I hope all of you and your families are doing well and, as always, welcome to super hubby review um. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to um drop by my channel. It is much appreciated and, as always um i created this channel as a place where consumers can come to and and get feedback on, various products, and i hope that something um that i say could make a positive impact um in your purchases and as always, it Is my pleasure to present to you these uh reviews that i make and so let’s go ahead and get into it today? I am going to be reviewing this flex amount clip on smartphone grip i’m, going to be reviewing this, giving you my thoughts and again shout out to flexi mountain for making a really a really decent um Music, clip on uh smartphone holder. That is very flexible and vary in bands exceptionally well and shout out to walmart for having this available in stock, so yeah shout out to wally world as always um. So let me go ahead and give you my thoughts. The cost price was around. I believe five dollars and i am always a geek and a stickler for a cheap, very cheap, little gadgets uh. So – and this is definitely one of them um – it is as advertised it. It does reach up to 24 inches. I love that, and i was surprised that it was just five dollars uh, something like this.

I thought would be a little bit more so for those of you who use your cell phone for quite a few things, filming or even just watching content or streaming whatever. You do on this. This thing is really good because it’s very flexible, and it also reaches to a nice length and i’ll – give you a couple of little specs on it here you can see for yourself, you have a little say. The cell phone holder here goes in right here. This expands so you’re able to put your phone in there it clips in and it and it also rotates. I love that, if you’re trying to get that perfect angle, when you record something this little gadget thing does it i mean it: does it it’s, very basic, very user friendly, very easy to use and um here is the little clip part here you can clip this Part onto a table uh a table or a counter anything of that sort, it’s, really good, it’s, very it’s, very uh, stable and when you lock it in it’s it locks in place. I love that, and just so you don’t damage anything that you clip it to. You got these little uh soft little rubber things here on both ends: there’s a rubber part there and there’s a rubber little soft pad here. So it doesn’t scratch up your uh items in your place, so i love that um. It does bend very easy, very easy to bend.

I love that very easy. It can stretch out in a lot of little ways there you can bend it in a in a variety uh, a variety of ways, so yeah this thing, this little gadget here is pretty nice man. I love it um. I use this um. I use this almost every single day and just give you a better look, a better look at it. I use this um gadget almost every day, particularly when i go to brush my teeth or get myself uh freshened up for the day, i’ll clip it on the end of the bathroom counter. I might stream some football, some sports or whatever it is. This thing is really good, it’s, very user friendly, and you can pretty much take it anywhere with you. That has a a a counter that is long enough to clip onto so yeah. For those of you, who’ve seen this in the story and you’re like a cell phone junkie like myself, you love to record things and you’re looking for that perfect angle, not too bad for five dollars. So again, if you got five bucks, just sitting around and you’re looking for for more no gadgets to film things with or to take pictures or whatever you use it, for this is really good to add to your arsenal of a gadgets uh around the house. So yeah for those of you who’ve seen this in walmart and you wonder, is it really good? Is it that’s advertised? Yes, this this uh clip on smartphone form grip is pretty good um.

It definitely is high quality as advertised clip on grip, yep, it’s, very universal. With most with all smartphones, it’s really good – you see this little picture here. What this guy is doing, i mean it it. It does. Just that i mean it definitely lives up to it. So this can go to your table, your desk, your counters, so yeah, i mean again not too bad for five dollars, so yeah those are pretty much. My thoughts on this little flex amount. Smart, smart phone grip, and, as always, not only is it important for me to share my thoughts with you um. I am also curious to know what are your thoughts for those of you who have purchased this. Please feel free feel free to comment below and let me know what were the pros and cons when you purchased this. What do you like about it? What don’t you like about it and uh? I would definitely uh read your comments and, as always, thank you so much for dropping by super hubby review. Uh is much appreciated and i thank you in advance for subscribing to my channel. Thank you for that um and i will continue to put up content in my free moments and i hope that something was said to mention that would make a positive impact in your purchases. So until next time.