com and last year, when the redmi note 9 pro arrived. I remember saying this here is the brand new redmi note 9 pro and well, as the title gives away. I have kind of mixed feelings around this new smartphone and that’s, because i felt the redmi note. 9 pro did not exactly live up to the expectations. Now the redmi note 10 pro has arrived and from the looks of it it does seem to live up to all of the expectations all the hype. I mean we have the redmi note 10 pro max here, and this is one feature packed phone with one small problem which i will talk about so yeah let’s check out the redmi. Note 10 pro max okay. So this is the new redmi note 10 pro max in all its glory and honestly, i wanted the blue or the bronze away into the phone, because those look really premium with their frosted glass mat back. I mean even the redmi note 10, which we have in white looks absolutely gorgeous, but we have the redmi note 10 pro max in black and the color is called dark, knight black and while i would have liked this in a matte finish, there’s, no doubt that This is a premium looking phone, but there is one thing it’s that the camera bump is kind of weird i mean it’s weird because there are actually two levels of bump. So, as you can see, the first bump is for the flash and the autofocus sensor.

I guess and the second layer on top of that is for the camera sensors now these bumps mean that the phone does not remain stable on the table. If you just can’t use this phone placed on a surface now moving to the front, which is where the big big upgrade lies, we finally have an amoled display on the redmi note. Yes, we’ve been wanting this for years and it’s. Finally, here and it’s, not your regular amoled panel – this has got all the specs that you can think of. So this is a super amoled panel from samsung. It has the 120 hertz refresh rate hdr10 support because it has 1200 nits of max brightness 100 dc ip3 coverage. 4.5 million is to one contrast, ratio and to round things up go to class 5.. I mean the specs of this display are fantastic. I mean the specs of the display here are quite similar to what you get on the s281 and the s21 plus and honestly, when i first heard that the redmi note 10 pro is coming with a 120 hertz amoled display. It was kind of mind boggling, because with this, the redmi note, 10 pro and pro max kind of trumped the meat – and i the real me x7 and even the higher price one plus not anyway. The display quality here seems to live up to all those numbers. It’S set to 60 hertz by default, but i obviously changed it to 120 hertz and it just feels so smooth beat the animations in miui or the scrolling it’s awesome.

Really. As for the display quality, this seems like a good amoled panel. It has all the amoled, goodness, of course, and it’s bright too. I’Ve only used this for two days, but so far yeah seems good. Also, unlike a lot of redmi’s in the past, this one does not have any issues with netflix and prime video hd playback. So that’s good anyway, coming back to the design there’s one thing that i’ve noticed that this time the redmi note isn’t crazy heavy. I mean it’s slimmer than last year’s pro max at just 8.1 millimeters and xiaomi has managed to make this lighter too, as it weighs only 192 grams, which is awesome, because this is the big pro max and it feels great in the hands. And you know what this makes me think that the redmi note 10 pro should feel even better. Now the in hand feel aside, the design has everything we expect from a redmi note, so there’s the ip52 rating usb c port headphone jack ir blaster, dual simplest micro, sd dedicated slot a side mounted fingerprint scanner which is fast and brings additional functionality too. So you can now double tap on the fingerprint scanner to do a number of actions. As you can see, you can take a screenshot turn on torch and do more apart from that there’s dual speakers now one on the bottom and one on the earpiece here and let me just play some music and so far the speakers sound loud and there’s.

