Basically, it’s a budget device with 5g and it’s powered by the diamond city, 800u, 5g processor, so it’s 5g ready so there’s. Nothing really special about the box is the usual box. We get from xiaomi at the side. You have that java at taking out huawei inside the box. We have first a small package here and we have a sim card ejector tool. We get a tpu case. Really nice that we get a tpu case inside the box. Next we have some user guide and manual and a warranty card. Next, we have the phone itself and at the front of the phone you’re greeted with those specifications, so it says the mediatek dimensi 800u, with 12 5g it’s, a 7 nanometer processor. You have a 48 megapixel high resolution camera and a 30 megapixel in display front camera, which is a selfie camera. You also have a 6.53 full hd plus dot display with dual speakers and 5 000 milliamp battery it’s 18 watts fast charge put outside and see what else we have inside the box. Next, you have that charging brick. It is a 22.5 watt charging brick, so somehow xiaomi has found the middle ground. It is not no longer 18 watts or 25 watts, it’s more like a middle ground, 22.5 watts – and you have a usb c cable, so it’s pretty nice that we still get a charger and a cable inside the box. Now let’s move on to the device itself and see what we get so they’re calling this the daybreak purple and i think you can also get the midnight black so moving on to the beaut and design it’s, both plastic.

So you have plastic at the back and the frame itself is plastic also, it doesn’t feel so heavy. Considering that i have reviewed the poco x3, which looks similar to this, even with the 5000mah battery it’s, not so heavy it’s that’s pretty much nice, you have the quad camera setups more, like a tri camera setup. You have 84 megapixel camera and twitter cameras and you have to flash. This is not the first time i’ve seen this design we’ve seen this design in the poco x3 and the k30 pro so it’s more like recycling same design and that’s pretty much it it’s, not doesn’t. Look so cheap, even though it’s plastic, which is nice now moving to the pots, and i o at the top. You have that ir blaster. If you want to use it as a remote, you have that also at the top. You have that speaker. It has a stereo speaker set up, so you have one at the top and one at the bottom. On the right side, you have the volume rockers and that fingerprint sensor my favorite thing about smartphones from 2020 was the side mounted fingerprint sensor and i’m really happy that i get to see it more in 2021. On the left side, you have the sim card tray. You get 12 sim card tray and you can use both 5g on the sim cards at the bottom. You have an earphone jack happy to see that we still have that a microphone caught out and the usbc port, as well as the speaker grille, so that’s more.

Like what you get for watson, aisle, moving on to the display, like i said, it’s an ips lcd display and it has 400 nits of brightness, not the sharpest, but for a budget device, it’s really good using it outdoors. You shouldn’t have much of a problem with display also it’s a 6.53 inches display with 84.0 screen to body ratio and 1080 by 2340 pixels with ‘5gi density, it’s full hd, so you can get to watch 1080p on youtube and netflix. Also, it has the white vine certification, so you can watch full hd device on netflix. Also so i’ve used it for a while now and the display is pretty much nice it’s, not the sharpest it’s, not the best it’s about your device, like i’m, always saying, but it has been good. It has been great um, it’s really bright. I would say that indoors, using it really bright i’m, not using a dark mode, mostly i’m sticking with the light mode and it’s pretty much sharp. I keep the brightness at about just mid level and if you’re watching movies or consuming content, you will find this to be okay. The images are sharp um at the top of the screen, where you have the whole punch. Camera i’m, not seeing any bleeding effects yet so i’ll give you my feedback i’m, going to use this for a while. Probably three weeks and i’ll come back to give you my full review and tell you if you should get this now coming to the software.

We have android 10 out of the box and miui 12, so you have that sweet, customization and effect from the miui 12.. Also it comes with a ton of bloatware that you can uninstall, for example, apps like share me me remote and those radio i’m. Pretty sure i don’t know the last time i used the radio, but has that there, okay, well i’m gon na move on to the specifications itself, it’s a diamond city 800u processor, which is 5g ready, and i did a geekbench test and i was absolutely surprised by The score it got about 300 943, the total score, and you have 94 865 for the cpu. The gpu is a mali g57 and it came up with a score of 79 595. This variant i’m, using here, is a 40 gram and 128 gigabyte storage, so memory and storage came up to about 68 418 and the last call for the ux so that’s the score 300 000, which is pretty great compared to the poco x3 that i reviewed last Year it wasn’t this high in geekbench, you have a score of 595 for single core and 1783 for multi core, which is a decent score for the processor itself, it’s a seven nanometer processor and has a quad core running on it. Also coming to memory, as i mentioned, this is a 4k gram: 128 gigabyte storage with ufs 2.1 storage, so you shouldn’t have um bottleneck when transferring apps or playing games.

Ufs 2.1 storage is pretty fast, so that should be fine. Now, moving on to the fingerprint sensor, which is one of my favorite features on this device, is from last year, i’ve always said the fingerprint sensor should be mounted on the side, because the way you hold your phone, it just makes more sense that your fingerprint sensor Is on that side? So all i have to do is do this and unlock my phone, you see and next we’re going to move on to the camera itself, which is much more like a downgrade from any other device. One thing you don’t have here is the ultra wide camera, so you have a 48 megapixel camera, which is more like a 12 megapixel camera but uses a beaming technology to make 48 megapixels. So literally just takes four pictures and then put them together and makes it 40 megapixels, but it’s a 12 megapixel camera. You also have 2 megapixel macro and 2 megapixel depth sensing camera at the front. You have a 13 megapixel selfie camera that can shoot up to 1080p 30 frames per second, while the 48 megapixel camera at the back would shoot maximum 4k 30 frames per second, you can also shoot 1080p at 30 frames per second and 60 frames per second. I did take some pictures. Colors are looking great, not so much oversaturated. The representation looks pretty much good for edge detection, it’s, not so bad. I was able to differentiate the background from the subjects when you take pictures with the project mode.

One thing i found interesting is that the pattern was automatically detected, so you don’t have to set it once you take a picture, it’s really close, then activates portrait mode and plugs out the background, which is pretty nice next thing would be the speaker itself of recent Xiaomi have been having stereo speakers on their devices so it’s pretty loud. I can i’m gon na play a song now to see how good the speaker is: Music Applause, Music, yeah, so that’s it that’s how the speaker sounds: it’s pretty much descent, not the best. If you want to get better audio, you might want to get the headsets, because now you still have an earphone jack, so yeah you can use the f1 jack to listen to your music, but the speaker is also great. Coming to the battery it’s a 5000mah battery with 18 watt fast charging, i haven’t had to charge it yet but xiaomi advertised that it should charge in 33 in 30 minutes, which is not bad. So if you get if you’re running low on battery – and you want to quickly go out in 30 minutes, you can have 30 usually to take you i’ll, say half of the day. So what are my initial thoughts about the redmi? Note 90, i would say it’s pretty much great, that you can get a budget device with 5g at the price that this is currently going for just 230 dollars on alex press i’m going to be testing it out, like i mentioned, using him to play, games pushing It to the limits and i’ll get back to you with the full review.

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