And if you are at all serious about your mobile game and then it’s pretty much a must buy with its beefy performance and it’s fantastic array of dedicated gaming features. I already did you a full unboxing, where i banged on about the specs, took a tour of the ui, checked out the cameras, all that good chairs and now it’s time to really test the rog phone fives gaming chops to see if that snapdragon 888 chipset can Handle the most demanding android games out there check out the thermals with stress tests and see how fast the gaming actually drains the battery basically i’m, going to punish the rogue phone five until one of us breaks down and says right, that’s enough, so here’s. Why full in depth is rog phone 5 gaming review and for more the latest greatest tech? Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now. First up it’s, definitely worth pointing out. There are actually three different skews of the rogue four and five. This is the most expensive model at 999 euros. It packs a whopping almighty, 16 gigs of ram as well as 256 gigs of storage. You can drop the price 100 euros to 899 and still get a very respectable 12 gigs of ram, which should see you through pretty much any android title you throw its way otherwise for 799 euros. You can get the base model, which comes with eight gigs of ram and also halves: the storage to 128 gigs and just to further complicate it matters.

Asus has also decided to release more expensive pro and ultimate versions of the rogue phone five which i’ll cover at the end of the video. But anyway, no matter your choice of rogue phone 5, you do get a ruddy gorgeous samsung amoled display custom made for azus boston, always on hdr, impressive color accuracy and a powerful top brightness. This is an ideal way to take in the lush visuals on titles like gentian impact. Those annoying slimy cut have never looked so gloopy you’ve got up to 144hz refresh rate support for titles like vainglory, poop, die, love, balls and balls question mark and the rogue phone five certainly delivers a silky smooth, graphical experience and it’s also a very responsive display as Well, the rock phone five has 300 hertz touch sampling, which is ideal for competitive online games, the likes of call of duty and pub g, every single swipe on top of that screen is instantly registered by the game, so there’s, no latency. That could potentially mean the difference between rows and victory and mopping up your own brains off the floor. On the audio front, you once again have a front facing stereo speaker setup here on the rog phone five, which i found was absolutely fine, for you know again for your competitive online blasters in the likes of call of duty uh. It offers a really strong stereo surround sound style effect, despite the fact that, obviously you’re not wearing any headphones or anything and they’re, actually bigger speaker chambers than previous rogue phone generations as well.

So a more powerful, sound you’ve got bluetooth 5.2 support on there had absolutely no problems with latency or anything using that you’ve also got a dedicated, headphone jacked off when you really want to get plugged in and get that zero latency and really nice sound and audio. You do have an ess, saber quad dac bit of action on here as well and again, nice beefy audio, whether you’re gaming or just listening to some tunes it’s audio. The way it’s supposed to be heard. I dove a bit more into the audio side of things in my unboxing video, so go check that out. If you want to know more, if you want to, you, can spaff some more cache is users where, for their new headset, the spunkly titled, rogue, cetera core 2, which boasts a durable but pleasingly light aluminium design, complete with ear hooks and some nifty cable controls and The sound quality from these things, considering the size of them, is definitely pretty damn impressive. Even the base is particularly punchy as well again, whether you’re gaming or just kicking back with a bit of metal rock dance whatever so that’s the sound and vision side of things, but let’s get on to the really meaty part of this game and sandwich the performance. What you get packed into the rock phone five is that laid a snapdragon 88, the most powerful qualcomm chipset. You can get right now packed into a smartphone, backed in this case by 16 gigs of ram and, as you can see, there’s some very strong benchmarking on the likes of geek bench.

Five. Unfortunately, i can’t run and two two scores on the rog phone five, because this is pre launch uh, so that’s all blocked and of course, naturally, there’s been a game and smartphone you’ve got plenty of control over the actual performance. If you dive into the armory crate, this is where you’ll find all of the uh. The settings that you can play around with before you load up a game x mode is the default uh setup and it’s, certainly the one to go for. If you favor performance over battery life, it boosts the cpu and the gpu performance for higher frame rates and a much more stable frame rate as well, especially when you’re playing over a long long period. It also gives you the highest possible refresh rate 144 hertz, and it boosts all of the sensitivity levels all the way up to max in those seconds. You can also play around with the actual lighting effects, uh that you have on the go when you’re gaming in this mode and you’ve actually got to dual color effects as well, which you can set up now. This makes the rogue four and fives also that little bit sexier, and i found that when i was gaming with the x mode active this produced very strong performance. Indeed, as you would kind of hope and expect so, for example, in generation impact set to the highest possible detail settings, it tends to stick to that 60 frames per second limit, with only the occasional, very short, very slight dip in frame rate, so you’ll occasionally notice A brief little jitter, for instance, when you’re charging across the world map, but this never impacted the gameplay, certainly and the cpu usage on the rogue phone.

