This was sent to me by you, lonzi and uh as usual i’m, going to give you guys my honest thoughts and opinions on this blogging kit, not obligated to say anything. This is not a sponsored video let’s do an unboxing. Now, all right guys, let’s take a look at the yulonzi st o2s vlogging kit for smartphones let’s go ahead and do a quick unboxing here and see what’s included here: okay, that’s it for the box. So here we have the carrying case. I actually didn’t know it included a carrying case i’m, always up for the uh carrying cases uh. This seems to feel like a good quality case. You have the lonzi branding there and open this up, and so there it is pretty basic uh here’s your phone clamp, solid metal. You have your tripod, you have the yulonzi, vl49 2000 milliamp hour, light rated for cri95 and it comes charged or it has some juice. In it, i’m gon na have to charge it charging cable, usb a type a to usb c instruction manual. You have your instructions in english and then chinese on the back and that’s it the nice little carrying case let’s, put it together and take a closer look at it before doing that, let me just show you the tripod up close here plastic for the most part. It has this ball head over here that rotates 360 degrees, and you can unlock it using this little knob right here.

So it gives you that flexibility there quarter inch screw there. Your lonsie branding um not sure about the build quality on this and how long it’ll last it does feel a little on the uh cheaper side because it’s all made of plastic, but it has three uh it’s extendable, it’s a selfie, stick, slash tripod! You have your tripod like down here so here’s your first extension um. This goes to about eight inches or so the next one. There gives you a little more extension. I’D say this is about nine to ten inches and then the third one. All the way out is about, i don’t, know 10 and a half 11 inches there, so it doesn’t it does extend a little bit, and so here we have the uh phone, clamp and uh. The bait has a spring in there. You can extend it or open it up more by unscrewing, the top. You have a cold shoe mount on the top of it, and you have a quarter inch on each side. Quarter inch screw mount on each side, so it gives you a little more flexibility. You have a quarter inch screw on the bottom as well. You can just screw into your phone clamp it down and then attach it to your tripod. Okay, so let’s take a closer look at the light. This is made of all plastic. It has three coal shoe mounts around the uh, the light itself, so you can mount your microphone or any other accessory there, that’s pretty nice to have on the bottom.

You have a quarter inch mount screw their screw hole there and uh the mount to uh slide into your the top of the clamp there on the back. Here you have your controls, you have your off and on power button there you have your arrows to switch power levels so right here, you’re at 20 percent, 40, 60, 80 and 100, and so here’s that max max power here 100. If you press the m button that will display the battery level your power level, so i have eighty percent battery charge right now. You go back and you’ll see your light levels, so this is a two thousand milliamp hour battery. It is rated for 5 or 50 50 000 hours, milliamp hours of life, so we’ll see how that does how long it’ll last the uh lighting on it is 800 lumens and it should work up to five meters or so give or take that’s around 16 feet And you have a light angle of 60 degrees on here, so the light is also is 5500 kelvin or daylight temperature. So this is really self explanatory. Just grab your phone clamp screw it into the bottom of the or screw the tripod onto the bottom of the clamp there you have it. What i like about this clamp is that you can really secure your phone in there in comparison to other clamps like this one, that i have right here. Uh it’s just kind of a has that spring, but you can’t actually screw it down like you can with this clamp, and so your phone is a whole lot more secure in there.

Let me go and loosen this up here and just slide your phone in make sure you don’t cover your lens and screw it down into place. It’S got that padding in there inside the clamp, so it’s not going to mess up your phone or anything and there you have it so now, you’re all ready to get out and vlog with your phone and then just do the light. You just slide it on to the cold shoe mount there and secure it by tightening it into place and that’s insecure and then you’re ready to go. So i personally won’t really be using this setup, because i don’t really need the light unless i’m like in a dark place and sitting down talking to the camera or live streaming or whatever which, by the way, this is great for like live streaming on youtube tick. Tock instagram any of your social media platforms. You just set this up start talking, so what you can do is just mount your phone up top on the closed room out. There slide it in uh. This is the godox. I forget the model number. This is the vd mic. I did a review on this if you guys want to check it out, i’ll link it down below and by the way, links to all these products will be down in the description. If you guys want to check them out, they are affiliate links on the iphones. You are going to need the lightning adapter so just plug that in there and you’re good to go again.

This is perfect for like live streaming or sitting down. I personally wouldn’t vlog with a light on like that, but uh. We just wanted to show you that setup there. So what i’m going to do is uh take a couple test: shots with the uh phone and the light on just just as a sample shot to show you the what the light looked like. So i came into my laundry because it’s, nice and dark in here and it’s daytime outside i’m at 20. This is 20 on the light. I’M gon na go ahead and go through every uh level. Here: i’m at forty percent Music, here i’m at sixty percent, and then eighty percent brightness right here. What do you guys think next up a hundred percent brightness right here so i’m at 100, it’s pretty bright? It has that little diffuser on it uh and it helps a little bit. What do you guys think of the light? Let me know in the comments quick test shot out here. I have the dd duo d4 microphone on. I wanted to show you when you have the angle lens. I may have to find like an adapter, to raise the mic a little bit because it does capture the uh dead cat of the microphone. I’Ve tried three different mics and they do appear and that’s, not the uh, the kit’s, len or fault it’s. Just the wide angle, lens it’s, just too wide it’s got to elevate it a little bit and get it out of frame but yeah.

Just a quick test shot outdoors uh, really nice lightweight, vlogging compact kit here and so now i have the wide angle lens on the iphone 12 minion. You can see a little bit of the dead cat is in the frame, but again i tried pulling it down from the back with the cable to elevate the mic and it just didn’t work. I just i have an adapter that i can add on there and elevate it the microphone itself and it won’t come in frame. I i’ve had to do that before with my gopro so i’m a little familiar with that. But aside from that very easy to vlog, with this kit, very lightweight so yeah, i just wanted to show you guys uh the setup with the different microphone here’s, the godox mic, and this is the dd dd4, the one i just used outdoors uh the only issue. I have with these dead cats is that it does come in frame with this wide angle lens. I don’t always have to vlog like that, but, as i mentioned earlier, i do prefer white vlogging with a wide angle, lens uh. But overall, i think this is a great little vlogging kit, a starter kit for you. If you’re thinking about starting a channel or starting vlogging with your smartphone uh, this will get the job done. This is uh it’ll secure your your phone there with that clamp very nicely with this knob here it has that padding indoor in there as well, so it won’t damage your phone and you have some mounting options here.

You have these two quarter inch screw mounts on each side of the actual mount uh. You have the three cold shoe mounts on the light and the light, i think, does a great little job as well so overall, i’m very pleased with it. The build quality is not the best, but i think for vlogging on a smartphone it’s more than enough it’ll do well, and you do have the 360 degree ball head here, which is also very useful for getting different type of angles and shots. And then the extension option as well. So if you like need some more distance, if you don’t have a wide enough angle that could uh help you out a little bit by extending it so great for live streaming on social media and it’s ‘.94 at the time or ‘.99. I believe at the time of filming this video i’ll link it down below, for you guys to check out. Please consider using that link. It’Ll help me out. It is a affiliate link, but if you have any questions, drop them down below i’d be happy to answer them.