? Let me know what you think, so that is pretty much it so should you buy this phone for 70 dollars, it’s pretty decent? I mean the performance isn’t that bad considering the specs we have here, but some small things: okay, the vibration motor is the cheapest vibration. Motor i’ve ever felt and the camera could be a tiny bit better. Okay, but overall for 70 dollars, i mean you’re getting what you pay for, even though i think it should cost like 60 dollars, um yeah. Thank you so much for watching.