A lot of depth as well, which is interesting Applause, so that was the design and the display. Now another big thing about the redmi note 10 pro max is obviously the cameras. The phone brings the 108 megapixel samsung hm2 sensor in the sub 20k segment, along with the new 5 megapixel super macro lens and 8 megapixel ultra wide sensor and the usual 2 megapixel depth sensor. Now the 108 megapixel sensor is what’s been getting all the hype and i get it really. I mean i’ve seen the sensor do really well on the meat and flagships as well as the meat, and i and i’ve been taking some photos from the redmi note. 10. Pro max, because you know i was excited to see the 108 megapixel sensor in action and good lighting, some of the shots are just brilliant. When it comes to details and colors, i mean these photos look good right in low light. I did find the camera perform. A little inconsistent, i noticed some focusing issues and there was some shutter lag as well, but it’s only been two days of using this phone, so i will check if this is actually a big deal in the next few days. I’Ll also be comparing the 108 megapixel camera to other phones in this price range in our review, so stay tuned for that there’s. Also, a new 5 megapixel super macro lens. Now i generally find these 2 megapixel 5 megapixel macro lens is practically useless, but this seems kind of fine, because in my short testing it actually seems to take fairly good macro shots, as you can see now, i’m still not sure about micro lenses, usability in smartphones, But at least this works there’s also the eight megapixel ultra wide angle lens, which does kind of an okay job.

I mean for a phone at this price. It does a decent job with the colors and photo quality, but yeah. It obviously cannot match the details or the richness of the photos from the main camera on the video front: there’s 4k 30fps support and here’s a video shot from the note 10 pro max. Now the video looks good when it comes to colors and details, but the stability isn’t very good and that’s, probably because eis isn’t working in 4k. Here now the cameras apart, like i said, there’s one small problem, well emphasis on the small because i’m talking about the fact that the redmi note 10 pro max has a snapdragon, 732 g, chipset that’s, also part of the poco x3 and it’s an upgrade from the 720 g on the redmi note 9 pro and that’s fine, because even though this offers slightly lesser performance when compared to the 750g or demand city, 800u, it’s still a fairly powerful chipset now, the problem here is that the one thing it lacks is 5g support. Now i know 5g is still far away in india and it’s, not a big deal and that’s. The reason i’m saying it’s a small problem, but you know what it’s something to note for people who use their phone for two three years or even more also the meat and i and the real me x7 – bring 5g support at a slightly higher price. So that’s. Something not as bad anyway.

As for the 732g, the note 10 pro max feels really smooth and nice, and while it sort of lags behind the 750 g and 800u in terms of benchmarks, i’m more interested in the reunion performance, because the difference in benchmarks isn’t that huge i mean so far, The phone has been lag, free and smooth. Gaming is great too so yeah it’s positive. So far when it comes to software. There’S me y12, with android, 11 and xiaomi has confirmed that the miui 12.5 update is coming soon, so yeah it’s kind of the usual me ui and if you’re wondering about any ads or bloatware well, i have seen app recommendations in the app wall, but i haven’t Come across any ads, yet as for the bloatware it’s, not a lot along with the usual xiaomi apps, you get facebook, prime video, linkedin, netflix and amazon, all of which can be uninstalled, which is a good thing. Lastly, there’s the battery. The note 10 pro max has the same big battery from last year, along with 33 watt fast charging, and i will be testing out the battery and charging in the next few days. Okay, so time to conclude things so coming to the pricing, the redmi note. 10. Pro max starts at rupees 18 9 for the 6 gb 128 gb variant, which is like a price bump of 1500 rupees over the redmi note 9 pro max, which was priced at rupees 17 499 for the 6gb 128gb model.

Honestly, i think the price bump is fine, because everything about the phone is upgraded, but you know what there are still a few questions around the phone. I mean. If you look at the competition, the meat ni brings a 120 hertz ips lcd plus 5g. The real me x7 brings 60 hertz amoled plus 5g, and the redmi note 10 pro max brings 120 hertz amulet plus 4g, so which direction you should be going for. Also i’ll be telling you about the camera performance versus the competition carrier. Aggregation and our review will also give you a good idea of the redmi note 10 pro, which is price lower, but it’s the same as the pro max, but for a 64 megapixel camera. So yeah the point is you should wait for a review before you buy the redmi. Note 10 pro max well comment below. If you have any questions regarding the redmi note, 10 pro max or the redmi note, 10 pro just comment down below and we’ll answer them in a full review also give this video like share it subscribe to our channel for more amazing tech videos.