So i have a lot to talk about with this device and also i do have my hands on the s21. We will get a comparison. Video soon make sure you subscribe so you’re notified when that goes. Live anyways let’s get into the full review of the galaxy s21 ultra after just over a month. I really like what samsung did with the overall design of the s21 ultra. There are curved sides to the display, however: there’s a decent amount of surface area on the side, so it’s still comfortable to hold. I, like the camera module, how it flows out of the side and then on the back. You have that matte black color, which has really grown on me, i’m, a big fan of the aesthetics of this phone there’s. No denying this phone is very large it’s, just a big phone overall and with that size brings a decent amount of weight and i’ve noticed when i’m holding the phone for longer periods of time, specifically when i’m holding it up, maybe when i’m laying in bed it. My hand actually does get a little bit tired because of the weight, especially if you’re someone that’s going to put a case around this phone that will add to the weight and the size. So if you are not a fan of a bigger phone, this may not be the phone for you. A benefit of a larger phone, though, is that you get a larger display on it and yet again, samsung has included the best display on any phone out right now, with the galaxy s21 ultra with 120 hertz, the adaptive refresh rate is fantastic since it’s, an adaptive Refresh rate it doesn’t stay at that 120 hertz at all times, and this helps with battery life the lower refresh rate, the better battery life you’re going to get now.

There are times when i’m in specific apps and i notice that the refresh rate is not at 120 hertz. I can definitely just see it and i can see it bump down. So i wish there was a force 120 hertz option within settings. There’S, not you have to stick with that adaptive setting now don’t worry it’s not happening all the time it’s, just very occasionally. It happens, and i notice it so i do wish there was a force option. However, i do also understand the battery benefit and how i’m gon na get longer battery life, with that adaptive, refresh rate here’s, a quick, slow mo shot of 120 hertz on the s21 ultra, and i found when i talk to friends and show them the display. Some of them cannotice it and some of them don’t notice the difference between 60hz and 120hz it’s worth going to check it out for yourself to make sure it is an actual benefit for you and speaking of my friends, let’s get on to the sponsor of this Video, which is hp, let me introduce you to my hp, smart friend, hp. Smart friend, allows you to have technology gurus at your fingertips and they’re available 24 7 through phone chat and remote support. Your hp smartphone will be there for you offering judgment free help and not only will they fix unexpected problems, but they’ll help you sync an android or iphone to a windows, pc performance optimizations on your device, if you’re having trouble connecting to a network with wi fi, Not only do you get that great support, but another one of the perks of a smart friend subscription is access to hp, employee purchase plan pricing on hp hardware and accessories.

So, if you’re, looking for a reliable, trustworthy friend to help with your tech devices, look no further than hp smart friend, i have to say i’m really happy that samsung included a larger fingerprint scanner. It really does make a difference, and this is across the s21 lineup. It makes it so you don’t have to focus as much when you set your thumb down, even with the display off generally i’m, finding the right spot, even if it’s, just off where the fingerprint actually is. It still will recognize it and unlock my phone when it comes to the camera of the galaxy s21 ultra. It really is one of the best it’s great, that it has two telephoto lenses at 3x and 10x and the 10x shots are pretty crazy. The best 10 times zoom shots, you’re gon na get out of any phone out right now and it’s, just a lot of fun using these zoom lenses. This camera is packed with a ton of different features, a bunch of different modes, and it really sets it apart from other flagship cameras like the iphone or google pixel single take is an example to take full advantage of all the different lenses it shoots. Video takes pictures all in one succession, without you having to control the phone at all. This is an example shown by my friend rob who actually took it on his galaxy s21. Ultra video recording on the s21 ultra is also great.

They have something called director’s view to take video with a bunch of different lenses all at once, you can film with the front facing camera you can swap between the rear lenses on the back just again, adding all of these useful features to take advantage of all The lenses they’re, adding as a quick side note. I noticed that the focusing is really quick when i’m switching between close and far away objects. So when it comes down to it, the s21 ultra’s camera is one of the most versatile flagship cameras out there. When it comes to point and shoot, i think the 12 pro max takes the cake. However, with all of these added features with the extra zoom lenses, the galaxy s21 ultra can definitely compete. I noticed in lower light some faces they’re, while very bright. They lose some of the texture and they feel sort of smooth, but other than that, i have been really happy with the camera on the s21 ultra, a quick demo of the front facing camera on the s21 ultra and the microphone being used in the phone. Now, with this being a one month later, video i wanted to touch on pricing of these devices and after a month, i have already seen a lot of deals on the s21 lineup so make sure. After a month, you aren’t paying full price for any of these phones. Something that’s been bothering me lately on the s21 ultra and just samsung.

