Today we are checking out the redmi note 10 pro max today. We’Ve also checked out the redmi note 10 and we’ve already done a video for it. So you can click on the banner on the top right to go to that or we’ll leave a link in the description below as well. So this phone starts at 18 999 for the six gigabyte plus 64 gigabyte variant, but you also have the six gigabyte, plus 128 gigabyte variant that’s for 19999, and then you also get the eight gigabyte plus 128 gigabyte variant, which is for 21, 999. So, quite an expensive phone if you compare it to the basic redmi note 10, but quite a lot different as well, with respect to some of the specifications, which is basically the 120 hertz super amoled display here. So we look into the box. But what i want to talk about is this color it’s called the vintage bronze color. This is not the color that we have. We have the black color, as you can see on the back over here. This is the dark knight, color and the six plus 128 gigabyte variant. Redmi says that they didn’t have the bronze color ready before the launch. Hopefully, we’ll get to do a hands on with it later on, possibly for the review. We can get a bronze color, but for now we only have uh the black color, so we’ll quickly unbox this and see what all is in the box and i’ll give you my first impressions.

Our review will be a little later as we test this device. It’Ll. Take us a few days and once we’re ready for the review. We’Ll have the review out for you, so this box is already open. I do have my knife here, but i don’t need it it’s already open, because apparently they are doing some software updates, etc. So let’s quickly see what all is inside the box. So you do get this first box, which i’m assuming has a few accessories. So you do have the sim ejector tool over here and then, if i go inside there is this little pamphlet for your basic user guide, etc and then what appears to be a silicon cover. So the redmi note 10 also came with a silicone cover and this one also does come with it, and the cover itself is also frosted in this, and you do have this texture, so that’s, nice uh, i don’t know if it’ll impact or it’ll hold a dust In at the back over here, hopefully it won’t and we’ll test that out as well – and this is the phone like – i said – we’ve got it in the dark knight. Is it called? What is the color, god dark knight nothing to do with batman, but it’s called the dark knight, color so i’m, also going to quickly get rid of this sticker and there’s a little bit of residue left on this so that’s. What it basically looks like it is glossy as compared to the frosted finish on the redmi note 10.

. So if you do want to make it frosted you’ll have to pop on this back cover yeah and it’s a difficult cover to pop on. But you can and then it also has this usbc sort of port protector. So you can have that closed when you’re, not using the device or charging it or whatever, and then you do have proper cutouts here and there is a raised lip here as well. So that’s really nice. This will protect your camera quite well and then you do have a cutout for the fingerprint sensor, which is in the power button and then cut out for the microphone, the speaker on the bottom and the speaker on the top a few ports. As well so let’s put this to the side for the time being and uh let’s take a look at what else is inside the box, so i’m assuming it’s the same as the redmi note 10. This is a 33 watt charger, so that’s good. You also have the orange inlay in the usb port, and then you also have this high quality cable, which we saw on the redmi note 10 as well. I really like this cable it’s, a really high quality, cable and the fact that they’re giving it on their base variant as well and on the higher end phone as well. That’S, quite cool and the charger is also the same charger on both the devices. So while the phone turns on let’s look at some of the specifications so on the front, you do have a 16 megapixel f 2.

45 sensor. Now this is a one micron pixel size, but it’s a much smaller face punch face punch, but it is a much smaller punch hole than typically what you see so it’s a compact punch hole and it doesn’t take too much space on the front and it doesn’t Look too distracting to be quite honest below that is the screen. Now this is a larger screen compared to the redmi note 10. So this is a 6.67 inch display, which is a full hd plus display, and it is a super amoled display with a resolution of 2400 by 1080 pixels, and then you have 1200 nits of peak brightness as opposed to the 1100 nits on the redmi note 10 And then this also has 120 hertz of refresh rate, which the redmi note 10 doesn’t have. So if you do want a higher refresh rate, this will be the phone to pick for that there is a gorilla glass 5 on the front of this uh. The redmi note 10 has gorilla glass 3. The redmi note 10 pro max has gorilla glass 5 and then there is a screen protector pre installed. Now, in our case, there is quite a nasty bubble on the screen protector over here, and that is because this phone was opened before it was sent to us, and the software was updated, it’s possible that they bumped it or it’s possible that, in a rush to Send this device to us for review this was overlooked.