Five never rose above 50 percent. Likewise, good beefy bit call of duty action on high detail. Settings on the highest frame rate settings maintained a stable frame rate over a lengthy gaming session and vainglory. One of those titles that supports the high refresh rate held a median frame rate of 126 frames per. Second, throughout a full match, with pretty much zero fluctuation throughout as well, and it certainly looked silky smooth from start to finish so yeah. Definitely that export gets a massive thumbs up from me. You’Ve got some other presets as well. The other one that’s worth focusing on is ultra durable and we’ll. Get to that when we get to the battery tests, if you’re a proper control freak, then isuzu has you covered there as well. You can dive into advanced and you can actually play around with the cpu performance limits. The gpu performance limits the temperature control all that good stuff. Personally, i don’t really find it uh necessary to dive into that sort of level of control when you’ve got some perfectly good. Presets like that x mode. As far as the thermals go here on the azus rogue phone five. Well, their zeus has tinkered with the likes of the 3d vapor chamber. You got the usual graphite sheets in there to help dissipate the heat as well, and overall i found the coolant system was very effective. Indeed, when i was uh using the x mode to play a good bit gentian impact, i found that the internal temperature rose from sort of low 30s to around the 45 to 46 degree mark after around 20 to 25 minutes of gaming.

But then it hovered around that temperature not rising any further, and i found that certainly yeah. That glass panel on the back end of the rog phone 5 was starting to get quite warm after about 20 to 25 minutes of non stop gaming. But most of the heat is concentrated around the center of that panel away from your hands when you are doing a bit of gaming in landscape mode and even towards the center to be fair. It wasn’t getting troublesomely toasty, just quite warm now for really hardcore users who want to be gaming all afternoon, especially with the phone plugged in there’s, the optional aeroactive cooler 5 accessory. This can blast more air at the region where the cpu is housed and lower. The cpu temperature up to 10 degrees compared with just using the standard built in coolant system, and i certainly found that when gaming on the likes of vainglory and gentian impact, the temperature didn’t rise above around sort of 35 36 degrees over the course of a match. Or a good couple of missions, and even better this generation of the aeroactive cooler, also includes two physical pads on the back end, which can be mapped to any on screen game controls. Now, when you’re in the middle of a game, you can yank out the very handy game, gd menu, just a quick swipe of your finger from the left edge like so this gives you fast access to a freaking huge number of different tools and features simple things Like just boosting or lowering the screen brightness when you need to you can stick on uh, no notifications as well.

If you don’t want to get pestered by messages and calls from the boss or your other half or whatever, you can access real time info to see how the rog phone 5 is coping with the pressure so, for instance, check out how the battery knife’s doing how The internal temperature is holding up and, if there’s any of those game genie features you find that you use over and over again you can use the quick control feature to actually add them straight onto your on screen controls. So, for instance, let’s say you’re constantly trying to screenshot a bit of action. Then you can add that on and then this will add your button on just place it wherever you want. You can change the opacity of that button and also the size of it as well, and then in the future. When you tap that button thy will shall be done and if you do actually play competitively as well, you’ll be interested to hear that asus has added. On an esports mode for the rogue phone, five too, this could turn on the likes of do not disturb, because, obviously you don’t want your mum messaging. You in the middle of a bloody tournament, prevents accidental touches, and i will also disable some special features as well. Like the air triggers, which are quite often outlawed in these esports tournaments, one of my favorite features that you’ll find in that james. One of my favorite features that you’ll find in that game genie menu.

Is the air triggers feature which basically refers to the two ultrasonic shoulder buttons? The setup is very easy. You can map each shoulder button to a very specific on screen control, just by dragging these little icons over them, and not only do they support uh, just straightforward tapping, but you can also swipe each button to do something differently. So, for instance, we can swipe the left one to get a bit jump action on the go, and now, as you can see, just a quick swipe of that shoulder button will make the bugger jump it’s in this menu, where you also set up those two uh Pads on the aero active cooler, which i mentioned earlier as well – and you can also set up some motion controls if you like so be quite handy again, if you’ve got so many features that you find you’re fumbling around for those on screen buttons. So you can uh tilt the phone forward backwards all over the place. You can also give it a good hard shake to, for instance, activate a special power, but i find that i’m, usually shaking the phone about all over the bloody place whenever i’m playing a game. Anyway, especially when i get all stressed so i i tend to stay away from the motion controls, you also have the option of that rogue kunai 3 gamepad. If you want the most comfortable gaming experience, this can be used as a standalone joypad, which works well when, coupled with that aeroactive cooler accessory with its handy kickstand.

