So for those of you guys who watch my xiaomi mi 11 video, you may remember that in that video i shot it out in about in hong kong, walking the whole time and talking to the camera and stabilization for that. Video was really good right. In fact, several viewers asked me what camera that was, and they thought it was a smartphone. Well it’s, actually not a smartphone. It is a tiny action. Camera that’s about the size of my thumb, it’s the insta360 go to. In fact, the footage you’re watching right now is also shot with the insta 360 go 2 and yeah. This is probably not like the most amazing footage, because it’s getting kind of dim right now, but considering how small this camera is. I feel like it’s still quite amazing and in fact the sound you’re hearing right now, it’s from the built in mic of the insta360 go to so the go to, as the name implies, is a sequel product. There was a insta360 go, the original one that came out about a year and a half two years ago. I reviewed that in thailand, so that was also a thumb sized camera and i had a lot of fun with that camera, but it has some weaknesses, meaning it suffered um from really poor video quality as soon as the light gets dim a little bit so it’s A camera that you can only really use during the day and also the built in mic with that camera, wasn’t good, nowhere near as good as this one, so i’ve been carrying this around with me for the past three four weeks, just shooting everywhere i go and I’M, just blown away by the footage again coming from something that’s, this small and because it’s so small.

This is highly portable. That means you can bring this in here anywhere. You can put it into different places and to that end the package actually comes with multiple things that allows you to put this onto different surfaces, including your own body. So my favorite one is this little magnetic pendant that you can wear underneath your shirt and then you can clip the camera onto your shirt. Just like that, once it’s on there now, i can just press the button to record and now i’m recording a video and i can walk out and about and this pendant is not the only thing that insta360 includes. You also have a little clip that allows you to clip onto a shirt really easily a little suction, that you can stick onto any wall and to hold the camera. You actually have this little case that you can just put the camera in, and this allows you to hold the camera with your hand too, and you have a screen right here that allows you to cycle through the different modes. So you can actually control what you’re shooting with this case can also work as a remote. So that means you can have this camera planted somewhere and still control the camera. With this case and that’s, not all the case also can double as a tripod there’s. A little tripod leg, so you can put this somewhere record a time lapse or record yourself eating, which is what i’ve been doing with my friend as we eat around hong kong.

You see that, on the case, there’s also a screw for quarter mount. So that means you can put the instant 360 go to on a tripod or a selfie stick very easily and because the camera is so small and handy, i find that it’s very useful to shoot how hard to shoot angles like if i want to take a Picture or video of this little chinese temple and screw it on a selfie stick hit record, extend the stick, and now i can just – and you know, it’s it’s – a shot that i can’t get with my typical smartphone or a camera, and this is the whole point Of this camera allows you to shoot a lot of stuff from all different perspectives: Music, all right. So, even though the goats here is actually a really good vlog camera because it has a wide field of vision, so right now, i’m just completely handheld. But i believe you can see my friend and i at the whole table on dinner and the mic is pretty good. So you should be able to hear me clearly, even though i’m in a really loud hong kong street, but even though it’s a really good vlog camera that’s, not what it’s, for, though this camera is actually perfect for adventure it’s a very outdoorsy person because of its Small size it clips onto your body very easily, so in terms of video quality, you can shoot at a maximum of 1440p or 1080p, but of course you can shoot 1440p.

Why wouldn’t you, and also i forgot to mention the go to is actually waterproof up to 13 meters, so that means i can dip it in the water and it won’t be an issue. This definitely is not an issue in our 13 meters. So, as i mentioned earlier, just using this case, you can already directly control the insta360 go to or you can connect the insta360 go to to the companion app. So once you connect it, you get the viewfinder directly on your phone. The app is available for ios and android too, although it runs a lot better on ios than it does on android. Okay. So now i have the insta360 go to over there on this tripod case, and you can see on the viewfinder. It is pointing straight at me, so here you can cycle through different modes, so you can shoot again standard video, pro video or hdr videos. Basically anytime, you shooting videos, you might as well shoot in pro video, because you just get better quality footage. Resolution 1440p or 1080. You can change your aspect ratio right here too, you can go vertical if you’re shooting for instagram stories or tick tock or you can go landscape. You can change your field of vision too, so to see right now, there’s a little bit of that fish eye distortion effect, but you can go linear, it’ll straighten everything out. So you get a more normal looking footage. You can also go narrow.

If you go narrow, then it’s a tighter shot, but you get more details record video same thing just have to hit record in the app and it will start recording now over there. Can you hear me into 360.? You should be recording right. So all the footage you shoot are stored in the camera itself and when you’re done shooting just jump into the album section of your gallery app and you can view all your videos not just watch videos too. You can edit the video directly within the app. So you see just one tap: you see i’m able to trim the video. If i need, i can cut out the first five seconds. If i want, you can also apply face filters like so. For example, i can brighten my face a little bit reshape. So i think that makes my face a little bit skinnier and you can make my eyes larger too, although yeah that looks a little bit scary, when i do that, you can change color science here directly, like color temperature, all that. But if you want more in depth editing, you can use insta 360’s desktop app, which is available for mac and pc, and on that app you get even more in depth. Controls and outputting it’s very easy to just tap on this little button here, and you can immediately output straight to your phone right now, it’s already exporting to my phone or you can share it directly to all these different apps like tick tock, instagram wechat youtube anything.

So this app is very intuitive and very easy to use. To be honest, i actually do not use the desktop app that much, because i find the smartphone app to be good enough for me already that’s for battery life. Insta360 says the go. To is enough to shoot all day outside, but that’s a very vague statement, because what does all day even mean i’m, pretty sure you can’t shoot continuously for 10 hours, for example, you’ll be out of storage before the battery runs out. However, with that said, i do think unless you’re doing something extreme with the camera, like shooting continuously for three hours, you don’t have to worry about battery life because i have been taking this out and about all day. You know this is not a camera that you’re shooting 20 minutes of video at once: you’re shooting – maybe a minute here – 20 seconds here, two minutes there and for for my usage, i take my bike out and i just film i can shoot. You know one minute footage two minute footage at a time, and i can shoot 40 of these and the battery is still good to go. I’Ve never ran out of battery yet so i don’t have an exact number for you, but i think you’re pretty much safe. Very unlikely, you’re gon na want to shoot something and oh there’s, no more battery so um. This is the insta360 go to in a nutshell. This is my favorite gadget of 2021.

So far, at least until you know, like maybe the oppo rowable phone comes out, because this thing is just so fun for me to use and also like, i said, i shot an entire video for my channel, the xiaomi video just using this i’m just walking around Hong kong, talking to the camera and the video quality is more than good enough. Audio quality is solid above average. I wouldn’t say: it’s, amazing and stable station is really good too. So just check this out i’m, just gon na run so yeah stay by station is indeed pretty good. Okay, so i’m in the middle of editing. This video right now, for instance, 360, go to when i realized. I ran out of footage. It just cut off so i’m gon na have to finish the last part of the video here. So unfortunately, i don’t know the price of the of the insta360 go to right. Now sometimes i know the price i can’t really say for sure this is a great value or not, but i know that as long as this thing, isn’t very, very expensive, it’s going to be a very reasonable, buy for a lot of content creators and influencers because You know those influencers really love walking around filming themselves for tick, tock and instagram right, and this camera is perfect for that like right now, i’m, just talking in front of the go to completely handheld so anyway, that’s my first video.

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