Pro max now, i’m. Very aware that these phones are not competitive. Most people are definitely not buying. This are going to be even looking at this and people buying. This are not going to be entertaining this device here because it’s just not in their price range. However, i just want to demonstrate how good of a value the xiaomi redmi note 10 pro is just by comparing it to a 1300 phone or a phone that’s, a thousand dollars more than this device right here now. I think this is the first phone in this kind of price range. It does have a display of 120 hertz and oled and having a 180 megapixel camera is also pretty awesome for this device, but let’s begin by talking about design. I mistakenly said in my first review of this device. This had a plastic back, but it does have a 3d curved glass and around the edges. It is plastic, but overall the build. You can still tell if you hold this versus holding a more premium device like the 12 pro max now the frosted glass back on here, or you can even see it on the galaxy devices like the galaxy s21 ultra. They have a similar feel on the back. This is the new premium. Now you got stainless steel rim over here, so this device still feels way more money than the xiaomi redmi note 10 pro. But for the price of this phone you don’t feel like you’re, using a piece of crap that’s the best way.

I could put it it feels pretty nice now. If you look at the overall front screen. This is what really shocks me. You can see you’re getting essentially the same type of display. You have a six point. What is it like? Seven inch oled here and you have a six point – six seven inch oled over here, so both large displays. Now you can see the aspect ratios are definitely different for the xiaomi redmi note 10 pro it’s more of a narrower tall display. This is more of a wider display, so the 12 pro max is one of the better reading phones like if you’re going to be reading text side to side or watching videos, and you want them a little bit wider. Now you can see that what’s really nice about this – is that for this money this display gets plenty bright. In addition, i talked about in my review, but it has a sunlight mode on here. So if i go to here and i just type in sunlight mode, it can really crank up outside and i have no trouble seeing this. This is a problem that plagues a lot of mid range phones that you just can’t, see it outside sometimes, but this one. No problemo whatsoever on this phone. In addition, you will not believe how smooth this phone feels for the money. It’S like a 240 hertz touch sample rate. In addition, 120 hertz display everything over here on this xiaomi redmi.

Note 10 pro for the money just feels super smooth, not even just for the money. I should stop saying that the phone itself is just smooth. Now i will say there’s a little bit of a delay when you hold down and hit settings and it’s, not the perfect optimized device out there, but i got ta, say i’m really impressed with just how fast this operates. We know something like an iphone for thirteen hundred dollars does operate amazing and i’m, not taking anything away from this. This is still one of the top dogs in the industry. Most people again. This is not a fair comparison. This is not trying to take you away from app or anything like that i’m. Just making this for those people who are looking at this device – and they just want to know you know – am i getting something decent i’m, not able to pick up the 12 pro max, but i am able to pick this up. Am i getting something decent here? Maybe you have a 12 pro max you’re picking this up as a side phone in case somebody, you know, drops this 12 pro max and you got you need some backup phone. This could be a decent option here, but i got ta say i’m, just really impressed with that overall speed and smoothness of this phone. However, i will say that it’s not that much smoother, even though it’s 120 hertz than the 12 pro max just because it’s so optimized over there on ios.

It just feels super slick all the time as well. So most people won’t notice a major major difference, but it is still very smooth here for this xiaomi redmi note 10, pro shockingly now in terms of durability, i think having this plastic frame will kind of help it when it does hit the corner. So if you do a corner drop and it kind of hits the corner of the phone, it probably won’t damage quite as easily or scratch up as easy as something like stainless steel or aluminum. Rims, like you see on the samsung phones, because those are more they’re. More metal, so they do kind of scratch up nick up a little bit more. The plastic should be able to absorb those shocks a little bit better if you do drop it on the corners and stuff like that and like. Why is this guy pound? Why is he pounding that phone on a table like that, because i know it’s durable, it’s, not gon na, do anything to it. You can see right here, headphone jack, something you’re, not gon na find on this premiere phone, an ir blaster, i mean this stuff is crazy. This is this is just showing how mature the smartphone market has gotten that you can get a phone at this price range that almost matches most of the experience of what you get in terms of at least the hardware perspective they’re, not even close in software. Yes, you could say the icons are similar but it’s, a very different overall software experience, but i’m saying from a hardware perspective you’re getting pretty similar stuff.

