We are gon na put dji om4 through the pressure test. Alright, so if you guys are wondering how i’m gon na do that uh i’m gon na do the whole day vlog by the way. Right now, i’m holding my g7x mark ii in my hand and i’m gon na use dji om for the latest gimbal that’s been launched for an iphone to use it throughout the day for because we have so many activities planned throughout the day today, it’s a weekend. So definitely i’m gon na shoot every single bit of those through the help of the dji and see how it’s gon na behave as a first time user uh experience wise durability, wise the shortest it can take and the features it has and then we’ll evaluate it. Uh as we go before, we start let’s dive into the unboxing of this beautiful gimbal Music. All right guys here is the beaut in the box, so we have it. I i like it create magnetic moments because it’s kind of a fun because they launched this gimbal with a magnetic arm so it’s easy to attach. The first box seems like to be the cover to carry your gimbal around a little bag. Pouch back – and this is like some guides and the ring to attach to your phone um as because it’s a magnetic arm thing, i’ll, show you this in a bit and then the second thing we got at the bottom is our gimbal.

It does come up with the the riser pad for the small phones, so this is like an extra cushion uh. This is the arm that it comes up with so that you can it’s an expandable arm, so you can attach your phone. It is magnetic, so it works like a charm to like just snap on there. You go so it’s super easy to attach your phone now. It’S super powerful uh when i’m. Attaching this, i can feel how strong the hole is so uh. Overall, it looks pretty sleek. It comes up with a tripod uh it’s, a small one, but the awesome thing is that the gimbal itself has a standard jack at the bottom, the screw, so you can attach it to any uh, so you can attach it to any tripod that you have. For Applause, i hope you guys enjoyed the unboxing but let’s clip it on and start this Music Music hey. There is a setup. Another thing i love about this beaut is that it has a standard jack. You can put it on any tripod, so it is amazing and we are on from dji om4, so i’d, like the first feature that we have explored so far, is that i can switch from the back camera to the front camera with the help of dji mimi App and that you cannot normally do when you are just shooting on your iphone, which really pisses us off a lot of time.

So i really love the fact that i can do that now and since i have a tracking on my face, this thing is being amazing by me just moving all the way so anyways. Now let me tell you about the plans that we have for today. Uh it’s friday, so currently it’s my lunch break. We’Re gon na have a quick lunch. Tania is making amazing bagel sandwich her specialty, which we are gon na shout on this beaut today and for the evenings. We have a lot of plants. What are we eating? Babe pav bhaji and before that for appetizers party party, there you go so we are making some at speedy peas, we are making some pony poolies and we are going to have pow buns. We are super excited for the kickoff this weekend, so anyways i’ll keep you guys posted like i said. We’Re gon na have the whole day, vlog shorty shoot on dji om4 and we are going to see how it performs how the shots come out to be stabilization. The battery and everything so let’s put this thing through the pressure dress, Music, so Music, uh Music. So our meal is ready and look at that it looks so delicious and i promise you it is that delicious she just used normal red onions and i use the pickled onions because those are my favorite. So we are gon na go eat our lunch, real, quick and see you guys in a bit all right, so wang and i are done with our lunch.

So we are back here working and finish finishing up. Some editing and we’ll see you later sometime, Music, guys tanya is over there raking out – and i have my axe here so i’m gon na go. Do some chomping there, Music, all right guys. These guys are here. The dogs are playing that’s, astr, hi, esther and marvel and now it’s time to see the yard. So, look at that so what’s the time it’s, it’s, 7, 30 right now and we actually went to trader joe’s and got a lot of stuff, very exciting stuff and some new stuff uh, but they’re all very delicious. And what we’re gon na do is basically, as we keep using them, we’ll show you everything what we got uh and yeah right now: we’re, making pav bhaji it’s in the instant pot, he’s steaming the veggies and we’re gon na. Do it in the pan, like uh. What do you call it yeah like saute and cook it and, like you know, have that nice, flavor and color in the pan. This is how the pav bhaji looks so good and the buns are also done. Did it taste it it’s good, all righty? We are done eating and these guys are leaving, and if, if i have to give you a final verdict on dji om4, i would say buy it if you are, if you are looking for a decent gimbal in decent range, and you want to use your iphone And take shots.

It has a lot of other features, the story mode and stuff that i didn’t want to put this vlog up too long. But i will create a separate video for showing some more like cinematic shots, how you can take with the gimbal and all of that stuff in a separate video. But yes, if you are looking to shoot on your iphone, some decent quality, gimbal dji om4 has got some very good transitions, some very good story, modes, slo mo modes and a lot of feature pack performance.