That is not what’s happening here. The g10 is a kind of downgrade or at best, a side grade to the g9. The g30, though, now this you can think of it as a kind of moto, g9 plus stupid idiot. You know there’s a moto g9 plus already right, okay, fair enough. Think of it more of more of a kind of sort, g9 advance. If i might say uh what i mean is it’s a slightly better moto g9. So what makes it better? Hey guys ash here from c4e tech and welcome to a full review of the lenovo moto g30. If you do end up finding this video useful, like share subscribe all that stuff let’s start with something super unique about this phone. The display just like with the moto g9 it’s, still 6.5 inches, it’s still on the hd, plus the same aspect ratio, the same technology, ips lcd there’s, still no mention of what they’ve used for display protection, so what’s the upgrade what’s, so unique. The refresh rate. Now this is probably the first one, the 720p 90 hertz panel that i’ve seen and i can live with that as an upgrade. It makes moving around the interface smooth, but the rest of the front it’s, pretty pretty ordinary. The bezels remain thick by 2021 standards. So the g30, at least its front, does not make much of an impression that’s it for an entry level. Phone 90 hertz me likey flip the phone around, and we have this plastic back it’s better than you’d expect it to be motors, managed to get some sort of gradient going on.

We can see different hues of green and red it’s, pretty eye catchy, or at least as eye catchy as a plastic bag can be it’s also utili utilitarian, in that the matte finish here means the back is pretty resistant to fingerprints and smudges, and talking about resistant Motors trademark water resistant, nano coating returns, so taking this one out in the rain should not be an issue again. Do not go dunking it in water as with every motor phone. Now to the top of this back, we have a quad camera array. This is one of the major improvements since the g9. Well, the g9 had a triple camera setup with macro and depth options as secondary meaning they were just making numbers and it was effectively a single camera setup. Here we get the same macro and depth options again. Yes, but there’s, also a pretty handy 8 megapixel ultra wide it’s got a 180 degree field of view. As you can see, the actual sensor itself it’s nothing to write home about, but at least it is not as useless as the other two sensors. The primary, though that’s, where we get our main, upgrade uh from the moto g9. This is a 64 megapixel sensor. What which sensor i have. I have no clue your gas is as good as mine, but it is paired with a f 1.7 lens, so under good lighting conditions, the images turned out alright. In fact, i like the level of detail, the dynamic range just look at the blue skies, the colors.

They turned out to be punchy, but not punchy enough to be called over saturated. They were pleasant to look at motorola’s provided the night mode, but under low light. This camera kind of falls apart, it’s very hard to get a decent shot unless the lighting is actually good, and the same holds true for videos too. The resolution maxes are at 1080. The 60 fp is available, though no the camera app. This is very moto. We have fan favorite features like spot color, where you just let one color pop and the rest is monochromed out that returns. Then there’s cut out where you get to well cut out your subject and add any background. You want there’s, also a dedicated pro mode, full fledged pro mode. We get cinematograph and even spot color for video, which was spotty at best now, unlike the camera software, the rest of the software experience it’s largely stock. This is android 11 bare bones, no bloat whatsoever. No ads whatsoever either moto offers one of the cleanest android experience outside of the pixel lineup, and that is what we get here on the g30 as well. Of course, there is the regular moto app, which has some non stock functionality like, for example, you can change. Fonts, colors, icon, shapes uh peak display. Lets you check out notifications even with the screen off, so you don’t have to bother unlocking the phone it’s quite handy, especially when you combine it with race to wake and by the way you can uh.

You can also add face unlock here. That is again a non stock feature and, while talking about biometrics below the camera is a physical fingerprint scanner, this is an active scanner, so you can just tap it and the phone unlocks sits right under the moto logo, it’s, pretty responsive and fast. Coming back to gestures twist it on the camera on and off chop chop for flashlight three finger screenshot, these all return, one of the newer ones. That motors added is swipe to split this quick back and forth gesture splits. The screen pushes your current tab to the top and lets you pick another for the bottom half there is a dedicated google assistant ke2. Now i would have loved to see this be a remappable key, but that’s not the case here. At least it is far out of reach, so it doesn’t get triggered accidentally now talking about the placements there’s a headphone jack and the output’s pretty much what you’d get from a budget phone, meaning it’s, not it’s, nothing special, but at the same time it’s nothing bad Either the single speaker is pretty silent and that was a bit of a let down there’s a hybrid race, so memory expansion is a possibility, but it comes at the cost of a second sim and the type c port. It supports 20 watt fast charge via the included turbo charger, given there’s a 5 000 milliamp hour battery inside i’m. Happy that moto dent leave is hanging with the 10 watt charger now in case you’re wondering why is he talking about 10 watts here? The moto g9 had 20 watts, so how would this have anything lesser, the moto g10, actually, ships with it and what charges so they kind of went backwards there anyway.

The 5000mah battery here meant the battery life was excellent, even with heavy use. I don’t see this battery running out before before the end of the day. It never did for us the same size display the same same capacity battery. This also means that the g30 looks identical to the g9. It has the same width same height, same everything. There. There is no upgrade per se for the belt and with the inerts it’s more of the same it’s, the same old snapdragon, 662.. Now guys here’s the deal i hate it. I absolutely hate it when brands don’t have a generational upgrade if you’re adding a number to your phone, then you need to add something new from the 662 on the moto g9 moto has actually gone as backwards with 460 on the g10, so that basically means the G10 is not the g9 successor. Instead, we have this phone. The g30 on paper it’s supposed to match the g9’s performance, because hey it’s got the same snapdragon 662 chip right, but it is pushing 50 more frames. It’S got a 90 hertz panel instead of 60.. So despite the stock, android uh experience here overall, when you use this phone, it doesn’t feel uh smooth all the time for just basic use: it’s fine, but once you start pushing it even just a little with like multiple chrome tabs, for example, you can feel the G30 struggle that said, gaming turned out better than we expected.

The 662 was even able to take advantage of higher refresh rates on some titles, and now, with all that said and done, is this a phone you should buy? What do i think, first, i’m, not impressed with moto constantly downgrading the g line. I’Ve talked about this multiple times in the past, and it is what it is uh from being one of the best phones for its segment under google. The g lineup is now more of an afterthought anyway. The g30 brings to him two important upgrades over the g9 cameras and a 90 hertz refresh the moto g9 launched uh for 11 500 in india and given this is pretty much all motorola has added to the g30 i’d say: 12. 13 000 rupees is the max. You should be paying for it at this price, it’s, still a bad upgrade from the last gen g9, but it’s a decent enough standalone phone by itself, especially if you want stock android and as long as asus refuses to launch the zenfone max. What is happening with that lineup anyway, if motorola decides to price the g10, the downgraded phone at the same price as the g9 and decides to price the g30 higher i’d rate it and avoid at all costs do not buy so summing it up build average design. Sad display average battery life excellent, a solid box uh, i mean charger in the box, cameras reasonably good, so under 12k. This is a good deal 12 to 13k, it’s, okay, so so above 13k stay the way so that’s my take on the moto g30.

I didn’t. I didn’t want to do just another stupid unboxing, so i decided to actually get you guys the full review so now it’s your turn. To give me something. Do let me know what you think about this phone. The official pricing would have been announced by the time. Uh this video goes live. I will have it pinned a pinned and a comment below just like. I always do so check it out. Let me know what you think about this phone, like it hate it leave a comment down below and with that we get to the end of this review thumbs up thumbs down, based on whatever you felt about it subscribe turn on notifications by hitting that bell icon. If you haven’t yet thanks a lot for watching till next time, my name is ash. You’Ve been watching c4etech and i’m signing off. For now.