Now in these cheaper phones, it’s, pretty amazing how far we’ve come in the smartphone game. Now, one area where the xiaomi redmi note 10 pro is not going to beat out this iphone 12 pro max. Is the software and that’s mostly due to the longevity, not because it’s, not a good software, it’s, really fun to use there’s a lot of features in here, it’s, pretty cleaned up? You got themes and all kinds of stuff it’s fun to use i’m, not gon na knock it there, but where i will say that in like in a couple of years, two three years down the line, this one is going to be left behind. You might have to get the next xiaomi phone to be on the latest software. This one right here. If you buy an iphone, you know you can use this thing for a very long time. So, while that initial price point, the barrier to entry into the ios ecosystem is really high compared to something like this, you won’t have to buy a phone for several years. If you’re able to discipline yourself and not fall into the marketing and keep your phone for a long time, i personally am not able to i love devices so i’m continuously upgrading plus i review devices. So i definitely do that. But you know if you’re the type person’s like i don’t, i don’t change my phone every year, like some of these people do i’m gon na.

Keep it a long time. Ios might be the better option for you, even if it’s gon na cost you three times more and now another area performance that doesn’t even come close in terms of the actual cpu we’re talking about an eight nanometer, a five nanometer chip here. So the iphone is actually closer to something like a laptop like an m1 laptop or even you know, a mac, a computer it’s actually faster than some mac computers. Now, because ios doesn’t actually take advantage of that performance. The same way that you can do bigger programs and stuff and it’s just it’s, just a smartphone it’s, a mobile device. You know it’s not always going to matter so much, but as we keep shifting towards more mobile and doing a lot of things on more mobile devices, i know pcs have been selling really well this year during the pandemic and stuff, but i think the future is Still on mobile devices, mostly you know having that extra power every year will always help, especially if you’re doing things like video, rendering gaming stuff like that and having like the latest stuff, come out and still having good power. The iphone will win out here and you might, you might actually have a reload from time to time on a phone like this with six gigs of ram that’s, not the highest ram, you’re gon na get on an android phone, so that might happen sometimes – and there Might be some times where this phone delays a little bit in the xiaomi redmi note 10 pro, whereas you might never really find that here on the iphone.

You will run into some bugs, though apple’s constantly updating their phones due to bugs and stuff like that. But the xiaomi redmi note 10 pro over here, just not gon na compete here in performance. It competes more with the mid range devices and it’s fair, because that’s what you’re paying for over here but what’s, really shocking again, is with the 120 hertz display and the snapdragon 732. The cpus are in the mid range, are getting much better than they used to be so. The average day to day use the stuff you actually do day to day you’re not actually going to be missing. Much of what something like this does when it just comes to everyday performance, so you got to really weigh how much performance are. Do you need out of your phone and i’m not saying this can’t run a game, it could definitely run games just fine i’m, not saying it can’t do video rendering i’m not saying it can’t do those things it’s, just not going to do it quite as powerful As something with a five nanometer chip, so that’s, where you really see that major difference in price point, this is kind of a kin if you, if you’ve ever looked into the car game before this is kind of akin to that where you can kind of buy A very value packed car for, like twenty thousand dollars, have all kinds of features inside of there, and you look at these guys with the luxury, cars and you’re like bro.

Why did you pay that for all that, when i i just got my – i just got my latest kia or i got my latest hyundai with all these features on here. Why did you go buy that mercedes that lexus or whatever that’s kind of what the iphone is? I feel like in the phone game – and this would be you know, like those devices i just or those cars. I just mentioned like with all the feature pack stuff in there that’s kind of what we have right here: i’m talking about like 20 000 starting cars, and things like that versus like a luxurious vehicle and stuff like that it’s kind of like that comparison right there. In the phone game, though, now here’s an area where you really do shine, though, in something like the xiaomi and that’s the battery life, because this thing’s not pushing as much power it’s, not as sharp as a display this 1080 over here, not that that matters that’s. The oled, though so it’s really good, the battery life is also larger by far than the 12 pro max, this phone can last a lot longer than this device. This device can go a heavy day of use, which is really good that’s. Why most people buy the max big size, big battery, but this phone big battery big size but doesn’t suck so much power because it’s more of a mid range cpu with a more less power sucking display.

