So as always guys before our gaming testimonial suspects, nothing redmi. Ninety uh maritime snapdragon that chipset that boss for this unit guys matter time, four gigabytes of ram and then 64 gigabytes of internal storage, evaporators best guys, paris is screened at 10 marathon 6.53 inch, full hd, ips lcd display now again, 6 000 milliamp Applause game asphalt. 9., so for asphalt and gas shampoo and in a performance setting at alana matan encountering a problem playing this game slaughtered, encountering them on noticeable frame, drops so overall on a very playable and asphalt 9 meters acting phone Music. Moving on to our next game, guys, mrs abigail, in a very similar experience, then angnakwan attends a call of duty so for call of duty, guys and graphic settings nothing in a very high tapas available in higher settings in the near future. So the test nut and gasoline multiplayer model with redmi ninety atmos sabikong experience Music awaiting orders now guys moving on amongst the battle, royale mode Applause, very playable in the game and call of duty reloading Music next game. No one gets a and pub g with graphic settings to balance tapas frame rate settings to medium a bit disappointed guys again settings option: para senior non redmi, 90. Music at again again playing some budget phone minimum problems for casual gaming for competitive gaming performance, Music, Music Enemy has been slain: oh foreign, Music Applause, next game, nominating guys, cnn league of legends, while drift and graphic settings not in a high definition, tapas and 60 fps, again same experience, guys with mobile legends, encountering a problem gaming on this phone, actually immersive, given at 1080p On display speakers, league of legends, while jeff is very similar in the man, paris and mobile Music me: Music, flames; Music Applause, Music, oh Music, Applause, Music, Applause, all right, Music, Applause, Music Applause; yes, Applause, Music, Music Applause, Music, Music Applause; so anyway, guys tuna on gaming Test night and paris, xiaomi redmi, ninety and after gaming for three hours with this phone guys i’m hunting battery in the drain from one hundred percent bubble bath now sixty percent, so battery performance gives me so with a 6 000 milliamp hour battery, and i was expecting More sana at all guys and gaming experience and with the xiaomi redmi ninety at s, 7, around 9 thousand, ten thousand or seguro eleven thousand pesos on the phone peroganya when it comes to performance, competition.

Of course. First thing that comes to mind is how to specs nothing, especially when gaming, a halos paragon, adidas hat in redmi 90.. Actually, gaming performance, guys. Gaming experience is very similar support, m3 camera setup, make in the champlain graphic quality and when gaming on our phone numbers at seven thousand nine hundred ninety or eight thousand pesos, very immersive experience i’m going to deliver Applause guys and channel following my social media accounts go Like twitter, actually instagram also is sharing you guys in video, that is a facebook and then finally comment down below come back.