This was very kindly sent to me free of charge by the manufacturer. I haven’t asked to pre approve the content, nor have they asked me for me to say anything in particular i’m. Just going to share with you my experience of this really cool smartphone, so let’s go on with the review. This is the alcatel 3l. This is what the product box looks like it’s got some picture on the front and then some details of the main specifications on the back of the box, including the fact that it’s got a 6.22 inch, hd plus screen 19 to 9 format ratio. A little tiny mini notch at the top, a really small notch. I’Ll also show you around the cameras on the back very shortly before i do so. Just also mention that this has got a 4 000 milliamp hour battery inside and an 8 core processor. Now it supports face unlock, which is very good, but it also supports fingerprint unlock as well. So it’s got a fingerprint sensor on the back and whilst we’re around the back, i will show you this triple camera array, which captures up to 48 megapixel photos really good night shots as well permitted by this very, very good camera and i’ll show you some of The photos i’ve taken very shortly as well. You can see this little glimmer as it catches the light there’s a very, very sort of small fine grained pattern in the back, which is made of plastic, but a really nice grade material.

I think it’s, really rather nice. I’Ll show you the full back. You see, you’ve got some alcatel branding down the bottom power on off button. We’Ve also got the volume rocker on the side as well. Three and a half mil audio jack on the top and down the bottom here. We’Ve got obviously speaker and microphone, and a micro usb for charging on this really nicely laid out, though very very nice phone overall we’ve also got on the side here, a google assistant button just on here, so we can automatically uh sort of launch the google voice Assistant by pushing this button and that’s where the sim card slot is as well on the opposing side, so really nice quality screen uh that 4000 milliamp hour battery. I must just say that that easily gets you through a day to a day and a half between charges. It is quite slow to charge, but when it gets there, it does hold its charge very well. Inside we’ve got four gigabytes of ram and 64 gigabytes rom it’s, a google experience as well we’ve got the play store installed. It also comes pre installed with the google suite of apps. As you can see, there we’ve also got youtube music gallery some extra apps in pre installed, including netflix and facebook, and a little draw with some tools in as well that’s, pretty much it doesn’t cram loads and loads of bloatware onto the phone. If we do slide up, though, you get an option of either just having the home screens or you can also have the app tray as well, and this gives you a full look at what comes pre installed, still pretty minimal, just the essentials, plus a few little Extras thrown in as well we swipe down, we can go into settings and just have a little quick look at the settings, so this is how it’s laid out.

We can also go into system. You can see here we can go into about phone, and this gives us some details as to the processor also the camera, how this uh is actually set up. So on the back it’s, a 12 megapixel, five megapixel and two megapixel uh – and it does some interpolation to resolve that 48 megapixel photo resolution on the screen is 720 by 1520 and it’s running google android version 10. now i’m going to show you some of the Photos i took so we start off with this one. We can rotate the screen round and it’s really nice it’s a very, very nicely balanced, photo let’s. Give you a closer look at that plenty of detail. This was taken with a tiny bit of sunlight coming in. In those top leaves, but i think it just captures a really nice tonal quality to the photos, it does miss focus sometimes, but for the most part it does a really good job of capturing plenty of detail. You can see here this was taken indoors. There is such a nice amount of fine detail in here. It does a really good job and again this one, we switch around into landscape again. Nice amount of detail captured a really good result on this one. Here the colors are good. It did not focus on the point i wanted it to which was here. Instead, it focused a little bit further back, but still overall, really good result from the camera, it’s pretty quick to focus and – and it gives good results overall, as it does with the the video.

So it does good quality video as well a good responsive, sort of experience, really nice screen very very nice screen lose some color when you go off access, but overall it is very. Very good, indeed feels nice in the hand when we talk about build quality, primarily a plastic build, but overall, very very nice in the hand it’s it does a really good job. So we’ve got a nice large screen. We’Ve got a good, responsive, operating system, good, responsive processor inside a decent amount of storage, uh and a really good 4000 milliamp hour battery. But this all comes in at a fantastic price. The alcatel 3l is an entry level budget smartphone, and you get all of this. For a really keen asking price, it’s very, very aggressively priced and very, very attainable, it goes to show you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a smartphone nowadays to actually get a good experience, i’m, really very, very impressed. So this is the alcatel 3l, and that concludes my review. Thank you very much for watching. If you do want to pick up one of these for yourself, then please do check out the links down in the video description area. There’S. Also, a link down there to the alcatel website, thanks very much for watching so just before. I do finish this video. I do want to mention the background. This background that you’re seeing is a piece of vinyl printed, vinyl, high resolution, printing, really nice and affordable, and i got this from club backdrops.

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