So you have 1080 over here. So this one can go. Two days on pretty hard use is especially in, if you put in ultra battery saving these things can really run this thing way up. You can give it even more life over here. You can give this thing really good life with the low power mode setting right here, but then it disables 5g and you don’t – have the overall best experience in terms of what the iphone 12 pro max can do in terms of full blown performance. So i will say that you know battery life on these mid rangers is one of the key areas that i really love about them. They’Re, pretty amazing in that department, we’re gon na go ahead and talk about the cameras. Now now i will say that the cameras on this phone are exceptional. For what you’re paying ultra wide angle, you have a hundred nine eight megapixel mode. It does do pixel binning, so it’s not going to be the best 108 megapixel out there, but still for what you’re paying. I cannot believe the results you’re getting on this phone, the you they’re going to blow you away. If you pick up this device, you’re going to be like wow for what you pay you’re going to think you just bought a flagship phone that’s how good the camera is on here now in video there was a little bit of a you know shake in my Video but that’s, because i was in the 4k 30.

They do have more of a steady video mode right here, it’s right there it’s actually enabled right now. So, yes, you can get very steady video on here, one of the areas where you’ll see that this is not you know flagship grade. Is they they top out at 4k? 30. there’s no 8k on here, there’s! No, you know 4k at 60 frames per second, and then, if we go to more, though you can see, there are plenty of features, though you even got dual videos. You even got features on here. You don’t have on the iphone out of the box like a pro camera mode right from the actual. You know software itself, but again the overall results are pretty stunning, especially from the rear on this phone, and you have things like dual video, like that: it’s very similar to samsung’s director’s mode. Now, on the front, i do feel like the quality goes down a little bit here, but it’s still not bad. It really isn’t here for the xiaomi redmi note 10 pro now, where the iphone 12 pro max just really kicks most phones, but is when it comes to the just the software algorithm, how it just knows exactly what to do. It really just produces an effortlessly professional result. What i mean by that is that anybody can pick up the iphone 12 pro max. They can go ahead and snap a photo and the photo will literally come out better due to software than most beginner photographers can take on their camera.

They just bought for a thousand bucks if they don’t know what they’re doing it’s going to take a photographer. Some years of editing and skill to produce the same result, this phone can reproduce you know on their new camera if they don’t know what they’re doing so very amazing results here, and the consistency is just unmatched between the cameras on this phone they’re just unmatched. Also, the video quality pretty much unmatched, you can do 24. You can do cinematic. The iphone is the camera to get. If you want to do professional stuff, it just has the overall best results. The front is freaking amazing. You just cannot touch the front camera on the iphone. It just really matches up perfect with the rear, and then, when you throw it in the editing, they have some of the best editing apps on the planet. Here for this iphone 12 pro max plus, you can use things like lumafusion, and things like that. So i just think it’s just really hard to beat this, but where i still think the xiaomi is impressive, is that at least you get to play around with four lenses on the back here at least you have premium level cameras and, if you’re not able to Attain something like this right now: this can definitely get you on your way to creative journey and definitely until you can upgrade to the more premium xiaomi device – or you know something like this – you can definitely really really get some really good results here, so very impressed For the money of this phone all right, so i took a couple samples of that car behind us and you could just see look at this.

Yes, the iphone’s a little sharper. Definitely but look at what that phone is producing on the left. It’S. Definitely pretty nice! Now this is a close up. This can get a super macro. This is as close as i could get on the engine bay for the iphone, and you could see you can get even closer. So with that super macro mode, pretty awesome there, and then i took some photos outside look at the dynamic range for the iphone, the color in the sky it’s just you know it just looks amazing over there on the xiaomi phone, though pretty darn good detail and Again, both of these are acceptable for a front facing camera, but the iphone just comes out a little bit more pleasing, but look at this rear camera shot. I mean this is outdoors. Look at this comparison. Do you believe this almost no one will be able to tell the difference on this shot right here, really it’s really hard to tell, and now let me show you one more of these. I want to show you the level of detail here on this shot. It is so freaking amazing what this phone on the left can do. Compared to this, you know thousand dollar more phone, it’s, really impressive, that you can do this on a phone like this. By the way, this is a good example to see the punch hole. We didn’t talk much about that, but the xiaomi device does have close to an all screen device with that punch hole, but the chin kind of kills it for me a little bit.