Alternatively, you can also attach the two individual bumpers directly to your rog 5, using a special case, and this gives a nintendo switch style setup, albeit a ridiculously freaking wide one. Alternatively, azusa is also going to be offering a rogue clip which basically just clips onto your phone, and then this can be used to attach the phone directly to an xbox one, a playstation 4 or a stardia controller. No support for the new sony, microsoft consoles. Just yet, unfortunately, if you want to provide a colorful bit of in game commentary, but you can’t be asked to actually wear a headset. Well, no worries you’ve got a quad bike setup here on the rog phone five, which would also come in handy for your skype. Call zoom and all of that and good stuff and you’ve also got a 24 meg selfie cam on there as well, which you get is absolutely fine for capturing your mug, while you’re girling and sweating up a storm. If you’re gaming online good news is you’ve got full wi, fi 6e support with a triple antenna setup, so you’ll get a strong signal. However, you’re holding this thing, you’ve also got 5g support via the snapdragon 88 built in modem and azusa’s. Hyper fusion feature can automatically select between the mobile network or the wi fi network, whichever is offering a more stable and strong connection. As for your storage, well, i already mentioned back at the start of the video.

This is a 256 gig model, but you can get a 128 gig model if you pay 799 euros, there’s, no micro, sd, expandability, but there’s still plenty of space to download a shed load of games, no worries and last up let’s check out my battery test and The rock 405 packs in a mighty 6 000 milliamp cell, definitely a a very recommended feature for a game and smartphone to have. I did try to play a game impact on top detail. Settings at 60 frames per second with the x mode active to see how fast that would drain the battery, and the answer is pretty fast. In fact, the battery meter drops almost one percent every minute, not quite that bad, but i did end up having just over two hours of playtime from a full charge. However, as i mentioned before, if you dive into the armory crate, you do have that ultra durable game mode, which just scales back quite a lot of the features in order to prolong the battery life and that’s very handy. Indeed, if you’re gaming on the go with no hope of actually being able to plug in the rug phone 5 to keep it powered up, and this mode makes a significant difference to the longevity of the rogue phone five. So, for instance, i played genshin impact on those same maxed out settings as before, and the rog 5 kept on gone for twice the length of time versus that x mode.

So, given just over four hours of use from a full charge and the phone also heated up slower, however, i got ta say there is a serious impact on the performance when using the ultra durable mode as well, so on those top settings in generation impact. I noticed a few instances where the frame rate dropped to quite laggy levels for a couple of seconds or sometimes longer, and when you get into fights with quite a few beasties on the screen at once. There is definite slowdown here, although to be fair, that is, on the max style, graphics and one of the more demanding games out there. If you do find that the battery level is running low, no worries you just pull out this little rubber flap here on the edge of the rog phone five and you can plug in your charger like so, and that will keep you powered up and, as you Can see you can keep on comfortably gaming, no worries, unfortunately, that rubber flap thing is not attached to the phone, so that will be quite easily lost if you’re, not careful and you’ve got plenty of different battery charging modes here on the rock phone five as well, Including the ability to not actually charge up the battery, while it’s plugged in while you’re gaming just to help prevent overheating and potential battery damage. If you want to know more about the charging tech, for instance, the 65 watt hyper charge abilities of the azus rogue phone.

Five and all those battery saver and battery charging modes and definitely go check out my in depth, unboxing video and that right there is my review of the azusa rogue phone five from a gaming perspective. You’Ve got a bevy of gaming features, packed in there tons of great optional accessories as well. If you want to get the absolute most out of your games and certainly stand a chance against those bloody 12 year olds who spend the entire of lockdown just playing their one freaking game until they achieve basic gods herds in it. But as i mentioned back at the start of the video, there is a rogue phone 5 pro model as well, which will be coming in april for 1199 euros. This is basically the same as the standard rogue phone five except you also get a secondary rog vision display on the arse end uh, which you can use to display your very own, visual or one of asus’s presets, and you also get that aero active cooler, bundled If that’s, not good enough for you, you’ve also got the choice of the rogue phone, five ultimate edition, which is an extremely limited edition version of it for the supremely dedicated fans. No doubt that will be coming in may for the price of 1299 euros and again it’s the same phone. But this time you get a unique monochrome design with a monochrome vision screen on the back end. You’Ve got 18 gigs of ddr5 ram, not just 16 gigs.

Clearly that two gigs will make all the friggin difference, and this will also feature two additional rear touch zones for even greater control, and apparently this also comes with the aeroactive cooler, plus an ultimate fan gift pack, which includes a cap, some badges, even a towel. Apparently so you can wipe yourself off when you get all sweaty and disgusting. I mean if, if you’re, actually playing mobile games to the point where you’re perspiring to that sort of level, where you require a towel to mop yourself off, maybe think about taking a break. But anyhow there you go that’s enough of me banging on what do you guys think of the rogue phone? Five. Are you attempt to go check out my unboxing video for a look at the camera tech and all the other bits, the rogue ui zen ui uh software features as well, and, if you’re still with me and you haven’t done so already, please do pork subscribe and Ding that notifications bell means the world and have yourselves a lovely friggin rest of the week. Cheers everyone love Music.