This is the vivo y31 and in this video i’m, showing you everything that you can find out in the box itself, as well as go through a couple of specifications and letting you guys know what the vivo y31 is all about. So without further ado, let’s just jump into the unboxing right away. So obviously right here you can see that i’ve already unboxed this guy right here and apart from the device itself, what else do you get in the box? Well, quite a lot actually so before i show you what’s in the box. I just want you to know that this device here is currently retailing in malaysia for 999 ringgit, so that’s exactly under a thousand ringgit here in malaysia. Just so you know all right. So let’s see what comes in the box so, like i said, apart from the device itself, we do get a transparent case right here there we go very nice, transparent case like how most devices have these days. So, apart from that notice that we do have quite a full set of accessories here, we i want to start off with the 18 watt charger that comes in the box. So these days you know, a lot of manufacturers are not including charges, but the good news here is that we do have an 18 watt uh fast charge charger in the box, so that’s pretty nice. Apart from that, you do get your type, a to type c kind of cable right here, so again, very standard stuff putting it aside and yes, we actually do get a pair of headphones or earphones in the box here, which again is very much appreciated these days.

This barely comes in any packaging, so pretty good to see that this vivo y31 here is pretty filled up with a lot of goodies in the box itself. That will be very useful, all right so putting this aside for now. Let’S focus on this device right here. So this again is the vivo wire 31 and my device here is the blue version. So before we start off, i just want to show you very quickly the design and how this phone feels like and all that at the front here we do have an lcd display, which is 1080p and looking at the design for a minute. I actually pretty much like this design right here, because of that a smooth matte back at the back here it is kind of a gradient kind of blue. As you can see here, it goes from a lighter blue to a darker shade of blue, and, if you notice, the camera at the back here reminds me very much to the vivo x50, if i’m not mistaken, and it also has this kind of layout at the Top here, which i think is pretty fine, it’s a very classic kind of simple design here and it doesn’t look like a like a like a like an entry level. Smartphone actually feels pretty uh sturdy in my hand right here, and i have no issues with the build quality at all. So you do get a side mounted fingerprint scanner at the bottom, a type c port, a single firing speaker as well as your headphone jack, to use that earphones so pretty much uh.

This is what you get with the vivo white y31 at the top. You do get a front facing camera that is in the form of this teardrop notch all right in terms of the display itself, i must say i’m pretty impressed with this 1080p lcd display reason being that the colors on this device is actually very vibrant. It is actually reminding me a little bit of an amoled panel, but of course i would wish it came with a high refresh rate display, but you don’t get that here, but you do get a very nice lcd display. That is very good for watching videos on youtube, so that’s pretty nice there, all right apart from that powering this device right here is a snapdragon 662. It also comes with eight gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of internal memory, so that should be enough for you to store all your stuff in there um again. This is an entry level device and everything runs pretty smoothly in terms of your daily daily kind of tasks. For example, i have my facebook youtube gallery and camera all that even google chrome everything works pretty well and pretty snappy. I would say, of course, it is not like the fastest device in the whole market right now, but it is definitely good enough for your kind of daily use, especially if you’re just using this device for your basic social media, browsing the internet and, of course, watching Videos on it so yeah, the processor is definitely sufficient for doing all that kind of work all right.

Moving on. Let me talk a little bit about the cameras at the back here, so we do have a triple camera set up here. Three lenses, the main lens, is actually a 48 megapixel unit and we do have two more sensors right there. If you have a two megapixel macro lens, as well as a two megapixel dev sensor, all right enough about the numbers uh, let me show you guys a couple of samples here. So surprisingly, enough um, the 48 megapixel camera at the back here, did a pretty good job. In the day at night it was okay as well i’m going to show you guys a couple of pictures here, so you can judge for yourself what you can expect from these cameras right here. But i do want to point out something, though the depth camera at the back here surprisingly work pretty well. So this must be a combination between a vivo’s own algorithms, as well as the sensor itself, because i noticed that portrait images that i shot using this device right here actually turned out looking pretty good notice in these pictures. Here i took like one or two portrait images: uh, the edges was pretty nice, there wasn’t much fringing on the sides of the edges as well. It just looks like a very natural kind of bokeh kind of like blurred background kind of image and i’m pretty impressed with that right here for an entry level device like this so definitely want to point out that dev camera over here all right now that i’m Done talking about the cameras, one thing very important here is the battery itself, so this device comes with 5 000 milliamp hours of battery uh.

That should definitely last you more than a day with just a single charge, so no worries about that there. Of course we do get that 18 watt charger in the box, so that should aid the charging speeds as well, so it wouldn’t take that long um. I haven’t done a perf like a proper test on the speeds itself, but yeah overall, i think it’s pretty. Okay, all right guys, i think, that’s pretty much it from the vivo y31 right here. So i think this is the breeze 30 device here for under 1000 ringgit here in malaysia. Again, this is vivo’s. Try into the entry level kind of segment with the y31 right here and yeah overall.