It may not be the case with your phone, but if it is, then i would recommend that you speak to the company and get this replaced. The day you get the device don’t, let a bubble sit on the screen. If there is a dust particle under it, it may end up damaging your screen from there so make sure to check that out. We’Ll probably remove this and replace it. There are a few deficiencies on the screen protector here so on the bottom of the phone. You do have the microphone along with the usbc port and the speakerphone over here and on the right of the device. You do have the fingerprint sensor, which i’ll just show you and set it up for the first initial setup, and then you also have the volume buttons and on the top, is the 3.5 mm headphone jack, along with the secondary speaker, a noise cancelling microphone and an Infrared blaster, so in the redmi note 10 as well, the headphone jack is on the bottom on this it’s on the top and on the left of the device you do have the sim tray. Now this is a triple slot tray, so you can pop in a micro, sd card and two sim cards together and on the back is where all the real action for this device is. So you do have 108 megapixel camera, which is the main camera. It is a samsung sensor: it’s called the samsung hm2 and it’s got a f 1.

9 aperture is 0.7 micron pixel size, so it’s, not the largest pixel size, but you do get 108 megapixel shots. If those are something that you’re interested in. So you do get a 2x telephoto sensor, which also doubles up as a 5 megapixel macro camera and uh that is uh useful for macro, maybe, but for telephoto. A 5 megapixel camera means that you will get a lot of noise in your images. If you compare them to the regular camera, so you can use a lens for zooming in and a lens for macro uh, some of the good quality ones. We’Ll recommend some that we like in the description below. If you guys are interested in getting those and then you also have a 8 megapixel ultra white camera, which is quite usable, it makes the field of view 118 degrees. So you can take much wider shots as well. It does still have the ultra premium branding here. I don’t know why they did that, but it does have it and then what appears to be a sort of focus module and then an led flash. So this hasn’t been mentioned to us at all, i believe, it’s, a focus, module we’ll, have a look at this test it out when we do turn on the camera. The main camera does do 4k video, but it only does it till 30 fps, which is quite disappointing, but you do have 1080p video with 60fps as well as 120 fps, which is great so i’m, going to quickly set up the fingerprint sensor here.

You can do it while setting up the device, so i’ll pop in my ultra secure spin and then i’ll set up the fingerprint sensor. So the fingerprint sensor on the redmi note 10, as we tested, was quite responsive, i’m assuming it’s the same sensor. It does set up much easier than it did on that device, so you can also choose your launcher if you want the classic launcher or the app drawer i’m going to stick with classic for the time being, it’s probably going to ask me what apps i want. I don’t want any of these apps, so this is basically bloatware. I would recommend that you download only apps that you want so skip this step and then you’re basically ready to go so much less bloatware than what we’ve seen in the past and the user experience or the user interface seems pretty responsive for the time being. But apparently, xiaomi or redmi are going to be pushing out an update to me, ui in which you’ll be able to remove quite a lot of these pre installed. Applications that you don’t want to use. So, apart from a certain few apps like get apps they’ve not allowed to remove – which i think should be the first app they should allow to remove and then also you can’t remove security, which again is a problematic thing. Cleaner is a part of security, so you can remove the app itself, but it still lives in the security app.

So i think this app is something that most people, don’t need and xiaomi should give the ability to, if not remove it but disable it. We don’t want it, you can keep it to yourself. I’M, not interested let’s. Look at the display real quick. I want to see the setting options, so you do have a dark mode right here. I can switch to dark mode, which is fine but i’m, more interested in the refresh rate. So this is the refresh rate option and you can switch between standard and 120 fps or 120 hertz as far as displays are concerned. So if you are playing games or watching content, which is 120 hertz for some reason, you can do that on this device. It makes it much smoother as well in the user interface as well. But, more importantly, there is no a variable refresh rate in this. So you can’t get a refresh rate based on what content you’re watching. So, if you’re watching something that is 24p, for example, this will jutter in this. So you want to reduce it to the lowest possible and watch content like that, so that you don’t see a lot of jumpiness in your video. They are planning on introducing some additional refresh rates, i’m, not sure if that’s going to happen and when that’s going to happen. But the display looks really nice. It’S got good amounts of depth and good amounts of color as well, and because it’s 120 hertz refresh rate plus it’s a super amoled display, plus it’s 1200 nits of brightness.

