The good news is that the wrong phone five will make it to these shows in some incredibly beefy specs and all kinds of dedicated gaming features and the rock phone five will be launching globally from this month. It’Ll cost you from 799 euros here in europe, i’m. Going to take you on a full on unboxing and tour of all the hardware in the software right now, but i’ll also be doing a separate, dedicated video, concentrating on the game, performance, the game and features and how the battery life fares under duress. So to make sure you don’t miss that bad boy definitely please put subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers all right. Let’S unleash the kraken and first of all, i’ve got to see a very snazzy box. Indeed, and oh some very snazzy anime style artwork on the inside as well that’s, a neat little touch for those who dare to shoot random strangers online in the face over and over again. So we get bundled in here is one smartphone. Naturally, you’ve got a protective case as well, although definitely not a condom case for too many holes for that you’ve got some random little stickers as an added bonus. You’Ve got one seriously: beefy 65 watt, hypercharge adapter as well absolute size of this thing. You could probably break someone with this and last time. We’Ve also got a type c to type c, a usb cable and it’s a threaded one feels proper, durable, that’s for sure all right, so now it’s time to check out this absolute unit and there she blows the wrong phone five in all of its sexy glory.

Now, first impressions are holy. I wish that i lifted bro, because this is a 238 gram. Beast talk about a hefty bugger you’ll, definitely be feeling this one when it’s stuffed in your pocket, that’s for sure. If you’ve got a choice of two color options with the rogue phone five at launch uh this darker one, otherwise a lighter option as well. It’S actually constructed from glass on the back there, as you can see quite a glossy finish to it: it’s gorilla glass, three round back but around front that’s, upgraded to gorilla, glass, victus and that’s great news, because gorilla glass, victus isn’t, just super scratch resistant it’s, also Drop resistant as well up to a height of around sort of two meters, or so so, even if you fumble the wrong phone five because let’s face it is a bit of a freaking unit, uh and it slaps down face first onto a concrete floor, touch wood. It will emerge unscathed that is, of course, especially important for a gaming smartphone, where you don’t necessarily want to be slathering screen protectors on there, because that might bork the screen responsiveness as with previous rogue phones. This is very clearly a gaming smartphone. Thanks to the finer detailing that asus has chucked on, there got a bit of arse art there and, of course, you’ve got the rgb backlighting as well, which i’ll test out in a bit got the usual misshapen uh camera chassis. All that good stuff.

I like the way that azus highlights the power button, that’s a neat, little touch and then down beneath the rog 4.5 you’ve got a dedicated headphone, jack and you’ve also got a type c usb port, but then on the opposite edge to the power button. You’Ve got a rubbery flap thing if you peel that away, you’ll find you’ve got another type c, usb port there, which is really handy if you want to charge up or just power up the phone while you’re gaming and asus has clearly got a thing for red Because the sim tray is decked out in it as well and, of course, because of all these ports and the vents and all the rest of it as well. There is no ip water or dust resistance rating here on the rogue phone. Five, so definitely don’t go getting it too moist and when it’s time to bung your sim card inside of the azus rog 405. We should find the space enough in there for actually two cards at once, but sadly no room for a micro, sd memory card to expand the onboard storage. Alright, so enough, banging on anywhere let’s, actually power up the rogue phone five and i’m gon na take a full on tour of the hardware in the software. Oh christ. I almost filled my kecks there. Oh i like it. Even the setup screen is super sexy. Look at that all right. The rockford five is all set up and ready for action, and it looks like we’ve got some more comic book shenanigans on the go step into the universe, with akira on the spearship fight side by side against the enemies bit vague on who the enemies actually are.