Phones in general is the ads that they’re putting in some of the stock apps. This was the store it popped up with an ad. This is bixby which had an ad to buy a galaxy s21 when i’m already using an s21 – and this is the worst one in the weather, app up towards the top there’s, just a big obtrusive ad. That is clearly just a click bait ad. So for me that has been quite a bummer here: let’s go into the weather app and actually see. Oh look at that another ad up towards the top. You just don’t want to see that in stock system apps it forces you to want to go find another app in the play store to replace it. You have a 5 000 milliamp hour battery in the s21 ultra and here’s a look at some of the stats. Six hours 45 minutes screen on time, six and a half over seven six hours and 22 minutes, and this was one where i used it pretty heavily for maps and using my camera, so got solid battery life overall and that’s consistent. This phone gets me through a full day consistently. Now it isn’t the best battery life you’re going to get on a phone. There are others that will last you longer they’ll, get me through a full day and then a little bit more the next day, and you just don’t get that with the s21 ultra you can’t charge your phone wirelessly and also charge other devices wirelessly with their wireless Power sharing, unfortunately, samsung no longer includes a micro sd card slot in the s21 lineup, which i know is a deal breaker for some people, but at this point there’s, so many manufacturers, not including it it’s almost just like the headphone jack we’re, only select few.

So if it’s a deal breaker for you, your selection is just getting more and more limited, whereas on my side i have transitioned over to cloud storage and, of course, wireless headphones. But i understand why that can be a deal breaker for other people. One thing to make note of is when qualcomm comes out with a new flagship processor samsung’s, always one of the first to use it in their galaxy s lineup, and this was no different with the snapdragon 888 in the s21 lineup. With that being said, it’s worth noting you can take advantage of this higher end processor a lot earlier. If you buy into the galaxy s lineup, if you’re buying a flagship phone later on in september october, with the same processor, you could have been taking advantage of this phone much longer. So you could look at it that way and seeing the galaxy s lineup provides more value. What always ends up happening is that the galaxy s lineup gets compared to phones that are released later on and, if you think about it, you have multiple months to use a phone with this processor with this latest technology before all of these other phones get released. So when a phone in september october gets released with the snapdragon 888, you could have actually taken advantage of the galaxy s lineup much earlier in the year now. I really think this is an advantage of samsung and why them releasing this phone even earlier this year.

Actually means something: within the past week, samsung has committed to four years of security updates for select samsung galaxy phones. The s21 lineup is included, which is pretty crazy in my opinion, and actually samsung is second to google with their update policy. Lately they offer three years of system updates and, of course, on top of that, the four year security updates samsung has also consistently been timely, with their updates on multiple devices. We all know samsung has a lot of phones out there and they’re continuously getting better and better with their updates, and i said this a long time ago. One manufacturer just needs to take control of that, and it will be a huge selling point, and i think this is a huge selling point for samsung galaxy phones now to wrap everything up generally the samsung galaxy s, lineup has held the title of the phone to Beat for the year this year is no different. The s21 ultra is definitely the android phone to beat this year again with it being one of the first to include that snapdragon 888, with those camera improvements and all of the features built into the camera system, including that optical zoom, which is huge. You also have one of the best displays out right now that new update policy that samsung just implemented, i can definitely recommend the galaxy s21 ultra now. Don’T get me wrong. There are some things i hope samsung improves upon, including those ads that i’m starting to see in system apps anyways.

That is my full review on the new galaxy s21 ultra from samsung. I hope you enjoyed the video drop a comment. Let me know what you think about the s21 lineup be sure to subscribe, a lot more content coming soon, like i said comparison between these two phones very soon and be sure to give this video a thumbs up.