Please subscribe followed by the bell. You can also keep up on facebook twitter by clicking the links in the description. We take a look at the latest samsung news. This borderline infrared samsung is sacrificing everything. There is galaxy z, liner, bring let’s talk about the fold three. Some epic, exciting surprises are coming last month during the official announcement of the exodus 2100 processor samsung, officially said working with amd to create a new chip that will come with the next flagship product. The only next flagship product that samsung will be releasing in 2021 is the galaxy z series, which includes the fold 3 and z flip 3. According to south korean media, the exodus 2200 processor with andy gpu will go in mass production sometime around june and it could be used in the next flagship foldable devices, the z, fold 3 and z flip 3. This is a pretty exciting news, because we have heard that the first exodus amd chip will come inside his samsung laptop. The problem here is that i don’t think their laptops are flagship product. The galaxy z fold 3 definitely qualifies for that and, more importantly, as stated earlier, samsung wants to bring this chip inside their next flagship product. With the new amd gpu, combined with the under panel camera on one, the display is plus, for the first time the official support for s pen. This might just be the perfect replacement for the galaxy note. 21 ultra for now also south korean media has reported that samsung has figured out the way to bring the galaxy z fold 3.

Apparently, they are using a foldable digitizer under the screen, which will allow the display to withstand the pressure applied using the s pen on the screen, we’re, not sure if the s pen will come built into the fold 3. Like with seen on the note devices. I personally think it won’t, because they already are offering s pen separately and, of course, the s pen pro coming later down the year before fold, three shaping up to be a monumental product. This is by far the most exciting, rumors and leaks. Regarding the z fold three, i really hope that it does happen, as always, we’ll hear more stuff from more notable sources in the coming days. Now, speaking of the foldable devices, while we officially announce their mate x, two former phone is their first in folding follow device that works very similar to the galaxy fold 2. But it does a lot of things better than the fold z, which i think samsung can definitely pick up and implement on the upcoming z fold 3, like the fold 2 is weird 25 x, 9 narrow aspect ratio for the outer display made x2 offers a wider 21 x9 display, which is almost like a traditional smartphone display, or so most of your current apps. They will continue to work. You get a proper smartphone tablet experience because of how good the outer screen is of the mate x2. There is no need to put a camera sensor on the main tablet screen.

The mate x2 also offers 90 hertz refresh rate on board display, as it ever creates a consistent experience with something that samsung should do with us. A fold three by having a 90 hertz outer screen to conserve battery and 120 hertz or too frustrated with the inner tablet screen. The maid x2 is the world’s best folder phone. When it comes to camera specs, the mate x2 are pretty much in the same level as the galaxy s 21. Ultra you getting that dual zoom camera system in a massive camera lens. This is one area where the z fold three kind of fall charts. So, even if the door bring the base go camera system, the main camera lens has to be at least on the same level as the s21 ultra screen camera. So these are some of the notable things that i hope samsung adopts on their z fold. Three actually mate x2 is pretty sad that this device will probably not to get any sale outside of china. The price is really high and of course, there are no google services, anyways that’s, all the latest news, the upcoming galaxy z lineup, is definitely the most important samsung devices in 2021. That is it guys. Once i have latest news, i will be sharing with you guys and if you are new here, please subscribe like the video comment.