It should be good indoors outdoors and for mostly all kinds of usage. It also has a really nice viewing angles: i’m, not seeing any kind of sort of color loss or brightness loss at any angle, so that’s nice, so it’s a pretty impressive display again in this price category, with this kind of display technology with the kind of refresh Rate, this will be one of the first, with the quality of display with the brightness of the display, and that will set this device apart. Of course, we’ll be doing a full review and mostly more phones are going to be launching later this year. That will possibly match this or beat this, but for now this is an impressive display, uh, just as far as specs are concerned and we’ll be testing it out more in depth running. Everything in this is the qualcomm snapdragon, 732 g chip, and you do get a 2.3 gigahertz octa core cpu, which is paired with the adreno 618 gpu and, like i said you can choose between 6 gigabyte of ram or 8 gigabyte of ram. Depending on what variant you get and that ram is lpddr4x, so it’s a pretty good quality ram. As far as the device is concerned, every time the company tells us the phone weighs a certain weight, we always seem to get it wrong completely. So this time xiaomi claims that it’s 192 grams uh let’s see what the actual weight of the phone is it’s about 194 grams about 93, so it’s slightly more, but let’s try a few times it’s about 194.

I think so, which is quite strange, maybe it’s. The two grams of the screen protector that they don’t weigh uh when they give the actual spec but it’s 194 grams, which is still quite lightweight for this device. The phone also has a 5020 milliamp hour battery and does support fast charging and, like i mentioned, the fast charger, is included inside the box. Let’S quickly, listen to the speaker, that’s. One thing i want to check out now because the speaker on the redmi note 10 was pretty nice, so i want to see if it’s the same speaker on this device as well: hey guys, what’s up. My name is bert you’re, watching igan and it’s time. For top tech, so let’s quickly get started, so there seems to be a massive improvement as far as the speaker is concerned. So this is much louder and much more fuller, sounding uh than the redmi note 10. Even if the company claims that there’s not a lot of difference between these devices right off the bat, there are quite a lot of things that are different, so the display is completely different. The speakers are much louder. The camera is completely different. The chip is completely different in itself, it’s, a completely different category of product as well. The price bracket is also completely different, so this is definitely a much better device and if you’re thinking that you should get the redmi note, 10 versus the redmi note 10 pro max you’re going to lose out on quite a few things.

Overall, i think that it’s a pretty good attempt from redmi to sort of make amoled more available to consumers and also make 120 hertz of refresh rate more available to consumers. So the device still has the ip53 rating that we saw with the redmi note 10. So it is splash resistant if you end up using it in rain or if you end up, spilling something on this. Ideally, you want to quickly remove this from any kind of water that it’s in and then dry off. The device not charge it for a while, and it should be good to go but again, like i said, it’s, something that doesn’t really guarantee this phone surviving. But it’s a good feature to have and it will prevent your phone from getting damaged easily and then you do have your usual set of features over here. So you do have the fm radio screen recorder and a audio recorder as well, and then you also have the me remote app, which will allow you to control your home stuff. So television or things like the air conditioner can be controlled from this device as well, and it does have a few other sensors, which include a 360 degree ambient light sensor. And then you also have a proximity sensor, an e compass, an accelerometer gyroscope. Those are pretty standard, but you do get a full size compass in there as well. So if you’re navigating you can get turn by turn directions without any problems, you still get some of these apps, but these are luckily uninstallable right now, so you can get rid of some of these, including me credit things that you don’t need.

You can quickly remove from here me. Pay is one of those other apps that will not be allowed to be removed. I wish they allowed to do that as well. Let’S quickly, look at the camera. You do have a full pro mode in the camera app as well, and you can also click 108 megapixel shot if you so choose to let’s. Try it let’s see if it makes any difference. It’S. Quite quick. Usually, when you take these larger megapixel shots cameras used to hesitate quite a lot, but this looks nice and it is able to navigate through it quite quickly. Technology has evolved quite a lot in the past couple years. You also have a standard shot and then you have the ability to take an ultra wide and it’s quite the difference. So this is the ultra wide and this is the standard. So you can see quite the difference and colors look really nice again. First impressions, i can’t really tell you or what i think about the camera, but it does look nice at first impressions, i’m, not too sure about the pixel size. That may be a problem in the future. You do have some of these interesting shooting modes, including short video, which may be useful for reels. You have dual video, you also have clone. You have time lapse, and then you also have the ability to click pictures of documents. So, like a scanning mode, you also have a night mode.

All of these will test out for the full review and get back to you for that. If you guys have any particular questions about this device, let us know in the comment section below it’s got a really nice in hand feel i do prefer the frosted finish on the cheaper phones versus this glossy finish. I do understand it makes the phone look premium, but personally i enjoy the frosted finish more, which one do you like uh. As far as the finishes are concerned, do you like the one on the redmi note 10, or do you like the one? On the redmi note 10 pro max, let us know in the comment section below and if you haven’t already go check out the video for the redmi note 10 again linked on the top right or in the description below, and let us know your thoughts if you Have any questions? Let us know those in the comment section below if you enjoyed this video smash, the like button hit the subscribe button, if you’re not already a part of team again, this has been bharat.