It is your girl, paris, campus i’m, here again with another video, for you guys, Laughter if you are new to this channel and you like a variety of content, be sure to like comment subscribe and hit the notification bell. So you’re notified when the next video is going to be in the meantime, let’s get in today’s video, which today’s video is going to encompass my setup. I ended up going to walmart yesterday. I have this weird habit of going to the electronics section. Yo, okay hold on hold on i’m gon na nerd out for a second. If you are in san antonio, they have nintendo switches. They have either the docking station that you can get or just it by itself the light. So i just i’m gon na get back to this, this video. So in the meantime uh i ended up getting the premiere self shot, selfie light pod. It was a hard decision between this and a bower, because i have a lot of bowers products and i have yet to do some of the reviews on them, which eventually i will end up doing, but for this one. The reason why i decided to end up getting this this particular tripod is because, first of all, it comes with the ring light already attached to it that you can move around, and i know that there’s some other um tripods that are like that. But i like the fact that it’s it’s also tabletop as well, because that’s also what it is: it’s a desktop smartphone tripod with an led flex light.

So i really like the flex light and it’s simple. It is i needed something that was affordable and because i mainly just used my my phone to film, i just needed something that was affordable and sturdy and so far only when you’re taking the the phone out of the case. If you don’t, move this flex plate behind your phone and then take it out, it’s going to lose its balance, that’s the only thing that i need to say about that. But aside from that, it’s pretty good now in terms of some of the things that you need to know before you end up buying this or when you do end up buying it. What to expect is the selfie stick is going to be at the top and then underneath is going to be your batteries it’s divided by this this paper component. So underneath the paper is gon na end up being the batteries, and then it also does have this instructional booklet as well, which honestly you’re not gon na need at all, because it’s, just a simple, quick setup that you can do within under two minutes, speaking of Which i decided to go ahead and turn my camera around, so you guys can see me set it up. First, step attach the phone holder to the tripod and you’re good next i’ll go ahead and show you guys how the lights work to cycle through the brightness hit the power button. This is going to be the lowest brightness level that they have i’m gon na zoom out.

This is the second, and this is the brightness, just put it on the setting that you want and you’re good, and that is it for today’s video, as i mentioned before, i love tech, so there’s definitely going to be more more content like this. The more products that i end up getting it’s not going to be an immediate review or anything like that, but i’m, starting to get back into making the content, which i mean i have making the content that i’ve been wanting to make. But making more content like this is what i like doing.