So this is also a good way to see the punch hole versus the notch. You can see the xiaomi device does have a bigger chin, no real chin here for the iphone, so that kind of makes up for that so they’re pretty equal overall. But man i mean for the money. I got to keep saying, but i mean come on. Look at this: are you not kind of impressed with what this is doing seriously? I am i mean i can’t believe it. Sometimes that actually makes me a little upset that apple’s getting away with charging me 1300 for this, and i can get this for 300 and go ahead and take photos like that. It does make me a little bit upset, but then i realize the polish software is so good i’m, not just paying for a camera result only and when the iphone does take photos, it’s consistent, all the time, so i’m still happy with it phone call. Quality is just really dependent on where you are. You know the band support and stuff so pretty decent there. I will say that the iphone does have 5g this one i’m, using this particular unit. Doesn’T have 5g, and even if it did it probably wouldn’t be as fast a 5g as what we have here for the iphone so yeah this one, you can get a redmi. I think it’s note. 10. 5G. Let me know, if i’m correct on that one down below, but there is a 5g version of this, but i would like to see this with 5g.

This phone right here is an lte device that is kind of a step back a little bit and then, when comparing biometric security, you have this arc style fingerprint sensor, and this thing just snaps the phone right open really quickly here and i think fingerprints are much More useful right now than face unlock and the xiaomi redmi note 10 pro does have face unlock it’s, not without that either and then for the iphone. We just kind of look at it and you know it does this thing pretty much all the time, but i really do not like punching in my passcode with a mask right now. I do like face id a lot. It’S really amazing, especially when you’re not wearing a mask, but you got to give it credit. I mean having that feature just feels like something you would get on a premium phone having that embedded fingerprint sensor on this device in the side profile that’s something i’ve seen on sony devices i’ve seen on the s10e, the samsung device, usually they’ll, have a fingerprint on The back and it’s not super accurate, but this one is very good for the xiaomi redmi note 10 pro. So why would you even consider a flagship phone? Well it’s got a lot to do with the branding. You know. Apple is apple. You just you. Can’T compete with that branding. That is, that is a status symbol. It is an image thing, people you know care about quality, long term.

You know refinement, they want long term uses of their phone, they want to get the most they can out of it. They’Re still going to buy the apple phone, no matter what releases on the market just they don’t, they don’t even look at these. They don’t even cross their mind, it’s just there, but it’s not for them, but the people who would pick up something like this are people who will actually look for something that’s going to give them the most value for their dollar. They don’t really care about. Having the best image they’re using it as a practical, functional tool and they’re like what what is the most, i can get for the least amount and that’s where the xiaomi redmi note, 10 pro steps, and if that’s you. This is your phone you’re going to be stupid. Happy with this one, and before i wrap this up, i just been thinking about. Imagine if apple had a phone like this, if they stepped back some of their, you know they always want to be the highest quality. The most premium, if they just step back the little kept the software and made a plastic frame around the iphone made it a little bit cheaper, maybe gave it a little bit less of a high quality camera, but came in at a price run around ‘9. For a 6.7 inch screen, how many iphones do you think would sell at that price point because they wouldn’t be able to keep them on the shelf? If you ask me, so let me know what you think about this device down below, because xiaomi in their marketing.

If i’m not mistaken, i believe they’re saying this is flagship level like flagship like device, and i agree with them there it’s not that they’re saying this is replacing. They got the me 11 for that one that’s much more competitive with something like this, but i’m, still just blown away that most of the features do come close to what you’re going to experience on a flagship phone, not quite there, but for the money. How can you argue this? Let me know down below thumbs up if you enjoyed the video subscribe, if you haven’t already, if you want to see kind of something similar like this comparison but like to the s21 ultra or you want to see me compare this a71. I got the a51 as well that one’s going on a year it’s over a year old, now a52 coming.