Here after mission, completion put on your exclusive face mask to create the id card and open the rog world view. Well, i understood probably about 20 of that, and it looks like it’s an ar feature where it actually scans the box. Let’S get this on. We go. Okay, so let’s give this a go so scanning the first comic: oh geez, yeah and it’s coming to life all right, some sort of big satellite jobby and there’s. Mr badass, oh that’s, not a good situation. Oh, but he’s got some sort of kick ass arm thing and a big ass sword: akira yeah he’s, pissed off Applause, whoa tap continuously. I can do that Music Applause. That was easy. So now it looks like i can choose some kind of face appendage thing: oh this one’s, very funky and also probably pandemic approved as well. Oh there you go that pretty much is my face mask that i wear on a daily basis. Now, except without the freaky red glowing eyes that one’s a bit poo let’s go with uh. With this one yeah, i thought you could give me fair care as well. Then that would be an awesome feature: okay, so minor diversion there, but now we’re properly into the wrong phone five. And what you’ve got here is the freshest android 11 os and you’ve actually got a choice of two different uis you’ve got the republic of gamer ui, which i’ve set up as the default here.

Otherwise, you can also switch to that zen ui now as usual, that rogue ui is very heavily themed, as you can see, they’ve tweaked everything from the icons to their general system. Colors. Everything is certainly very heavily. Stylized they’ve got a variety of different wallpapers that you can choose between all of them, obviously again very high, heavily stylized, heavily gamer influenced, and that includes animated papers like this little effort here, which will of course, sap your battery life a bit faster and the rog45 Is going to serve up a variety of new theme, packs based on existing video game properties as well i’m, just going to go for a bit of a geeky anime effort as usual. There we have it loving the uh, the purple theme in there very snazzy jesus christ. What the was that? Otherwise, you’ve also got a theme featuring your manicure there pre installed and if you prefer, the general zen ui setup rather than the rock ui, then just tap on classic, and this gives you a much more straightforward stock, android vibe i’m, going to stick with the geeky Animator it’s got a nice uh bit of red inflection, now whoa jesus. Is it gon na keep on making these noises now when you want to unlock your smartphone um? First of all, i hope you don’t have epilepsy. If you’re using this theme, because it’s uh yeah it’s a bit on the bright side, but as you can see, there it’s an in display fingerprint sensor i’m about to get rid of this thing, because it makes so much noise and yeah that in display fingerprint sensor.

As you can see, there is an optical sensor because it lights up the general area where you scan your thumb and touch wood so far seems nice and responsive and you’ve also got full face and lock support here on the rog phone five as well. So you can just either raise to wake or just tap that power button. As you see it scans your mug, and that is hyper fast. As i mentioned before. No micro sd memory card support to expand the onboard storage here, but you’ve got a choice for either 128 or 256 gigs of storage, but the standard rog 415. As you can see, this is the 256 gig model, so plenty of space for all of your massive games, but against an impact and all that good stuff, speaking of which let’s get that little more for uh downloaded and it is ufs 3.1, as you would expect. So nice and nippy for downloading all your big files that 121 make file downloaded in just a handful of seconds good stuff and when it’s time to get your game on you’ll want to tap this little icon down. Here. That’S the armory create icon, and this is basically the gamer ui uh. So all of your games will be gathered here in one place, you can flick between them. Uh. You can set up profiles for each game to see exactly what performance booster is used. All that kind of good stuff, you can see exactly how much of your life you’ve pissed away on each title, and this is an absolutely feature packed tool.

So i’ll definitely cover that in full. When i come to do my in depth game testing on the rogue four and five so stay tuned for that video, this is where you’ll need to go. If you want to set up those rgb lights around the arse end of the rogue phone five, you can get those lights flashing when you’re getting your game on, and you can also use it as a basically a glorified notifications lights and all that good stuff too. And it’s slightly more advanced than the rgb lighting on previous rock phones, because you can actually flash a couple of different hues. At the same time, now that 6.78 inch behemoth of a samsung amoled display has been custom made for the azus rogue phone five and it is an absolute beauty it’s only a full hd plus uh panel, not quad hd plus it’s, a 2448 by 1080 pixel resolution. But that’s ‘5 pixels prints, that’s, certainly sharp enough for enjoying games and movies and all the rest. You got hdr 10 plus support for nice, sharp contrast, nice, deep blacks, a nice natural looking color reproduction and that’s supported in the likes of netflix you’ve got pleasingly natural color reproduction. You can actually dive into the display settings on the rog phone 5 as well, though, and then go to the splendid section, and you can actually play around with a variety of different color modes, including cinematic, and you could also change up the refresh rate as well, Which is set to 120 hertz by default? You can boost it all the way up to the maximum 144 hertz, which is now supported by a good couple of hundred android games, or you can stick it on auto mode as well, which will then flip between the various different refresh rates to sort of save.

