Talking about my experience series, so it’s been almost a month or 30 days. So i guess enough number nine for me to make this kind of video and, as promised guys so for this smartphone again an impression or first time, woman, vivo y31 video, it retails for 12 999 pesos that is available for this smartphone, and that is the 8 Gig of ram with 128 gig of internal storage. So what makes this smartphone special and about meronjan, and why do you think dapatnat and xiangbilen, and why do you think indiana, but in terms of design, guys i’m very specific when it comes to smartphones finish? It just happened. Young smartphone, which is the racing block, actually familiar the build quality. It feels very solid and sturdy. It doesn’t feel cheap at all. So, yes, it looks like an expensive smartphone for me and tapas preorder, no vivo y31, so and there’s no need for you to pre order so again, i’m ending in terms of design. It really is one of the smartphones na pedimong, especially if you will be getting the ocean blue colorway. Aside from that, it looks very flagship: aluminum vivo x50 pro nagina gametco when it comes to filming kamukam. So, in terms of you know, hardware or design very flagship, then during my month long um usage of this smartphone notice, kona enough enough langdon young display and the fingerprint scanner on the side. Well, i’m gon na give problema. So far it was still consistent.

The very first time nagina met at in unbox, probably because again i have the black colorway again black in a pusha matte, so it did accumulate a lot of fingerprint over time and don’t. Take note, india, how much maglev angelica’s or you know, cases some smartphones, smartphones, very flagship, like smartphone. It feels very cheap anyway. Aside from that, i also really like the fact number one usb type c ports and yes, it supports 18 watt fast charging and they included 18 watt power, brick inside the box anyway, for the usb type c standard monitor, especially knowing the price pack. So yes, overall guys voila problema in terms of the buttons display again for the display, while at time punch hole, they are still using a jew drop notch. So don’t expect a very modern looking display in displaying indiana disappoint during my long term reviews smartphone autoguys again having a 1080p resolution as a standard. I had a very decent experience, also lacking london contest in terms of brightness, especially outdoors one 48 megapixels f, 1.8 aperture. For the main camera at 2, megapixels 2.4 macro lens and a 2 megapixels f 2.4 aperture for the depth sensor. The only thing i didn’t like on this smartphone guys is the fact nova lashan ultra wide angle lens. You know naman every smartphone. I always look for an ultra wide angle lens i feel like this should be a standard already, so my smartphone is nullibus for this year, 2021.

So, every time that i am using the camera of the vivo y31, i can’t help guys 16 megapixels, f, 2.0 aperture young capability and camera and nano vivo y 3 1, especially if we will be shooting outdoors miranda and shang dedicated night mode and magandang performance night Mode in low light photography, some of the photos are very flattering so most of you guys, especially the girls here record don’t, expect no sobriety stabilized on video recording nothing. It is a smartphone at all again it’s a budget to mid range smartphone. So you might want to take note of that performance wise upon a gaming review for this phone. It was actually a very capable phone same ship satan, amity, poco m3 same chipset, then again, i’m at the redmi 9t. It will definitely perform a lot better, actually having a higher ram guys applications. Thus, the reason why mason had then on vivo y31 compared to those phones, matassa and the king’s corners it almost hit 200 thousand and congo replay for my vivo y321 gaming, almost all of the games, namangas kinaya and smart phonato. Although for the gangshan impact made deletion and young framed up very, very noticeable, so gamer impact technology even mid range devices, hierapnian, depending on higher mid range to flagship, chipset and shampoo, guys since long term review for the battery test and charging test paired with an 18 Watt fast charging, it lasted me for more than a day right.

So in terms of battery life, you have nothing to worry about for this smartphone smartphone username, you guys again section below it, took me two hours and fifteen minutes pragma fully charged it on device. Nato, which is still not bad for me, guys for the next day, is so. What are your final thoughts? Maybe for the vivo, y31 and young verdict for a long term use okay, young vivo y31. Although 5g ready smartphone expect numbers impressions again, 5g ready, smartphone, shaft, padding 5g ready. I think mario recommend katakatom vivo y31, especially to those people who are very specific in terms of design battery and, of course, display koikawa very hardcore gamer.