It has a built in gimbal system, which means this should have the smoothest and butteriest video we’ll, of course, test out. Those claims see what vivo’s all about so let’s quickly get to this unboxing you’ll see the branding x50 pro right up top of course made by vivo one of the quickest growing smartphone manufacturers. You can see x50 pro photography, redefined we’ve got the device up top. It comes with a see through case, which is always dope and we’ve got their fast charger 2.0. This is a 33 watt charger, so should juice up the device nice and quickly and out comes the actual device, and the colorway of this is called alpha grade. It almost has a bit of a matte finish, almost a gradient from darker to lighter i’m, always a big fan of these color ways. And, of course, the main feature which you see is the quad camera setup on the back, and it looks a bit different than most that we’ve seen on the market, you’ve got the large 48 megapixel main right up top so that’s the f 1.6 gimbal camera. But it also has an 8 megapixel ultra wide, a macro, a 13 megapixel boca lens and an 8 megapixel five times telescopic with the 60 times hyper zoom, so that’s, all digital zoom, and when it’s powered on you can see. Vivo 5g powered by android it’s got android 10. we’re greeted with a 6.56 inch amoled display i’m.

A big fan of these wallpapers, especially that g wagon. It has a 90 hertz refresh rate and actually up top we’ve got another big camera sensor. That’S a 32 megapixel front facing camera for taking all of your selfies. If i turn that beauty mode off, i am not a beautiful guy and but let’s talk about the main thing why i think most people would buy that that is the camera stabilization or that built in gimbal into that 48 megapixel sensor on the back, so let’s Boot up the camera let’s test out some video stuff and just kind of gauging how i’m going in and out there’s no real jitter or lag. It seems to look like exactly what a gimbal would do. Huh like this one, okay, i don’t think this is right. I think it should be face id and that took a couple seconds to figure out, but typically this is what a gimbal setup looks like for a smartphone camera. Gimbals have been around now for almost a decade i’ve seen so many people buy them just to get that buttery, smooth video footage who wants to carry a thing around like this, wherever you go, it just seems like a bit too much in my opinion, if you’ve Got a pocket big enough. You know by all means, if you could just have that all built into a system like this. I think that’s way better personally we’re just going to do some very unofficial testing here they both seem pretty stabilized to be honest, i’m.

Trying to see which one looks better, you know kind of tilting from side to side. You guys can kind of see the set. What goes on behind the scenes we’re actually going to create a bit of a race way, we’re going to run from one side of the studio to the other we’ll, actually get a sense of what this gimbal can actually do. We’Ve created a very artificial raceway i’ve. Just got my iphone attached to a gimbal, a lot of people say the iphones are really good with their stabilization. We’Ve, of course, got the vivo device. Let’S uh see what they’ve got the orange wall. Maybe we’ll whip around slowly and let’s run back there’s. My next lego build and back up like compared to not having a gimbal. This camera is pretty good zooming up into there back down Music like this isn’t bad. This is impressive. Let’S see what happens now when the iphone doesn’t have the gimbal and, of course, we’ve. Just got the vivo with the built in stabilizer. Oh, my goodness, i can already see a clear difference. We’Ve got a lot of jitters on the iphone i’m keeping my hands as stable as they can we’re gon na come into cayton. Looking good we’ll just do a run and we’re gon na quickly turn around and do another run. So you can see with that very unconventional test. The results are pretty similar, obviously having a dedicated gimbal. Yes, results will be slightly better, but honestly i’d, rather just have a smartphone fits into your pocket and not have to worry about carrying around a gizmo like this and, of course, the camera just isn’t good at video.

It takes some pretty decent shots as well. I found dynamic range to be great. Here. Are a few sample shots once again, i’ll, let you guys be the judge on the performance of the x50 pro Music and internally vivo isn’t skipping out on any of this silicon as well. We’Ve got the snapdragon 765 it’s got eight gigs of ram. It’S got a 4350 milliamp hour battery and when you combine that with the 33 watt charger inside, i think you’ve got a very capable device. I think vivo is making some great strides into the smartphone game. It feels more complete than what we saw from last year. The overall build is great. It feels and looks like a premium flagship device, and i think they’ve made a big improvement from their flagships from last year and when you think about a smartphone, i think the camera is one of the most used apps on it. People will love the stabilization built in you can see how large that main sensor is, and, of course, it still shoots in full 4k doesn’t compromise at just 1080p and with a device like this. I think vivo is really trying to place their mark in the global smartphone scene. Obviously, in asia this brand is huge, but in north america more people are just kind of getting used to seeing that vivo name and i wouldn’t be surprised if it was a household name in the next couple years, so keep an eye on them really dope device.

If you’re in the market, this is probably the best stabilization that i’ve seen in a smartphone to date, so that’s a first on my end, hope you guys enjoyed this video. Let me know your thoughts about the x50 pro, and hopefully i can get my hands on a device to give away to one of you guys.