On your battery life when it’s not necessary, and the screen also supports 300 hertz touch sampling as well ideal for those really fast paced reaction based online games like pub game call of duty and everything and again i’ll be testing that out for my gaming video now For your audio, as with previous rock phones, you’ve once again got a pair of symmetrical front facing stereo speakers, and apparently, zeus has afforded a bit more space to the speaker, tech inside of the rogue four and five so it’s, now 21, more powerful audio output compared With the previous gen, so let’s just bump up the volume see what we got canceled out by the h95s. As for the sound where you get dual 40 build titanium drivers built into the bop h95s, and do i even need to see it? The sound is absolutely incredible: yeah. Those speakers are certainly nice and beefy, and the clarity stays strong even on that top volume as well, which is great and the stereo speaker. Output should be great if you’re gaming on the go and you don’t have to have a headset with you. You’Ve also got full bluetooth, 5.2 support as well. If you want to get a wireless connection on the go, and as mentioned before, you do, thankfully get that headphone uh port down below too and asus has made sure that the audio chops on this thing is just as good as the visuals, whether you’re gaming kicking Back with tunes or whatever you’ve got an ess, saber hyper stream, 2 quad dac on this bad boy, something’s, even when using a pair of bluetooth, headphones or whatever.

That sound should be crisp and clear, really strong performance. Now, if you’ve got a good enough pair of headphones, you’ve also got full support for high res audio and you’ve got full control over that audio output as well. If you dodge into azusa’s audio wizard in the sound settings, as you can see, they can play around with a small selection of presets. Otherwise you’ve got the 10 band eq that you can use to tweak the audio to your own personal preferences. As for the performance, well, unsurprisingly, for a gaming, smartphone you’ve got the latest greatest tech in there, the qualcomm snapdragon 88 chipset, backed by a frankly ludicrous 16 gigs of ram on the top end model. Although that said, if you’re a super dedicated fan, then you can spunk up a bit of extra cash for the ultimate edition of the rogue phone, five, which packs in a absolutely insane 18 gigs of ram. Clearly that extra two gigs will make all the difference, and i have taken the liberty of running a bit of geekbench five already, unfortunately, antutu was blocked because this is pre launch, uh saw hush, hush, etc. As you can see, there great scores, both single core and multi score uh from the rogue phone five and my review model of the rock five is the 16 gig model, but you can buy it with just eight gigs of ram uh if you’re not that flash. But of course, a big part of the performance chops of any game and smartphone is the thermals, which again is apparently rejiggered for the rogue four and five gon na see that rgb light is going a bit mental but anyway the thermals.

I will cover again in that gaming. Video i’ll also cover the air trigger features more in depth in that gaming, video as well, but you can actually use it in general, uh ui as well, just by giving the phone a bit of a squeeze like so and as you can see, with a long Squeeze you can uh start up that x mode or you can open the camera up. You can turn on do not disturb turn on the flashlight. Whatever you fancy now, if you’re gon na be doing a lot of gaming on the rog phone five, the good news is that connectivity is hot as well again as you would expect from a gaming smartphone. You got full wi, fi 6e support on this bad boy. So especially good if you’ve got a really congested network, if you’re out and about using public wi fi that’s something i’m, definitely dreaming of doing someday using public wi fi in a busy area with lots of other people around and because it’s the snapdragon 88 you’ve got A built in 5g modem as well and you’ve got a multi antenna setup in here, so it doesn’t matter how you’re clutching the rog 4 5 you’ll get that strong connectivity. And if you are connected to a mobile network as well as wi fi, then the rockford five can actually smartly decide on the fly which one’s best for your gaming session, which one’s fluctuating in the least on the battery side.

Of course, you need a beefy goddamn battery for a game and a device like this for such incredibly powerful specs and all kinds of features on the go and whereas the battery section, i can never find it there. It is and it’s a 6 000 milliamp cell stuffed here inside of the rog 4 and 5. you’ve got that side port for charging, as i mentioned before, which is great if you’re gaming and you realize that you’re low on battery you can just plug in there And you’ve got all kinds of adaptive battery settings to dive into too so. You’Ve got 65 watt hyper charge support here on the rog 4.5. But if you dive on into the battery care section of the battery settings, you’ll see you’ve got a couple of options here. Steady charging and scheduled charging that’s steady charging allows you to limit how fast the battery charges, so it doesn’t reach that peak in under an hour as it would do if it was charging at the maximum rate. That’S. Definitely good news if you’re, not in a hurry. For that battery to power back up again and if you’re going to the scheduled charge – and this is great news, if you’re going to leave the phone plugged in overnight and charge – and this just limits how fast it charges again and then i make sure it only Just reaches 100 charge when you’re about to get up in the morning.

You can schedule the exact time that it will finish powering up. You can even have it set via your alarm clock as well, so hopefully, these battery features will help to just prolong the the lifespan of your battery, make sure that your battery life isn’t booked. If you have been using the phone for a good year or two and last up let’s finish this unboxing and tour of the rogue phone five with a look at the camera tech, including that triple lens rear camera, and what you have here is a 64 megapixel Primary sensor, it’s, actually sony’s imx 686 sensor with a bit of built in optical image, stabilization all that good stuff, nice fast shutter speed by the looks of it and uh. The actual focus seems to be nice and nippy too, as you can see there, you could also swap at any point of the 13 megapixel ultra wide angle, lens with a quick tap like so and loads of bonus, camera modes as usual, including the likes of, of Course, the portrait mode you can actually play around with the uh the bulky level there to get a really nice strong, blurry effect in the background. We’Ve also got a night mode to help out with those really low light shots and a full on pro mode as well. If you want to dive on in and just play around with some of the camera settings like the iso levels, uh the shutter, speed and final lens there on the back is a 5 megapixel macro lens.

You can jump into the macro modes by going to that more section going to get really up close uh to use this bad boy. You still don’t really see the point of it, but uh it’s there. If you want it now when it comes to shooting video. Well, it’s stuck at full hd by default, but you can bump that up to full hd at 60 fps. Otherwise, you’ve got 4k at 30 or 60 fps and you can even jump it all the way up to 8k. But of course, if you’re going to be doing a bit of in game commentary or something like that, if you’re doing a bit of twitch streaming and such forth, then you’re obviously going to be more interested in the front facing selfie, cam and that’s a 24 megapixel Effect can actually use four in one pixel binning uh, just to help brighten up your shot, get it looking really sweet and, as you see, if you swap to the video, you can once again shoot uh full hd at 30 or 60 fps, but that tops off There there’s no 4k option and, of course, in the work here, you’ve got a quad mic setup on the rock 4 and 5. If you want to do your bed of in game commentary or anything, and of course you can just shoot a lovely looking selfie or in the case of me, a uh, a gormless, looking selfie, so that right there in a nutshell, is the azus rog phone 5.

As i say, available from this month for 799 euros and upwards uh here in europe and it’s going to be available across the world as well and, as i say, that’s just it’s kind of brushing the surface really, despite the fact i’ve been banging on for hours. I’M, actually losing my voice. I haven’t even begun to touch on the various gaming features, the gaming accessories that you can optionally buy for the rogue phone five and, of course, the performance, the battery life. All that good stuff, which i will be testing out for in the next couple of days, so stay tuned for that in depth, gaming, video and, in fact, because i’m shooting this video. A few days before the official launch of the rogue phone five, the gaming video should be going live pretty soon after this unboxing hits the channel, but anywho it’ll be great to hear your own thoughts on the rock 4 and 5 from what you’ve witnessed so far. Are you tempted by it definitely be great to hear from you down below and please do plug subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the latest greatest tech.